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After writing Street, I have thought about it and I realized that I have to teach you more about attitude before moving on to how to fight barbarians and that is what these people are. Get it straight that these people are ALL, both the liberals and the Muslims, pagan barbarians who have NO Christian morals, values, and ethics. You can't fight them the same way you fight Christians and history proves this to be true.

First, I need to state that this series of essays has nothing to do with ego and me trying to impress you. If you are not impressed by reading the first 1,100 essays on this site, I'm not going to waste my time trying to impress you. I should have already proved that I am a very intelligent and well educated man, I know what I am talking about and that I write to teach and help you.

Second, this series is being written because I am concerned about you and trying to help you by teaching you just like in all of my other essays, largely because of the wrong fighting attitudes I keep seeing in the US. The vast majority of middle and upper class Americans do not know what they are really up against because of our liberal commie traitor media and how to deal with real bad guys because you have been subtly brainwashed to believe something completely different about bad guys that will get you killed.

I know what is headed your way and am trying to teach you how to deal with it and, increasingly, it is already showing up in your lives.

If you think of fighting like a "noble gentleman" where ANYTHING I teach is beneath you, then you grew up fighting in middle and upper class neighborhoods by the Queensbury rules to fight like a noble gentleman. If you will not kick or jump on top of a bad guy you just knocked down to "finish the fight" by knocking them out, you are a noble gentleman taught to fight by the Queensbury rules and that will get you killed.

Let me give you a really great example of this. I was filling up in a gas station when I saw two street guys start a fight with a middle class noble gentleman who was technically a better fighter than either of them. They came to the gas station because they knew he was middle class, he was alone, there were two of them, and they were looking for trouble, a situation, they figured they were certain to win, you know, two on one, especially against a middle or upper class noble gentleman who wouldn't fight by street rules.

Remember that I told you that, against bad guys, almost ALL of your fights will be against two or more other people so you better learn to fight against two or more other people? Also remember that no martial arts teach how to fight against two or more other people and only I will later teach it?

When I saw what was going on, I left my car and intervened to level the playing field by keeping one of the two guys out of the fight, if necessary, by fighting him. They quickly recognized I was street and tried to ignore me to prevent a fight with me but the second guy didn't dare jump in because he didn't want to fight me. Two on two wasn't their game, they don't fight by your Queensbury rules.

The noble gentleman quickly knocked his guy down because he was technically a significantly better fighter but the bad guy continued talking tough guy crap telling me that the fight wasn't over so I started telling the noble gentleman to finish the fight, you know, knock the guy out while he was still on the ground but he was too noble and that was beneath him, uncivilized, and barbaric, and in violation of his wonderful Queensbury rules. He was above that so, just as dictated by his Queensbury rules, he turned and walked away with his back to the bad guy, thinking the fight was over and he had won, in violation of street rules. You see, they were fighting by two different sets of rules with two different attitudes.

Of course street jumped him from behind and the fight was on again.

(Note that by street rules, I was not allowed to win the guy's fight for him. All I could do was keep the second guy out of the fight and warn him about being attacked from behind by yelling, "Look out". He had to win his own fight, plus I knew that, if he lost, I would probably have to fight both of them.)

The noble gentleman knocked street down to the ground again but refused to finish the fight even with street talking tough guy crap, having attacked him a second time from behind, and me yelling in his ear to finish the fight. No, once again, in accordance with his glorious Queensbury rules, thinking the fight was over and he had won...again, he turned his back on street to walk away because he didn't learn the first time; he was a righteous noble gentleman or typical middle and upper class fighter.

To make a long story short, the noble gentleman knocked the bad guy down three times, turned his back to walk away three times, got jumped from behind three times, and ended up going to the hospital with severed tendons in his left forearm because he refuse to listen to me and insisted on fighting by his glorious Queensbury rules. Street won the fight because the noble gentleman didn't know how to fight street in spite of the fact that the noble gentleman was technically the significantly better fighter. Street had more street smarts and knew how to win against technically better fighting noble gentlemen. If you won't finish the fight, street will finish you because, when street fights, we don't play nice.

(I didn't have to fight them after the fight because they quickly ran away. They only wanted to fight noble gentlemen and not street.)

You see the difference attitude makes? Do you believe me when I tell you that attitude is more important than technical fighting skills?

I don't care how well you can fight, if you start a fight with the wrong attitude, you will lose, you will probably be seriously injured, and you may die. You can only survive by having the right attitude. The wrong attitude sent the noble gentleman to the hospital in spite of his clearly superior fighting skills.

This is one of the reasons why I am writing these essays because almost ALL modern martial arts teach you to fight like noble gentlemen by their glorious Queensbury rules. They teach you to not cause physical harm to the bad guys but to choke them out or make them say uncle. They do not teach you to break stuff to crippler or kill them because that is brutal, uncivilized, and barbaric, because all they teach for self defense, if anything, is how to defend yourself against other noble gentlemen, not against barbarians. Know that all pagans, especially Muslims, are barbarians and those are the people now attacking you and the ones you need to learn to defend yourself against.

If your combative instructors won't teach you to cripple or kill to survive, then what they are really teaching you is how to die like noble gentlemen. I don't go to a fight to lose; if I am there, I am there to win. I refuse to ask, "can I win this fight" and I will only ask, "how can I win this fight"; even as sick as I am, you will get my best fight.

Let me put it this way; if you are too noble, righteous, wonderful, and magnificent to fight like a barbarian against barbarians and you get yourself killed because you have the wrong attitude, who will protect your family?

Dead people can't protect anyone and, if you won't learn to fight to protect yourself against barbarians, then you need to learn to fight to stay alive so you can protect your family because, when you die, your family will be at the complete mercy of those barbarians. Think about that.

Are you noble enough to get your family raped and killed too or do you care more about your family than your own pride and ego?

If your martial arts instructor won't teach you how to break stuff, ask them how to break stuff. It may soon save your life.

These bad guys are already going to your neighborhoods, places where you work, and places where you shop and dine and they are ALREADY causing trouble, hurting people just like you and your family, and killing people just like you and your family. Get it straight that ALL acts of Muslim terrorism are premeditated murder where those animals planned or premeditated and staged an attack to murder as many people as possible. Not one of these Muslim terrorists went there to make you say "uncle" or just knock you down to "win the fight" by your Queensbury rules. They staged their Muslim terrorist attacks for one and only one reason and that is to murder people. THEY DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOUR GLORIOUS QUEENSBURY RULES!!!!

Now learn to fight to stay alive so you can protect your family and that starts with having the right attitude. Welcome to street 101. Welcome back to the Christian Crusades and you can thank your liberal family, friends, and all of the upper class trash for that.

There is only one rule, survive. We are right now in a critical survival situation.

Next I have decided to teach you what you need to study to learn to fight street and barbarians and why.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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