Terror In The US

The FBI and CIA have been reporting increasing chatter and other activities related to terrorist activities in the US. It has them very worried. Add to this the recent busts for two different terrorist plots, including a plot to detonate 7 nukes in 7 different US cities at the same time, and things are looking like trouble is brewing for the US.

Dr. Paul Williams, author of the new book "The Day of Islam: The Annihilation of America and the Western World", a former FBI consultant and an expert on the subjects of Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, also is the author of "Osama's Revenge," "The Next 9/11," and "The al-Qaida Connection" states that, since 9/11, Al Quaeda has smuggled at least 48 known thermo-nuclear devices into Mexico along with thousands of operatives to be smuggled into the US for coordinated attacks on the US. He stated that, since 9/11, thousands of these operatives have been successfully smuggled into the US along with at least some of the nukes.

When asked by Newsmax.com, "Does al-Qaida have nuclear weapons?", Dr. Williams replied, "They definitely have nukes. There's no doubt about it. There's positive proof. As I wrote in my book, in the first three months of Operation Enduring Freedom the Gulf War our troops found in a cave outside of Khandahar in Afghanistan a canister filled with Uranium 238 [the basic ingredient for a nuclear bomb] and in Turnak Farms [where at one time 1,800 members of Al Quaeda lived and worked] they found jars and jars and jars of yellow cake [pure uranium, dried].

The most alarming thing of all involved a Pakistani operative who was driving over the Allenby Bridge between Jordan and Israel in a shabby Volkswagen mini-bus. The Israelis stopped him and in the back of the Volkswagen was a plutonium implosion device, the most sophisticated of all nuclear weapons. According to the Mossad people I spoke to, it was in excess of 10 kilotons.

It could have taken out all of Israel in the blink of an eye. If one of these babies went off with 10 kilotons, first of all you'd have the conventional explosion, which if it occurred at the site of 9/11, would take out all of lower Manhattan.

From that would come a fireball that would be about 750 feet in diameter the core would reach a temperature of 10 million degrees Celsius, which means in the blink of an eye everything would disintegrate. After that would come juggernaut blasts ripping through the city with winds in excess of 640 miles per hour, and after that would come the mushroom cloud and the radioactive fallout that would spew into the five boroughs of New York, into Connecticut and New Jersey. The end result is that millions would be dead."

Suddenly, that dream I had about Chicago doesn't sound so wild, does it?

A possibility here is that because our government, at the insistence of our State Department, is forcing Israel to endure daily bombing by rockets from Gaza with the people being bombarded living in terror, God may be about to force us to live some of the same or worse terror our government is forcing on the people of Israel. Think about it.

You better start praying your butts off and we need to get rid of President Rice and company before we pay a really high price for what they are forcing the people of Israel to endure. We are not talking about the "dirty nukes" the media have been telling you about. We are talking about full scale thermo-nuclear devices just like the ones detonated in Japan at the end of WWII. We are talking about turning our major cities into parking lots in an instant.

Based on what I am seeing, most likely, Al Quaeda will detonate a handful of the weapons crippling our economy and striking fear in the American people and hold the rest of the nukes in reserve threatening to use them unless we do what they say. This will give them control over us, force us to pay them a very large extortion fee, which they will use to build the army and weapons required to finish off the US, and keep us from helping Israel while they and their Muslim and Commie allies invade and destroy her. You can largely thank our liberal media and politicians for the crack our butts are currently in.

Note the timing on this increased activity in the US. Al Quaeda is hoping to do the same thing they did in Spain before the Spanish election with the train explosion. Al Quaeda is hoping to cause the American people to over react and elect a liberal as our next president thinking we can appease Al Quaeda. Al Quaeda knows that the liberals will give into Al Quaeda's demands and stop fighting Al Quaeda permitting the Muslim terrorists to wage war against the rest of the world with impunity the way the west is currently forcing Israel to permit the terrorist organizations to wage war against Israel with impunity.

In other words, the Muslims know that our idiot liberals will just stand there and permit the Muslims to kill us without even trying to defend us. That is what Islam wants so they can successfully and easily eradicate all non-Mulims on the planet.

Maybe after this kind of a disaster, we will pull our heads out of our butts, start executing the liberal traitors, and start fighting this war right. Unfortunately, we just might find out.

Pray! Pray! Pray!!!

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