Tax Me To Death

I just read that the bureaucrats at the Congressional Budget Office have decided that we should be taxed based on the miles we drive our cars in order to pay for highway construction and maintenance.

Hold it! Aren't we already being taxed for that?

You better bet we are, many times over. We are being taxed out of our butts for the miles we drive.

Contrary to what the politicians and media tell us, most of what we pay at the gas pump is taxes for highway construction and maintenance. Then we pay taxes on the car when we buy it, we pay taxes on the car every year when we register it with our states, we pay taxes on all parts and tools we use to maintain and repair our cars, we pay taxes on the insurance the government requires us to purchase to be able to drive our cars, and who knows how many more taxes we pay on our cars. I listed those taxes just off the top of my head.

So where is all that tax money going?

It is going into the pockets of over paid corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and their rich buddies, it is going into a lot of expensive perks, benefits, and early retirement programs for those rich politicians and bureaucrats, it is going to fund bridges, freeways, and subways that don't go anywhere, and it is going just about anywhere else the rich politicians, bureaucrats, and their buddies can think of to stuff it without having to actually maintain our streets and highways.

So do you really think those additional taxes will go to maintaining our streets and highways?

Of course not, they will go into the same corrupt rich pockets the current taxes are already going into because, after all, if they actually did spend any of that money to maintain the streets and highways, then they couldn't keep coming back saying they need more money to maintain our streets and highways so they could stuff more money in their corrupt, filthy rich pockets. Today's bureaucrats are incredibly arrogant because they are not doing their jobs and are dreaming up more ways to get more money to not do the jobs they are not doing with no intention of ever doing their jobs.

Do you see a trend here?

We have too many politicians and bureaucrats who don't have anything else to do but dream up new ways to steal money from us with new taxes. Do you think that maybe we should fire those worthless politicians and bureaucrats and use their paychecks, perks, benefits, and retirement money to fix those highways? That sounds like a much better idea to me than taxing us again to do the same job they are already taxes us for and not doing.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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