Star Wars

I have been watching the US military drag some really incredible weapons out of its black closet, such as the new laser they are putting on US Navy ships, the rail gun, and CHAMP, as a clear warning to the rest of the world to back off when I saw a video of Israeli intelligence officer, Avi Lipkin, telling a preacher that we have satellite based laser weapons and then confirm it. I have been thinking and praying about this for more than 24 hours before deciding to write this essay because the very existence of such weapon systems used to be classified, what I call super duper top secret.

You have to understand that Avi Lipkin is or was a colonel in the IDF intelligence whose primary mission was and still is to stage an information campaign in the US and Europe to counter the liberal lies, misinformation, and propaganda about Israel and the situation in the Middle East. For decades, Avi has been hammering the West with the truth about what is going on to beat back the lies of the Western media and I know that what he is teaching is the truth because I already knew almost everything he talks about from my military training and personal research before I ever heard of Avi.

I am certain that Avi is a professional soldier and patriotic Jew who would never reveal classified military information without being cleared to do so. Therefore, you know that Avi was cleared by the IDF to reveal that information to that US preacher. If this were not true, then Avi would already be in an Israeli military jail or dead.

After almost 24 hours of thinking and praying about this, I realized that it isn't just the US military trying to warn off our enemies from attacking us by pulling new weapons systems out of the black closet but also Israel's military. It was then that I realized it would not be a breach of national security to write this essay but then I had to think about what I should and should not write about because there is much, much more which is still classified super duper top secret and I can't talk about it even existing.

The strategy and rules for US classified materials and information is very complex and I don't wish to talk about much of it except to say that Uncle Sam has been saving some extremely special weapons systems for the worst possible scenario for the US. Everything else MUST have failed and it comes down to those super duper secret weapons systems to save our butts from our enemies, both internal and external. This is what I call Plan Z or the very last plan left and it increasingly looks like the US military is using Plan Z.

Star Wars

Forget everything else you have ever heard about Star Wars, especially from the media, this is the truth that I feel safe in sharing with you based on Avi being cleared to reveal that we have space based laser weapons and I still don't feel comfortable in revealing even the complete tip of the iceberg but expect to see both the US and Israeli militaries revealing more later to further discourage our enemies. I will only reveal information based on what the military reveals and nothing more but you better get ready to see some really incredible crap designed to hit our enemies' fans. We are talking mega splatter.

Before I get into Star Wars, let me make one more note about the threat being made by the US military releasing information about CHAMP. All the military has to do is hit the businesses, banks, brokerage firms, and homes of the corrupt upper class trash with the US EMP weapon and ALL of the upper class trash's wealth will vaporize instantly sending the upper class trash Armani clad butts stumbling off to the nearest cave to beat their food to death with a Gucci stick. This is why the upper class trash is trying to destroy the US and Israeli militaries. Everyone else talks about EMP weapons, we have the best.

BTW, if you are having trouble with hackers, just wipe their computers out with an EMP.

Based on Avi and the IDF releasing information about us having satellite based laser weapons in space, I will provide you with a nutshell history of US space weapons development. We had classes on this stuff when I was in the Air Force in the early 1970s.

In the 1950s the US military began using spy satellites to spy on the Soviet Union. In the mid 1960s the Soviet Union responded by launching the first ever space weapon to destroy those satellites, you know, more than half a century ago. This first Soviet weapon was a space IED or satellite bomb that was parked near a US spy satellite, detonated, and blew the US satellite out of the sky. At this point, satellite weapons were dubbed "killer satellites" for obvious reasons.

The US couldn't just stand by watching the Soviet Union destroy all of our satellites with their crude killer satellites so we fought back by designing our own killer satellites to kill their killer satellites. The first US killer satellite was also an IED we parked along side of a Soviet killer satellite and blew it out of the sky.

There, take that, commie turkeys!

It only took one killer satellite for our engineers to realize that the IED method was just too expensive and we had to do better to protect our spy satellites. Our second killer satellite contained four air-to-air or, rather, space-to-space missiles so it could kill four Soviet Union killer satellites with one space launch, saving us tons of money, except our engineers forgot a very important lesson we had already learned from our airplane fired missiles, you have to release the missile from the vehicle before firing or the missile launching while attached to the vehicle will destroy the vehicle. This is based on Newton's Law of "for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction."

We locked our first space missile onto a Soviet killer satellite and blew that puppy out of the sky...along with our own killer satellite and the other three missiles because we didn't release or eject the firing missile from our killer satellite before it fired with the engine thrust blowing our satellite out of the sky. Oops, mistake learned.

The next and subsequent US killer satellites locked the missiles onto target, ejected the missiles form the satellite, and THEN fired the missiles, just like we do with our air planes. It worked so much better and has saved us so much money while protecting our satellites!

By the time I was in the service in 1972 to 1976, the US had killer satellites with at least 10 missiles each...and other weapons system I couldn't talk about until now, such as lasers. That was more than 40 years ago and you know they have better now. That is all I tell you about it for now but, from the looks of it, I will be telling more as the US military declassifies more.

Basically, you couldn't begin to imagine what the US military can do and none of it has to do with space aliens, just really smart scientists and engineers. I get the feeling that you are about to see some really incredible stuff that Buck Rogers only wished he had. This is going to get very interesting.

The most important thing here is that, with the US and Israeli militaries threatening our enemies with increase numbers of formerly classified weapons, things are at their worst. To show you just how bad things are, the IDF had Avi tell the complete truth about Islam in Switzerland, which now has Avi facing charges in Switzerland for a hate crime. This means Avi can't return to Switzerland to continue telling the truth and you know what he taught was cleared by the IDF and the IDF felt it was that important for Avi to teach it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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