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I has been on my heart to right the truth God has shown me about the church and its history for some time and, today, after reading an article about what the Catholic Church says about the Jews and Israel and knowing that all Christian denominations believe just about the same crap in spite of the fact that the Bible teaches differently I decided it is time to write this essay about "The Church". Once again you have been deceived for power and wealth. Let me teach you the true history about the church and why what you are being taught by most of your religious leaders is crap. You will find that this also explains a lot of other things your leaders can't explain without more crap. As Jesus said, "The truth will set you free." So read and be free.

Please note that I am not Jewish and am a Gentile born again Christian. I just love the truth and hate the crap we are being fed by our leaders whether they are political or religious. I feel that it is time for the truth to be made known and I spent more than four decades searching for that truth and now I want to share it with you.

The biggest myth in Christianity is that the Church was founded either by Jesus 2,000 years ago or shortly after His death by His apostles. If you study the scriptures, history, and anthropology, you will find this is absolutely wrong. After you read this essay, go back and read the Bible and it will jump out at you.

The real truth is that God created the Church 3,600 years ago in the Sinai Dessert when He formed the Theocracy of Judaism or the Jewish Church. That was the beginning of today's church and not 2,000 years ago. You will see this is true when I finish explaining what happened to develop the church as it exists today.

First, you have to understand that the term Christian is a Greek term meaning Messiah or savior but in Hebrew it is Meshiach. Also, Jesus is Greek for Yeshuah meaning God with man. So that in Greek they say Jesus Christ which, in English would be more accurately pronounced as Jesus the Christ but in Hebrew it was pronounce Yeshuah Hameshiach.

Then you have to understand that until at least 20 years after the death of Jesus, every Christian on this planet was a Jew because Paul had not yet begun his ministry to the non Jews or Gentiles called Goyim by the Jews. This should tell you that not one of the followers of Jesus at that time was called a Christian but was what we today would call Messianic Jews. That also means that every Christian on this planet went to a Jewish Synagogue to worship and pray and not one went to a Gentile Christian Church. This is because Christianity was and still should be a sect of Judaism and not a different religion as purported by most Christian and Jewish leaders.

Yes, the Jews who did believe that Yeshuah was the Messiah did have meetings in their homes to discuss their belief in Yeshuah as their Messiah but they also all went to the Jewish Synagogues to continue to worship, study, and pray. This should tell you that, for more than two decades, the first "Christian" churches were Jewish Synagogues and not Gentile religious buildings.

Then God caused two very important things to happen which caused the Jews to begin to share the Gospel with the Gentiles. First, He commissioned Paul to spread the truth about the Son of God having come and that He will return. Paul began to spread this truth to the north and then west into Southern Europe, FIRST TO THE JEW AND THEN TO THE GENTILE, as he was commanded by Yeshuah in his vision. To do this, Paul traveled from Jewish synagogue to Jewish synagogue teaching first the Jews and then the Gentiles and bringing those converted Gentiles into the Jewish synagogues to be instructed in Judaism by Paul's fellow Jews and to better learn about Messianic Judaism.

To do so, Paul, who was fluent in Greek, had to preach to the Gentiles in Greek because the Gentiles didn't know Hebrew. Therefore, to the Gentiles, Paul had to use the name Jesus for Yeshuah and Christ for Messiah. It was at this point that the believers in Yeshuah Hameshiach first became known as Christians, a Greek word. But it is very important that, at this time, they all still met, studied, prayed, and worshiped in Jewish Synagogues. There wasn't one Gentile Christian Church built during the service of Paul. Absolutely EVERY Christian still met, studied, prayed, and worshiped in Jewish Synagogues.

The second thing God did was to cause the Jews in Jerusalem who did not believe Jesus was the Messiah, to begin to persecute the Jews in Jerusalem who did believe that Jesus was the Messiah. This persecution caused most of those Jews to flee for their lives, first throughout Israel, and then to other countries where they carried the witness or Gospel that Yeshuah was the Mashiach or Messiah. When these Jews traveled to other countries, they continued to meet, worship, study, and pray at the Jewish Synagogues where they spread the Gospel, first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles as Jesus had instructed them, bringing those converted Gentiles into the Jewish Synagogues. Please note that none of them built a Gentile Christian Church.

What should this tell you? It should tell you that every letter to every church in the New Testament was written to a Jewish Synagogue and not a Gentile Christian Church. And this was decades after the death of Jesus. THERE STILL WASN'T ONE GENTILE CHRISTIAN CHURCH!!! Oops!!! I guess the Pope and everybody else got it wrong.

Then why do the scriptures say church instead of synagogues?

That is easy, I already gave you a very brief history of the Church of Rome or the Catholic Church with my essay, "Who Killed Jesus?". For a brief review, the Church of Rome, as it was called at the time, was a pagan religious establishment set up by the Roman Government to bring peace and control to the very early Roman Empire in its infancy. As Christianity began to spread outside of Israel and to the Gentiles, as well as the Jews, the Jews began to convert members of the Church of Rome into the Jewish religion as Christians causing Rome to lose control of their former church members.

This greatly upset the Romans who retaliated by killing Christians (such as feeding them to lions and crucifying them) which just forced the Christians under ground but they still continued to grow in numbers and still met, studied, worshiped and prayed at Jewish Synagogues as one sect of Judaism out of a number of Jewish sects. Still not one Gentile Christian church had been built. The original church was the church which God had created in the Sinai Dessert more than 1,600 years before.

Then along came Constantine who decided to use the Church of Rome the way it was originally designed to be used hundreds of years before as a pagan religion which assimilated all other religions to conquer and control the people. What Constantine and his wife did was very crafty and worked very well.

They realized that Gentile Christians were facing a little problem and decided to use that problem to get the Gentile Christians back in the Church of Rome and under the control of the Roman Empire. Whenever a Gentile converted from the Church of Rome to Christianity, they had to give up their familiar and beloved pagan practices and this caused a wedge to be driven between those converts and their former friends and families who were still members of the Church of Rome and enjoying those pagan practices they grew up with.

So Constantine decided to give these converts the easy way out. He claimed that he had converted to Christianity, while still continuing to worship his favorite pagan gods, marched his army through a river proclaiming that he and his entire Roman Army had now been Baptized, accepted some of the beliefs and practices of Christianity or Judaism, claimed to have accepted the Jewish Tenach or Biblical Old Testament as the Word of God while not teaching it (the New Testament had not been officially written yet and was banned by the Church of Rome until just a few hundred years ago), and proclaimed the Church of Rome to be Christian while still continuing with most of their pagan practices. This made it easy for most of the Gentile Christian converts to return to the Church of Rome and took away the tensions between them and their families.

Then Constantine knew he had to drive a wedge between his new Roman Church Gentile Christians and the Jews so that the Jews couldn't convert or win those Christians back again. To do this, he successfully convinced his people that "those evil Jews had killed their God, Jesus". This caused the members of the Church of Rome to start hating and persecuting the Jews instead of listening to them.

This successfully drove a wedge between the Jews and Christians causing three basic groups to form. First, there were the Christian Gentiles who were successfully assimilated back into the Church of Rome, then the non Messianic Jews, and the remainder of the Jews who were Messianic and the remainder of the Gentile Christians who, as one group, became known as Baptists because they practiced the emersion baptism practiced by the Jews, John the Baptist, and Yeshuah.

Everyone wrongly calls Baptists Protestants but the Baptists are the only Christian denomination which was not ever part of the Catholic Church. Therefore, they could have never left the Catholic Church in protest and couldn't be Protestants, which was what Christians who belonged to the Catholic Church were called when they left in protest of Church doctrines. The Baptists were hunted and killed by the Catholic Church until a few hundred years ago because they refused to be assimilated by the Catholic Church and preached and practiced true Biblical Christianity they had been taught by the Jews. Unfortunately, the non Messianic Jews drove most of them out of the Jewish Synagogues driving the wedge even deeper between the Jews and Christians, in part to try to stop the persecution by the Catholic Church.

But Constantine knew he had to do much more than just teach the people to hate the Jews or they would quickly convert back to the Jewish Church. He literally had to rewrite Biblical history. He and his wife set off on a campaign of building Gentile Christian churches throughout Israel and that region and teaching that these were the churches where the first Christians had met and worshiped in and not the Jewish Synagogues. They also had to teach the lie that Yeshuah had done away with the Jewish religion as the official religion of God and God's covenant with Israel in order to sell the myth that the Church of Rome had replaced Judaism and was now the official religion or Church of God. They also had to teach that Jesus had done away with Jewish or Biblical Law so that those people who had learned Jewish Law would return to accept the pagan laws of the Church of Rome. It was all about power and control.

The true Protestant churches formed hundreds of years later when Luther studied the Old Testament and realized that the Church of Rome was not teaching Biblical doctrine. He and other subsequently left the Church of Rome in protest and began teaching doctrines which were more Biblical but He couldn't get the people to make a radical enough change to drop all of their pagan practices for purely Biblical practices and was stuck with teaching many of the same pagan practices to have a church at all. These included the belief that the Jews had murdered their God, Jesus.

Get it straight, Jesus didn't speak one word in one Gentile Christian Church and neither did Peter, Paul, or any other apostle. Jesus taught, studied, fellowshipped, prayed, and worshiped in nothing but Jewish Synagogues and was a conservative orthodox Jewish Rabbi. There wasn't one Gentile Christian Church built until after the deaths of all of the apostles. Therefore, it could not have been to Gentile Christian churches that Paul was writing but to Jewish Synagogues.

When you understand this, the teachings of Paul take on a completely different picture. You have to understand that Paul was a Pharisee or Jewish teacher of the Law or Torah. Today we would call him an attorney of Jewish Law or Torah. You also have to understand that there were different sects within Judaism just as there are today within the Christian Church. These included but were not limited to the orthodox Jews and the ultra orthodox Jews. The orthodox Jews lived closer to the letter and intent of the Law than the ultra orthodox Jews because, just like today, to prove themselves more righteous before God (to other people) they added extra legal burdens on themselves just like Christian Church queens and kings do today.

The orthodox Jews all knew that the Jews had to live by all of the more than 600 laws in Torah whether they were living in Israel or not but Gentiles only had to live by less than 200 of those laws unless they were living in Israel or decided they wanted to live by those extra laws. The self righteous ultra orthodox Jews decided that, if they should have to live by all 600 plus laws plus the extra laws they were imposing on themselves to show how more righteous they were, then the Gentiles who converted to Judaism should also have to live by all 600 plus laws.

This is most of what Paul was dealing with in his letters to those synagogues and what has been misunderstood by today's Christians because they have wrongly been taught to believe that Paul was writing to Gentile Christian churches instead of to Jewish Synagogues. Because of this misconception, most of today's Christians believe that Paul was teaching that Jesus had done away with the Law, which is not true. What Paul was doing was reminding his fellow Jews at those synagogues that the Gentiles didn't have to live by all 600 plus laws that the Jews had to live by.

A really good example of this is the Sabbath. In spite of the fact that almost all of today's church denominations teach that Jesus did away with the Law, they still hypocritically teach that we are supposed to live by certain of the Laws including the keeping of the Sabbath. Paul dealt with this particular law but, because people have been taught that Paul was writing to Gentile Christian churches, they misunderstand what Paul was teaching.

You have to understand that the orthodox and ultra orthodox Jews were insisting that the converted Gentiles had to live by the Sabbath in spite of the fact they knew better and Paul was reminding that this was not true. To explain this, Paul wrote that the gentiles didn't have to worship on Saturday but could worship on Sunday instead. Today's Christians think that Paul was telling Gentile Christians that they could worship on Sunday instead of on Saturday but they got backwards. They think Paul was moving the day of worship FORWARD one day of the week from the last day of the week to the first day of the next week. What Paul was really doing was reminding his Jewish brothers that the Gentiles did not have to keep the Jewish covenant with God concerning worshiping on Saturday and was saying that the Gentiles could move their day of worship BACKWARDS from the last day of the week to the first day of the same week meaning that Gentiles can worship God on any day of the week and not just Saturday or Sunday.

What Paul knew and was reminding his Jewish brothers in those Jewish Synagogues was that, in Torah, God told Moses that He had set the Sabbath as a covenant between God and the Children of Israel and the Gentiles were not included in this covenant and, therefore, didn't have to keep the Sabbath unless they were living in Israel. They could worship God on any or every day of the week and not just on Saturday. Now Paul went on to teach them that the Gentiles should meet regularly to study, fellowship, worship, and pray together to strengthen them in God and the scriptures.

Partly because of this false belief that Paul was writing to Gentile Christian churches and partly to keep people coming to church and paying their tithes to keep those preachers rich, today's Christian preachers are being taught and teaching that we should keep this one Law we really don't have to keep and don't have to keep the rest of the Laws we really do have to keep. Go figure.

Now, hopefully, you can better understand why it is important to understand the true history of the church. A proper understanding of the church helps you better understand the scriptures, especially the New Testament. This should tell you that the conservative Biblical Jewish Church is the true Church of God founded 3,600 years ago but so is the modern conservative Biblical born again Christian Church because Christianity is one sect of Judaism.

They are the same religion, just two different sects. Get it straight. We read the same Book, worship the same God, and are waiting for the coming of the same Messiah. The big difference between the two sects is that the non Messianic Jews don't believe the Messiah has come yet and the Messianic Jews and Christians believe the Messiah did come 2,000 years ago and will soon return. Christianity cannot replace Judaism because it cannot replace itself. It is one sect of Judaism and not a different religion. Now just how difficult is that to understand?

AND the church of God was not set up 2,000 years ago but was set up by God 3,600 years ago. To understand Christianity, you must understand the entire Bible and not just parts of it. Get it straight.

Then why are more of today's religious leaders not teaching this? It is still all about power. All of these different religious sects are still fighting for control of their people so they tell those people what they feel they need to tell those people to keep control of those people. In other words, most of today's religious leaders are still more concerned about power and control than doing the will of God.

Don't worry, God recently let me know that, if these leaders will not do what God is paying them to do, God will fire them and hire some one who will do what God is paying them to do.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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