I have decided to start a serious of essays I will call street, you know, street, street 2, street 3, etc. These essays will be about the fundamentals of street fighting and we used to call ourselves "street" so I will name these essays street.

The reason for this is that the martial arts started out learning and teaching fighting for combat and self defense but more than 100 years ago, they found more people were interested in martial arts for exhibition and tournament fighting than self defense. For both exhibition and tournament fighting, they have rules that you can't use moves that would intentionally cripple or kill someone so the martial arts gradually quit teaching those things and forgot those moves. Bringing in more business to make more money was more important than teaching street fighting and self defense.

Martial arts don't teach street fighting any more, they only teach exhibition and tournament fighting and have forgotten how to teach street fighting. I even saw a Kung Fu instructor discourage people from studying street fighting because "it is too violent". Yes, it is the most violent thing you will ever do; deal with it.

He could do all of the really great looking "tojo ballet" (what street calls martial arts), was really purdy dancing around on that tojo, but he didn't know squat about street, it's too violent. If he went in the wrong neighborhood, they would kill him.

One reason for these essays is because I heard one of the Gracies, from Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, state that "no martial art teaches fighting against two or more people" and I realize that he is right and only street teaches those things. You have to understand that, in street, you are going to fight against very mean bullies and bullies are cowards so they pick on smaller people and gang up on them. You will have very few fights in street that are not against two or more people so you better learn how to fight against two or more people, which you cannot learn from any modern martial arts. I can count all of my fights against one person on one hand but can't even remember all of my fights because I had so many. Almost all of my fights were against two or more people, usually two to four people, and there are many techniques for fighting two or more people. You won't learn it from Gracie's, Kung Fu, or Karate; you will only learn it from street, where it is a necessity for survival.

Just in case you have not noticed, they don't do exhibition or tournament fighting on the street. There is only one rule, survival.

The middle and upper classes fight by what we call the "Queensbury Rules" where you can't do anything that isn't "fair" or "nice". In street, there is only one rule, survive, because there is no "fair" or "nice"; you do what you have to in order to survive because in real street fighting you are not fighting for honor and all of that silly stuff, you're fighting for your life. Anything goes in street. If you touch it, you break it as quickly as possible, especially when fighting two or more people. In street, your goal should be to cripple or kill everyone you hit to put them out of the fight as quickly as possible, especially when fighting two or more people. You break stuff.

Let's get something straight up front; when fighting street, liberal thugs, Muslim terrorists, or any other bad guys, they DO NOT FIGHT FAIR OR NICE. They are fighting to cripple or kill you and you cannot be nice or fair if you want to survive. If you get one of them on the ground, you don't let them up to "fight fair", you keep them on the ground until either they can't or won't get up and, even then, NEVER walk away from them with your back towards them. They will jump you from behind 100% of the time that you give them a chance to jump you from behind.

What you are doing when you let street, liberal thugs, or Muslim terrorists up off of the ground, is giving them another chance to kill you and that is stupid and will get you kill. You ALWAYS "finish the fight" by making sure the fight is over with them on the ground. If they try to get up, you kick them until they can't get up. You NEVER let them up off of the ground until you are gone; NEVER. You ALWAYS finish the fight. It is called survival and you don't fight nice, you fight mean. Forget everything you have learned about fighting middle and upper class.

Also, it is very important that all good people learn to fight street because of what we are headed into. War has already broken out by the left and Muslims against us and it could come home to you at any moment, especially when you go to town. The left and the Muslims are violently attacking, hospitalizing, and killing people every day. None of those people, who have been attacked, even thought they might be attacked when they started to town that day, so you must be ready every day. Therefore, it is critical that you learn to fight street and survive. It is called staying alive.

In the last few essays, I told you that one of the most important things in life is attitude and that is especially true with street fighting. If you go into a street fight with the wrong attitude, you WILL lose and may die, but, if you go in to the fight with the right attitude, you may win. I will take "may win" over "will lose" any day of the week.

Even with using a weapon like a gun or knife, if you have the wrong attitude, you will die; they will kill you. You have to be able (trained and practiced) and WILLING to use that weapon to kill. Believe me, they will figure out very quickly whether you are bluffing. If you pull the gun or knife and start killing people, you ain't bluffing. If you pull the weapon and threaten and threaten and threaten while they keep making small moves on you, you're bluffing, you ain't going to shoot anyone and they will kill you. Don't even carry a weapon you are not willing to kill with. They will use it on you.

Therefore, whether fighting with your hands or weapons, you MUST be able and willing to kill. That is attitude.

Another thing about attitude is how you think about or approach the fight. If you approach the fight with confidence and are ready to "get it on", most of the time, they will back down, even if they out number you. None of them want to be the first to die, I don't care how tough they talk. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask, "OK, who is going to die first?" and they will blink.

If you approach the fight with fear and a lack of confidence, it encourages them and they want to jump you. Your lack of confidence increases their confidence. If all you want to do is talk, you know, like a stupid liberal, that is telling them you don't want to fight, makes them believe you are afraid of them and they will want to fight you really bad.

Another thing about attitude is how you approach fighting two or more people. When fighting two or more people, most people are intimidated and will hesitate or "blink" and that encourages them to attack. You have to know that when you blink, that gives the other guy "free fight time" when you will be hesitating and they will be the only ones fighting. Every time they get free fight time, they will gladly take it.

You see, when facing, say, four people, most people will think, "Oh my gosh, there are four of them" and hesitate or blink. Wrong move and your first move in fighting is with your mind, before the first blow is thrown, and that move is most critical for winning the fight. Weak minds lose fights and strong minds win fights.

The right attitude in facing two or more enemies is to think, "there are ONLY four of them", after all, it could be worse, there could be 40 or 400 but there aren't, there are only four of them. If there are 8, there are ONLY 8 of them. If there are 10, there are ONLY 10 of them. It could be worse but it isn't.

You see the difference in attitude?

With that attitude, you don't hesitate, blink, or give them free fight time. You are right now ready to jump in the middle of them, break everything you touch, and touch everything you can as fast as you can until you are the only one left standing and wanting to fight.

I knew a guy who decked six guys with six hits and you can bet he didn't hesitate. You know he thought, hey, there are only six of them. He was NOT intimidated by numbers.

Remember that I told you that most people will think, "can I win this fight?" but great fighters will only ask, "how can I win this fight?" That is just as true in fighting as in the rest of life.

On the street, they call that being "bad a$$" but I call it being "mean".

Remember that I told you that, before the fight starts, you want to make sure you are the meanest one there?

In other words, you want to make sure you have the best or meanest fighting attitude there. You want to rip their arm off and beat them and their friends with it. Most of the time, that attitude will cause them to back down and leave and, if they call your bluff, don't be bluffing, just jump right in and start breaking stuff. Believe me, when one of them is lying on the ground screaming with some body part going off in the wrong direction, you know, like an arm or leg, the rest will hear mommy calling.

There is also the element of surprise because, if they think you are afraid of them because there are more of them and you surprise them by jumping right in and breaking everything you can as quickly as possible, they will quickly and subconsciously "check their confidence" and blink, giving you up to about 5 seconds of free fight time, in which you can do a lot of damage, if you know how. Therefore, learn to fight to be mean. Learn to break stuff.

If you don't have the element of surprise, learn to create the element of surprise by doing what they least expect you to do. You use everything you can to win a street fight.

One of the first things I learned about fighting groups was to determine which are the two best fighters in the group. If you can quickly deck those two fighters, putting them out of the fight, the rest will "hear mommy calling" and want to go home, as we used to say.

Hint: The person doing the most talking will almost always be the second best fighter there, sometimes he will be the best fighter but usually not. The person to his right or left will be the best fighter and you need to quickly determine which one is the best fighter based on their attitude, it will show. He is the first person you are going to deck and then you deck the talker. The rest will quickly think, "This is not working well, I am next and I don't want to end up like them. I think I hear mommy calling!" You will have taken them by surprise, they will blink, and you will get free fight time, only a few seconds, so use them well.

That is all attitude. You not only learn to have the right attitude but to develop the wrong attitude in the enemy and use their bad attitude to beat them. The military calls this psychological warfare.

Napoleon Bonaparte said, "War is chaos and he who best controls the chaos, wins the battle."

This means a number of things which have to do with fighting attitude. First, you have to learn to keep calm and thinking in chaos to think your way through and out of the fight. You CANNOT let yourself lose control and panic. You have to be aware of everything that is going on around you all of the time and reacting quickly and that takes practice. Therefore, learn to fight and practice.

The best strategy is to create and control the chaos so that you OWN the chaos. It is your chaos, be the chaos, you ARE the chaos. That is all attitude.

Fighting is better than 90% attitude and less than 10% know how. If you have the right attitude and you know how, then you will almost certainly win almost any fight.

Now I am going to teach you a Biblical Christian secret about fighting attitude that I learned straight from the Bible reading about people like King David.

The first and most important thing you do is repent of your sins, accept the salvation Jesus paid for on the cross so there will be absolutely no question where you will go when you die. In any fight, you will know that, if you die, you go home to heaven with Jesus and, if you survive, you will be stuck here with us. Putting your faith in Jesus will take away the fear of dying and increase your confidence so you are much less likely to blink in a fight and get killed.

Then, just before the fight starts, you say the best fighter's prayer I have seen anywhere to help put your faith in God. I took it right out of the Old Testament and it says everything you need to say and says it quickly, with as few words as possible. It is a prayer you will almost always have time to say or think.

You just simply say, "Lord, deliver me out of the hands of my enemy and deliver my enemy into my hand." You put your faith in God, then you do your best, trusting in God to do the rest. That is the ultimate fighting attitude, faith in God. That is why there have been so many great Christian warriors in history.

I think the next street essay will be on the techniques for fighting two or more people or it could be on learning to fight and what to study. I have to leave that up to God. I will pray about it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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