The Stupid People

For years I have been telling you that the stupid people are in control. I just read an article which showed that a new cost savings program in bankrupt Commiefornia was actually going to cost the state up to one billion dollars because the idiot politicians and bureaucrats didn't think their idea through. Gee, that is a really great way to save money, isn't it?

I want to give you another example showing just how stupid our politicians and bureaucrats really are. I have been watching this for decades and it always works out the same way but the stupid government leaders never get it. Every time a state government gets in trouble because of their over spending on entitlement programs, instead of cutting back on those entitlement programs, they start cutting back in other much more needed places such as education and criminal management while blaming other things for the cut backs such as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars which are not being funded by the states.

For example, this time around, the idiots running (or should I say ruining) California when it is in the process of a complete financial melt down because of their over spending on entitlement programs, while blaming the War Against Terror, decided to once again "save the state money" by turning criminals loose from their prisons. Oh really? So this will save the state a lot of money, will it?

When considering any new great sounding idea, it is always very important to ask, "And then what"? In other words, and then what will happen after we implement this great sounding idea? This is something our brilliant leaders never do because they are too stupid and simple minded to even consider and then what.

So, we turn all those criminals loose on society to save money housing, feeding, and controlling them. And then what? Then the criminals, knowing the stupid government has decided it can't afford to contain them, will only be encouraged to return to a life of crime. Most of them would anyway which is why they are in prison.

Now we have significantly increased the criminal population on the street which will increase crime which will hiring require more law officers to investigate and arrest these criminals which will require hiring more DA's and their staffs to prosecute these criminals which will require more judges and their staffs plus other court expenses such as juries and lead to hiring more management and clerical people to process these criminals back into the penal system and require more law officers to transport those criminals back to the prisons, where they should have stayed, requiring hiring back all the people they laid off in the penal system to save money.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this brilliant sounding simple minded idea will not only not save money but will actually cost more money in the long term making their financial situation even worse.

And then what? Then the government will continue go get more in debt until it finally collapses causing all government programs to cease to exist and creating a state of chaos and poverty. Then there won't be any entitlement programs because there won't be any money for anything.

All of this is because these stupid liberal commie's refuse to give up on their beloved sacred cow commie entitlement programs at all costs. Well, until they have completely broken the government and then there won't be any programs. AND it is happening right now and the stupid commie's still don't get it. They still keep spending our monopoly money like it is monopoly money convincing me that my farts are smarter than those fools.

I am amazed these stupid people think they are intelligent at all much less intellectually superior to anyone. Which only goes to prove my previously stated theory that, if you are stupid, you can't tell you are stupid and can't tell how stupid you are because you are stupid. It is like being drunk only the drunk is probably more intelligent, even when passed out. :-) I think our government would run better if our politicians and bureaucrats were passed out all of the time. They definitely couldn't do as much damage.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often, you are really going to need it!!!

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