Scientific Bible Study 4

So, Yahweh used a complex combination of fission and fusion to create our atmosphere and space on day 2, the planet (land and oceans) and plants on day three, the sun, moon, and stars on day 4, the sea life and everything that flies on day 5, and the land animals and man on day 6.

"But," you ask, "how could Yahweh create all of the stars in just one day?"

For two reasons; first, Yahweh is everywhere so He didn't have to travel anywhere to be where every star was created all at the same time. He didn't have to spend light years traveling through space because space was traveling through Him.

The Hebrews have a saying that Yahweh created a space in his mind for our universe.

You have to understand that, before Yahweh created our cosmos, He literally covered all existence. I don't know if it was in His mind but Yahweh literally had to create a space within His existence for our cosmos because His existence is infinitely greater than our cosmos. Him looking at our cosmos would be like you looking at a gold fish in a little glass bowl. You are the earthworm, baby, and we ain't no gods.

This incredible being doesn't have to travel to be anywhere in our cosmos because He is already there all of the time.

Does Yahweh have a physical form or existence as part of His being?

Yes, Yahweh does have a physical form similar to us humans that He is partly manifest in but that is the only way in which He is similar to us. We are NOT exactly like Yahweh because He is a much more complex being than we are. The rest of His being is simply too huge and complex for us humans to be able to even begin to comprehend the totality of His being or existence. We are the earthworms. Don't limit Yahweh because of YOUR limitations.

Then I have to address the evolutionist fairy tale about life moving onto land. You see, their fairy tale says that life began in the sea and eventually moved on land and the first life to move onto land was plants.

Why, that just sounds so simple and easy, doesn't it?

To deceive you into believing their evolution fairy tale, the evolutionists have to make it appear deceptively simple or most people simply couldn't believe the pagan God hating fairy tale. The truth is anything but simple and here we have another situation that is irreducibly complex because so many things have to be right for plants to live in any soil.

First, there has to be a plant food in the soil we call biomatter, which is really decomposed organisms and their waste and this biomatter has to be processed so the plants can ingest it through their roots for food. This biomatter is almost all decomposed or eaten and defecated by other organisms such as rodents, birds, slugs, snails, a variety of bugs such as cockroaches, beetles, and flies, earthworms, and various protists or single cell organisms.

For example, some plants require a certain protist in the soil around the roots of the plant to process nitrogen in the soil so the plants can ingest it and use it for nutrients because those plants can't ingest nitrogen in its natural state.

One thing the evolution fairy tellers hate is when someone, you know, like me, points out that, if the plant was the first organism to move onto dry land, what could the plant have eaten?

You see, for there to be biomatter in the soil for the plant to consume, some other organisms had to already be there leaving behind decaying plant or animal matter and feces and since the plant was the first on land, there could not have been any biomatter for the plant to eat so it would have starved to death very quickly.

Don't believe me?

Place a plant in sterile soil (without any biomatter) and watch how fast it will starve to death. Hint: think days or, at the most, a week or two and not millions of years.

But it gets better because, for there to be biomatter in the soil the plant can ingest, that biomatter must have been broken down by other organism, both of which require that other organisms had to be present on the land first. Oops, just a wee bit of a problem for evolutionists that they have not been able to answer so they just make it sound extremely simple and ignore it.

You see, when Yahweh created all plant life on Earth, both on land and in the water, He had to also create just the right types of biomatter in the soil in the right places for the right plants or they would have soon died AND He would have had to also create the organisms which process that biomatter for the plants to be able to live on it AND therefore, He had to create that biomatter at all stages of decomposition so all of those different organisms would have food to survive on until the dead or fallen plants and animal feces started to occur naturally.

Gee, that don't sound simple at all, does it?

But, it gets better because that doesn't include the bugs and animals that have to exist to pollinate the plants so they will produce seeds, especially in fruit.

I just love the simplestic way the lefties talk about just throwing a bunch of weeds in the sterile soil on Mars and the plants will magically manufacture an atmosphere out of almost no atmosphere. It ain't happening, baby, because plants don't create atmospheres, they use and process atmospheres. Get it straight that plants do not magically create atoms for an atmosphere out of nothing. Terra forming an atmosphere from almost nothing is pure Hollywood bull crap.

But, hey, do you really expect those people to understand something that complex?

In a nutshell, plants take carbon dioxide or CO2 and other gases from the atmosphere along with nutrients and water from the soil, and photosynthesis from sunlight to create oxygen or O2 for animals to breath while creating carbon, water, sugar, and plant structures for growth, reproduction and animals to ingest as food.

Basically, plants take in atoms and molecules and process those atoms and molecules to create other molecules but CANNOT create atoms out of nothing, not even with lefty fairy dust. There MUST be an atmosphere for the plants to live and to process for plants to survive so just magically planting any plants and them creating an atmosphere out of almost no atmosphere, as exists on Mars, is pure fantasy.

Hey, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White are much, much, much more likely to happen than evolution, about a trillion times more likely.

Plant life is just as fragile as animal life and plants MUST have the right nutrients in the soil, water in the soil, carbon dioxide or CO2 in the atmosphere, and right amount of sun light just to survive.

I have warned you that most Earth plants will not survive on Mars because Mars gets about 20% to 25% of the sun light per square foot as on earth, which is not enough for most Earth plants to live.

Don't believe me, put a plant, which requires bright to moderate light, in a room with about 20% to 25% of Earth's sun light and watch how fast it will die because it won't be able to do enough photosynthesis to survive.

Simply put, the "science" you are getting from the left is ignorance and fairy tale based bull crap.

Now, why did Yahweh create the plants first?

Because the Bible very clearly tells us that all animals and bugs were vegetarians until after the Flood, when Yahweh changed our DNA to make some of us carnivores and scavengers. Therefore, the animals and bugs needed food to survive and couldn't wait millions of years to get it. When Yahweh created the aquatic animals and all things that could fly on day 5, their food was already there for them. When Yahweh create the land animals on day 6, their food was already there for them.

It is interesting that, in Genesis 3:18, after the fall of man, Yahweh said, "Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee."

This is Yahweh telling Adam that, because of their sin or crime, some of the plants would start growing thorns and thistles. Such growth is controlled by DNA, therefore, this requires that Yahweh changed the DNA of at least the plants and this is the first time that Yahweh changed DNA.

In Genesis 9:2-3, following the Flood, Yahweh said to Naoh, "And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fish of the sea; into your hand are they delivered,

Every moving thing that liveth shall be food for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things."

This one little verse tells us that, prior to the Flood, man was a vegetarian and Yahweh just changed man into an omnivore or an organism that eats both plants and meat. It is also very likely that, at this point, God also changed a lot of other animals into predators and they had also been herbivores or vegetarians prior to the flood. It also tells us that Yahweh changed the instinctual behavior of all animals. This would require a change in DNA.

To any good biologist, this should scream genetic engineering on a massive scale and at such a high level that man still can't do this today. So we have two historically documented examples of Yahweh using the most advanced genetic engineering we humans could even begin to imagine and what amazes me is that I have never seen anyone else point this out.

But, the original creation of life recorded in the Bible is historic documentation of just unimaginably massive and advanced genetic engineering because Yahweh had to design and create the DNA for every living organism and He did it within three days.

Believe me yet that you are the earthworm?

Now, to show you just how hypocritical evolutionists are, what would man have to do if he found a planet he wanted to colonize that was habitable but had no life on it?

The same thing Yahweh did.

If we were to just take enough life from earth necessary to create a balanced ecosystem on another planet, 1) it would deplete and destabilize life on earth 2) most of that life would probably die before we could possibly get it to the other planet meaning that the ecosystem on that planet would also be unstable, and 3) much of the plant and animal life on Earth probably wouldn't be able to adapt to that new planet and would die destabilizing life on that planet.

Therefore, the only logical and rational thing to do to colonize such a planet would be to use genetic engineering, sub atomic sorting, and molecular construction of living organisms to CREATE life on that new planet using the atoms and molecules in the soil, water, and air of that planet, you know, just like Yahweh did on Earth. Gee, what a coincidence.

And biologists think that an advanced being creating life on Earth is foolishness when they are themselves trying to learn how to do the same thing? Really? Who are the fools?

It isn't the creationist, hint, hint.

For fun and a mental exercise, I thought about how I could use what Yahweh has taught me about planet engineering to change either Mars or Venice into habitable planets.

The first thing I would have to do is move both of them into Earth's orbit because Venice is too close to the sun, gets too much light, and is far too hot. With a consistent surface temperature of about 800+ degrees F, ain't nuttin' going to grow on that rock. Mars is too far from the sun and, with a consistent temperature of -60 degrees F, ain't nuttin' going to grow on that rock either.

This would require moving both planets into a synchronized orbit with earth so that tens of thousands of years from now, the planets would not get close enough to each other to cause damage to each other.

With Mars, I would have to increase its mass enough to create the gravity required to sustain a habitable atmosphere and atmospheric pressure while also creating a molten inner core to stabilize the planet's surface temperature with a massive magnetized iron core to create a magnetic field to prevent the solar winds from blowing the atmosphere away. Then and only then could I create a habitable atmosphere by converting atoms and molecules in Mar's soil into the atoms and molecules I need for a breathable atmosphere.

Then, after I had my atmosphere with enough atmospheric pressure to prevent water from just boiling into water vapor, I would have to reform the surface of the planet for a continent and an ocean with the ocean covering at least 50% of the planet.

Then I would use subatomic sorting and molecular construction of living organisms to create life from the atoms and molecules in the soil, water, and air of the planet, starting with the plants then the aquatic life and all things that fly followed by the land animals AND I would have to create all of the organisms very quickly to prevent an ecological catastrophe. I wouldn't get millions of years to do it.

With Venus, I would have to increase its mass by about 25% and radically change its atmosphere because the gases in its atmosphere are so dense that they have the density of liquid water causing too much atmospheric pressure. It already has a molten inner core to stabilize the surface temperature and probably has a massive magnetized iron core to prevent the solar winds from blowing its atmosphere away so I would have to create a continent and ocean and then create life.

And you believed Hollywood's very simplistic, "all we gotta do is move the furniture on to a Class M planet"?

Do you see the systematic way in which you would have to do things in order to make a planet habitable and how what is described in the Bible fits with science?

Remember that the Bible was dictated to Moses by Yahweh before man knew what cells were, much less molecules and atoms and their language was so primitive it was just a fraction of our modern language. Therefore Yahweh had to tell those ancient Hebrews what happened without confusing them, which is what I am trying to do, you know, explain to you what happened without confusing anyone, even a seventh grade student.

I just love the hypocrisy of evolutionists who tell you on one hand that life is so simple that it can just accidentally and coincidentally magically and miraculously happen and, on the other hand, that life and ecosystems are so incredibly complex (irreducibly so) and fragile that they must be protected to prevent their collapse.

I am sorry but, you just can't have it both ways. Either life is extremely complex and can't accidentally happen or it is so simple there is no need to protect anything. The very fact man has been using his increasing knowledge and technology for more than a century to create that "simple cell" and has yet to succeed should be conclusive proof of just how complex life really is, meaning the pagan fairy tale evolution ain't going to happen, baby.

The science is in the Bible, all you have to do is be able to understand the science well enough to recognize it and, since most people can't see it, that is what Yahweh has me doing. In decades of studies, I have found no other religion for which you can do this. Christianity is the only scientifically sound religion out there and could not have been invented by man. Yahweh MUST be real, He MUST exist, and He MUST be alive because none of this could have accidentally and coincidentally happened. It is just ALL irreducibly complex.

Even when I was still an evolutionist, that had me believing in Yahweh because some superior intelligence had to CAUSE life to happen so this incredible being had to control evolution for it to have happened. There is no way it could have just accidentally and coincidentally happened. Life is just too complex. Whether it was evolution or creation, Yahweh HAD to CAUSE it to happen. There is just no other possibility.

Yahweh is real, He lives, He exists; deal with it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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