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I decided that, before I teach how to fight, that I need to further explain opportunity and how it works, after all, it is more important than anything else, including attitude or technique.

All opportunity comes from God for the purposes God has in your life. Even if someone comes to you to provide you with opportunity, it is only because God sent them. The rich are born into life with more opportunity and the poor are born with less opportunity but you need to know that God said, "To whom much is given, much is required and, to whom little is given, little is required." On Judgment Day, more will be required of the rich than the poor because the rich had more opportunity.

Let me give you an example of some of the ways God controls opportunity. Let's say you are in battle against an enemy. If you get blown up by a bomb or artillery shell, you have zero opportunity but, if that bomb or artillery shell misses you, you still have opportunity to win the battle.

God controls that artillery shell in many ways and, therefore, controls your opportunity. God will cause you to decide to move in such a way at just the right time so the artillery shell will miss you or hit you. He can cause the wind to blow the shell a few feet away from you or towards you. He can cause the person providing the information to the artillery unit to provide information that will cause that shell to hit you or miss you. He will cause the person aiming the artillery piece to aim it so the shell will miss you or hit you. The person may have to "Ball Park" the shot and God will cause him to place the shell in the right or wrong part of the ball park.

Pagans call this luck and Christians call it God being in control.

Another good example is my life. I was born into poverty with little opportunity. I had such little opportunity that all of my teachers up through 12th grade, except one, told me I had no hope but God fooled them and me by opening a door for me to go to college, increasing my opportunity. God caused me to study all of the sciences, math, engineering, sports sciences, coaching sciences, teaching, sports medicine, and many other things to prepare me for or provide me with more opportunity for the life He had for me, including using this blog to provide you with information to increase your opportunity. He opened doors for me to be a successful athlete and then closed those doors and opened a door for me to be a successful coach and closed that door and opened the door for me to write this blog to teach you. At the same time he opened other doors for me to do and learn other things such as construction, business management, the military, especially ECM, and other work related information. Each and every door was God providing and then denying me opportunity. My blog is your opportunity.

When you are fighting, God will cause you and the other guy to move such in relation to each other that either his fist will be in the wrong place and his face will be in the right place for you to have the opportunity to knock him on his butt or his fist will be in the right place and your face will be in the wrong place for him to have the opportunity to knock you on your butt.

When you pray, "Lord, deliver me out of the hands of my enemies and deliver my enemies into my hand", what you are asking God is for Him to deny your enemy the opportunity to kill you and provide you the opportunity to kill your enemy. When you pray, you are ALWAYS praying about opportunity, ALWAYS.

Let's say you are going out at night to some nightclub and so is a terrorist. If God causes that terrorist to get there early or late so they miss killing you, God denied that terrorist the opportunity to kill you and provided you with the opportunity to keep living. Maybe the terrorist gets there late, after you left, because God caused him to get caught in traffic or have car problems or maybe God caused you to leave early or get there late so the terrorist missed you.

Another good example, and there are thousands of such examples, are our special operations people like SEALs, Green Berets, and Delta operators.

How many times have you heard or read about an operation that went bad or had to be called off because there was suddenly no opportunity, especially the element of surprise was denied them because something like a dog barking?

That was God denying them opportunity and providing their enemy with opportunity for whatever reasons God has; maybe God was working in the life of the person who they were trying to rescue and God needed more time to get that work done. When the missions succeed, it is God providing them with opportunity.

The proof of this is that the special operations people will tell you themselves that they always have a plan B because plan A never works because God often denies them with the opportunity for plan A to work but provides them with the opportunity for plan B to work.

Remember that man plans, God laughs.

God is in control of all opportunity and, without opportunity, you can't succeed at anything and, since all prayer is about opportunity, then prayer should be very important in your life, it is one of the most important things in your life because you are negotiating opportunity with God.

God doesn't hear your prayers for opportunity unless you are saved AND walking with God and not in sin. The Bible makes this very clear.

When we were born, God gave us the opportunity to choose between good and evil and the Bible teaches that, at one point, we all chose evil or to commit at least one crime against God's Laws, making us all criminals. But the Bible also teaches that God loves us so much He decided to give us another opportunity to not spend eternity paying for our crimes by incarnating Himself as His own son to pay for our crimes so He could provide us with amnesty AND provided us with the opportunity to accept or reject that amnesty or our salvation.

Jesus said, "You are either with me or against me." If you accept God's amnesty for you and you are not walking in sin or against Jesus, then you are on His side and He will hear your prayers for opportunity and fight for you. Your salvation prayer is you accepting God's opportunity for His amnesty so you can have the opportunity for eternal Paradise.

If you have rejected God's amnesty and love for your sins, how can you be on His side and expect Him to hear your prayers for opportunity and to fight for you?

Therefore, the first and most important thing before you fight is to get and stay on God's side so He will provide you with opportunity and to fight for you, then you can pray or negotiate fighting opportunity with God, because you can't win the fight without God providing the opportunity to win the fight. Therefore, prayer and opportunity should be two of the most important things in your life.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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