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Static fighting

What is a static fight?

It is a fight in which you are standing static facing two to six bad guys, sometimes more, and the fight is going to start right where you are standing. This is the way many fights start and happen so you need to learn to deal with it.

Before I teach you how to deal with a static fight, I have to teach you bad guy culture and human behavior so you better understand why to do things a certain way.

Bad guys are bullies and almost all bullies are cowards, which is why they run around in gangs and gang up on people they attack. They get their courage from the other gang members backing their action they would be afraid to start on their own and there is a pecking order within the bad guy culture that seems mostly universal because of basic human behavior.

I told you before that, when facing a group of six bad guys, the guy, at front and center, who does most of the talking is the leader and is usually the second best fighter in the group or even worse. Leaders are not always leaders because they are the best fighter; that is a myth. They are the leader because they are the best leader and also usually because they are the best speaker in the group. The best fighters are rarely the best leaders and speakers.

You will find this true in government. The leaders of our nations, who send our troops into battle, rarely know anything about fighting in a war or fighting a war. The best fighters are out there fighting the war and not leading in government. The same is true on the street.

I also told you that the person standing at the right hand of the speaker is almost always the best fighter and this is because of human behavior and pecking order. It is normal human behavior for the leader to want to have his best fighter standing at his right hand for when all hell breaks loose so the leader is protected or covered by the best fighter.

This is also true in government because our leaders, whom are almost always very lousy fighters and cowards, are always protected by the best fighters they can surround themselves with called Secret Service. The same is true on the street.

Gee, what a coincidence. No, it is basic human behavior.

Are you starting to see some parallels here between our corrupt leaders and street gangs?

This is such ingrained pecking order with bad guys that, if anyone other than the best fighter were to take that spot at the right of the leader during a confrontation, either the leader would give a signal for that person to move so the best fighter could take that spot or the best fighter would just push that person out of the way and take the spot with the later being more likely and it would happen just as they were taking their positions for the confrontation.

This is all normal human behavior. I learned a long time ago that the biggest difference between street punks and corrupt politicians is the amount of power. Other than that, they are the same criminals.

Don't believe me?

Go live with the street gangs on the street the way I have and you will see they behave just like the upper class trash. The only difference between Hitler and a street gang is the amount of power; they both ruthlessly murdered people. Hitler had the power of a nation's army and the gang banger has the power of a street gang.

The leader will also want his next best fighter standing at his left to help cover his action for when the fight breaks out for the same reasons and this is bad guy pecking order. The guys in the back behind the leader will be the worst fighters in the group and very likely to hear mommy calling so they can run home when you take down the three front guys.

Therefore, the first person you want to hit is the person to the leader's right, then you want to hit the leader and then the person to the leader's left. This means you will start your fight from your left to your right in a nice simple row with a right cross followed by a left cross followed by a right cross. It will be a good solid, hard, fast surprise attack with a right, left, right combination and they have to be powerful surprise punches that hit the target.

It needs to be a sucker punch they are not expecting so you will need set up for the sucker punch.

For this, I need to teach you about their trash talk or tough guy talk they always engage in before they fight. There are reasons for the tough guy talk and a number of things they are doing.

The first thing they are doing is they are digging for information. They want to find out from you based on your words and body English, if you are lacking in confidence or afraid of them. That is critical information for them.

If they get any signs that you are lacking in confidence or are afraid of them, it emboldens them and encourages them; it increases their confidence and bravery AND increases the potential they will attack you. For example, unless you really want to fight, the worst thing you can say is, "I don't want any trouble" while holding both of your hands up in a surrender position, because that tells them you are afraid of them and they will almost certain start the fight right after you say that.

It is like I have told you that attitude is better than 90% of fighting and it can both prevent and start a fight so you MUST learn the right fighting attitude.

If you really want to start the fight, hold your hands up just above your shoulders with your palms facing forward in the surrender position and say, "I don't want any trouble." Your hands will already be near your basic fighting position for blocking and throwing blows and you will soon get your fight because you just encouraged them to fight you.

So, what do you do to prevent the fight?

Again, it is mostly attitude. The best fighters say little, if anything during the prefight banter. They will stand there CALMLY watching and sizing up the group while watching for and preparing to block and deliver sucker punches. Just think of the message you are sending them and they are definitely receiving when you are standing there by yourself facing up to six of them CALMLY not saying anything.

The message you are sending and they are receiving is, "I am standing here alone facing six of you and I.AM.NOT.WORRIED!" That message worries and scares them. It is the one message they do not want to get from you and will discourage them from fighting you.

Another thing they are doing with the prefight banter is they are talking up their courage for attacking you and that will depend largely on the messages they get from you. If they get ANY messages from you, verbal or body English, saying you don't want to fight them, What they are really hearing is that you are afraid of them, and that will increase their courage and the probability of them attacking you.

Also, they are using the banter to distract you from the fight to set you up for a sucker punch so they can get that one to three seconds free fight time I taught you about when only they will be able to fight and you will be too surprised to immediately fight. That is why the best fighters say very little if anything because they refuse to be distracted by the banter and open themselves up to a sucker punch. The very best fighters KEEP THEIR FOCUS on the fight and not the banter to be ready for a sucker punch. They DO NOT permit themselves to be distracted by the banter.

Yeah, you have been doing it wrong, haven't you?

It is all about attitude. Having the right attitude at the start of the fight can prevent or win the fight in the first few seconds of the fight. Now you better understand why my first essays were about attitude.

You have reached a point in the fight when you KNOW there is going to be a fight and you want to get first punch in to have the best chance of winning the fight and you want it to be a sucker punch so you can take down as many of them as possible before they can begin fighting back AND always remember that, unless you sucker punch them before they can fight, when you are fighting someone else, they will be fighting you too and trying to kill you. You don't get to do all of the fighting unless you sucker punch them.

So, how do you set up for the sucker punch?

Some guys who are really experienced and good will just start hitting people and keep hitting until there isn't anyone left standing or trying to get up to hit them. The sudden surprise of them just hitting people is the set up and sucker punch combined.

But, for most people, the best way to set them up for a sucker punch is you speak, you just say something. What you say and how much of the element of surprise you create depends on how much free fight time you get.

If you simply start talking about anything, they brains will shift from the fight to listening to and understanding what you are saying and you will have distracted them from the fight and set them up for a sucker punch. About the second of third word out of your mouth, just enough time for their brains to make the shift, you just start hitting people. That will usually buy you about one or two seconds free fight time, sometimes more.

A slightly better way is to ask a simple question which will require more than one word to answer like, "What are you guys doing tonight?" Their brains will shift from the fight to your question, search their memories for the answer, and try to answer your question, very distracted from the fight. About the second or third word out of their mouths, you just start hitting people. That will usually buy you about one to three seconds free fight time, sometimes more.

It should be noted that asking them something like where they are from or which school they go to will only require a one word answer and won't work. You need them to use their brains to put together a series of words to create enough distraction for it to work. You get in their head, control their head, and use their own head to beat them. The military calls it psychological warfare. We just call it street smarts.

The best is to ask a really stupid question which will create confusion by causing them to think, "What is he talking about?" You just ask anything really stupid that has absolutely nothing to do with what is going on or even reality like, "Did you see Donald Duck go by here?"

Just think about what you would think if someone asked you something like that out of the blue. Your brain goes through a major shift and confusion sets in with you thinking something like, "Is this guy nuts?" and you will be completely distracted from the fight and I am going to deck you with a sucker punch before you can defend yourself.

You will get at least three to five seconds free fight time, plenty of time to deck half a dozen bad guys just using right-left combinations. No fancy tojo ballet or anything else, just some good boxing skills and street smarts or common sense survival, which is what street smarts is; common sense survival.

Now, let's say the fight has started and things are not going too well or you can't finish it static for some reason. Maybe you got one or two guys down and they got back up because you didn't get knockouts or there are still one or more experienced and good enough fighters to lead the rest in fighting you.

You go to plan B, which is either you start fighting the rear guard action by backing up and maneuvering to keep one of them between you and the rest so you don't have to fight more than one at a time or you fake a hit and run as described in my last street essay. You use all of the basics and your fight training to improvise as the fight develops. That is street smarts.

There are more street essays to come as I get them organized in my head. There is much more to teach just on basics.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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