The Mess

I decided to try to give you a better idea of how bad this mess is that the upper class trash royals have intentionally created, explaining why I keep saying, "I want my own planet". God has taught me a lot in almost 72 years so don't expect me to teach it all in just a few essays but I am going to try to teach you the most important basics so you can better understand.

The British Royals lost control of the "colonies" when they lost the US Revolutionary War. They tried to regain control of their "colonies" again in the War of 1812 to 1814 but failed.

Remember that I told you that many royals are "commoners" who are academe in universities?

In the very early 1800s it was one such academe at Harvard who managed to change the US from Biblical based law the Founding Fathers had set it up to be to British Common Law the Royals had used to control everyone before our revolution. Gee, I wonder why.

This nation has been going downhill every since then.

Remember that I told you that almost all of the Founding Fathers were Royal commoners, who were the family black sheep because they got tired of living under the threat of the tyranny imposed on everyone, including them, by the Royal inner core members, you know, the king and queen?

The black sheep decided to set up a constitutional republic so they could have freedom and not tyranny, which is why they revolted against the British Crown. But not all royal commoners, who were part of the revolt were good guys, they just didn't like being under the tyranny of ANOTHER bad guy. I guess you could call them the grey sheep of the family.

They quickly became the corrupt upper class trash "industrialists" who economically oppressed the farmers, especially the southern royals, who owned all of those mansions and slaves, causing the US Civil War. Yeah, that is right, it was just another war between the royals.

Remember that I told you that Britain supported the US Confederacy to divide and conquer the US Constitutional Republic but failed again? It probably had something to do with God's hand on America.

After that, the royals started trying a much more subtle approach to getting their colonies back, they decided to go from using the stick to using the carrot. They began working on infiltrating our government, including our legislature, legal system, and even the presidency, our banking system, our educational system, our media, our major corporations, our stock market, our nonprofit corporations, and everything else of importance to gradually bring the US back under the control of the British Royals.

In WWI, they had loaned themselves so much money with our banks that, when WWI was started by them to steal more from each other, we were forced to join the war on the side of Britain and France to save our economy. The royals took advantage of that to pillage Germany and setup Germany and Europe for WWII, which we had to join on their side to save our nation besides, FDR was one of their socialists.

Since socialists FDR and Truman, the royal lefties have made huge headway in destroying and seizing control of our nation to bring us to where we are today. I have shown you before that, except for Reagan, every president since Johnson in the 1960s has been a member of the British Royal Family. I have also recently shown you that the Queen of England is working to officially bring her Common Wealth nations back under her absolute control starting with the most powerful, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, while her family has finally managed to seize control of the US government, has set up their dictatorship, and is right now consolidating power to return the "colonies" under her control.

Most people are so controlled and brainwashed by the media and educational system they are not even aware that this is going on, which is part of the reason why God has me writing this blog to open your eyes.

Remember that I have been telling you that our legal system is corrupt?

This video shows just one way the attorneys have corrupted our system so they can make more money, whether or not they are right. Such attorneys are very destructive and they don't care about anything but themselves and their bank accounts. They don't care that they are screwing everything up for everyone as long as they get more wealthy.

You also need to keep in mind that judges are attorneys and most will take the side of greedy attorneys and help them. Yeah, the system is very broke.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

This is just a tiny bit of the corruption in our legal system.

The number one way that the royals have taken back control of our government is by buying corrupt upper class trash off because they know that, if you get rid of God, the Bible, and Jesus, you can buy anyone you want and the British Royal Family is the most wealthy group of people in the world. For pagans and poser Christians, you stick enough money in their pockets and they will do and say anything you want them to do and say, just ask Fauci.

Because of this, the Royals own most of our judges, attorneys, politicians, bureaucrats, teachers, media, law enforcement, military officers, and others of importance, who have sold their souls to Satan's spawn.

When I watch what people are talking about on things like FB and see how brainwashed they are, even most conservatives not realizing they too are at least partly brainwashed, it is very frustrating. Understanding human behaving in relation to the damage they have caused has caused me to realize that no human can undo all of this damage the royals have spent two centuries causing.

Let me use bicycle racing as an example of the educational and knowledge damage they have done.

When I first started racing bicycles in 1969, I was already studying coaching, the sports sciences, and athletic administration from some of the best in the world. Atterbom, Ph.D. was considered to be one of the best exercise physiologist in the world and his book was used in all of the top universities in the US and Europe for more than a decade after I left the program. Kenny, Ph.D. was ranked as one of the two best athletic administrative specialists in the US and one of the best in the world. Those were just two of many great teachers in my program because Siedler, Ph.D. had a way of getting some of the best at very little expense. We easily had one of the best coaching/sports sciences/athletic administration programs in the world and it was amazing how much I learned in that program.

By the time I had to leave the program in the fall of 1971 because of the financial problems my wife's surgery had caused, I had studied premed biology, chemistry, geology, meteorology, mechanical engineering, math, all of the sports sciences, sports medicine, athletic administration to run a very complex collegiate sports program, and had been trained to participate in, coach, officiate, manage, and promote almost 20 different sports. We studied the history of modern sports, including studying things like the best coaches, such as Knute Rockne, Vince Lombardy, and Tom Landry, how their systems worked, and I modified their systems for bicycle racing and used that information and much more to found and build the very successful Los Angeles Racing Team years later.

What credentials did and do the top people running bicycle racing have?

They knew nothing about any of the stuff I had studied and were just "has-been" bicycle racers and they didn't even have to win any races. All they had to do was race for a while and get involved in running clubs and races and dey was and still are expoits.

People, that is 1800s coaching, sports management, and athletic administration. So help me, I have been looking for decades for the bicycle saddles they must be using to just ride up and down the highway a few thousand miles and learn what I learned in four years of college but I can't find that saddle. If you know which saddle they ride on to be as knowledgeable about coaching and athletic administration as me, please let me know. Note that I have ridden on some of the best saddles made and it didn't make me any smarter. I know what they learned from racing and I know what they didn't learn from racing.

How did their qualifications work compared to my training?

It would take them 10 to 15 years to train up a adult male from beginner to where they could "race front of the pack" against the best pros, but not win, 5 to 6 years to train up women to race front of the pack (their sport was less developed than men's racing), 4 to 6 years to train up junior men, and masters were retired senior men's bike racers who had spent at least 20 to more than 30 years in the sport.

You have to understand how has-been-bike-racers coach. They either coach by the "this-is-the-way-I-did-it-so-this-the-way-you-will-do-it" program, which means that the best you will probably be is as good or lousy as they were, or what I call the "parrot program" where they learned or heard a training technique or system from another racer, who also didn't know squat about the sports sciences and how the human body functions in relation to exercise and rest, and they just parroted or repeated that program without knowing how it worked or didn't work.

How long did it take me to achieve the same thing with my inferior training?

For beginning male riders, it only took me 3 to 4 years to get them to the front of the men's pro-am pack (the same for beginning masters riders), women only took me 2 to 3 years, and juniors only took me 1.5 to 2 years. That was to get my beginners up to the national to international level AND with my riders actually winning and placing against nationally and internationally ranked riders, including the national/Olympic teams for all classes. After just four years, my juniors and women crushed everything that came up against them, including the US national/Olympic teams and top teams from Europe, taking from 3 to 5 of the top six spots in races and sometimes sweeping the entire podium.

My masters riders, who had only been racing about 3 to 4 years, regularly beat masters riders who had been racing for 20 to more than 30 years and were defending world masters champions.

With my senior men, we had A and B teams racing at the national to international level. My A team had one pro and the rest were amateurs, called an "upstart pro-am team", and we consistently placed and occasionally won against nationally and internationally ranked pro men's teams, some ranked in the top 10 to 20 in the world.

I took my men's A team to Super Week in 1990 when it was the biggest series points race in the nation with at least half a dozen internationally ranked pro teams there along with at least another half dozen national pro teams. We didn't get there until the fourth race so we were behind in points by three races and internationally ranked pro, Gazzioli from Italy, had won all of the first three races so he had a pretty good lead on us.

Me taking my little pro-am team there was like me taking a half way descent college football team like UNM to the NFL play offs. We were considered to be underdogs by just a wee bit. If we had just picked up an occasional placing, they would have been impressed.

About two weeks after we got there and half way through the series, my one little pro took the lead from Gaz, which really ticked off their coach...and the other coaches too, who flew in more pros to put Gaz back into the lead and to win the race but only 3 pro teams finished riders ahead of my one little pro-am team. I didn't have enough money to fly in more amateurs when they all flew in more pros.

You have to understand that all of those big pro teams had 7 digit budgets and I only had a total of $100,000 to run one of the best men's teams, the best women's team, the best Junior team, and one of the best masters team in the nation for road racing plus me coaching consistently winning and placing individuals in both bicycle track and mountain bike racing, with me being the only coach in the program with more than 120 athletes. LART had to make do with what we had.

People, that is like the UNM football team taking the lead in the NFL playoffs at mid point and finishing fourth overall. That ain't a bad job by anyone's standards and the combination of what I did with all of my teams is why they blacklisted me out of the sport. It was made known to me that no one wanted to find out what I could do with full pro teams, you know, another year or two down the road. What we did is considered impossible by anyone else in any sport.

BTW, I later found out that all of those top teams we were beating in men's, women's and even Junior racing were all doping and my riders were all clean so they were cheating and still losing to a clean team. They tried to replace good coaching with bad drugs and I regularly see some of those riders that doped just literally drop dead decades later.

That is the difference between a professionally trained coach/athletic administrator and has-been bike racers using knowledge from 200 years ago. You ain't going to learn as much riding a bicycle up and down highways for any number of miles and riding races as I learned in four years of college. Riding on no saddle will teach you what I learned.

With all of the hard sciences and other stuff I have studied and learned, when I look around at how the left has destroyed our educational system, I see even worse than that. These lefty criminals have intellectually taken all of their lefty voters and supports back to the Dark Ages as far as knowledge and what they believe. Those people believe some real ignorance based bull crap that is as bad as what people believed during the Dark Ages. That hurts my brain. They did this so the upper class trash could more easily control the people because ignorance and propaganda make good slave chains for controlling their slaves.

Don't believe me?

Just look at the control of the people the upper class trash have with this ignorance based COVID 19 bull crap that has nothing to do with science. The upper class trash have almost complete control of about half of the people.

Before God told me what He wanted me to do by me teaching people the truth, I already knew it would take a few decades to deprogram the brainwashed people and teach them the truth. It was mind boggling what God told me to do.

My basic response was, "You want me to do what? Really? Who do you think I am, God?" For this and other reasons, I fought God for at least 2 to 3 years to get Him to give that job to someone else, you know, like YOU! I knew there was no way I could do what He was telling me to do and God just used Trump to prove that is true. My only hope is that I teach a few of you the truth and you share it with others to teach them the truth.

There is no human on this planet who can clean up this mess, not even me with me being as well educated and knowledgeable as I am. The only thing I can think of is that God is using me to tell you how bad it is so you will know it was God who cleaned it up when He does clean it up because it sure is not going to be me who does it.

Hell, I ain't God and I don't want to be God or a god. I just want a nice little cabin in the woods near a steam and pond where I can grow my own food, spend time with my pets and friends, and get visits from Jesus to go on bike rides.

When I look out there at the massive sea of brainwashed ignorance created by the royals, it is just so mind boggling and frustrating that all I can think is, "I want my own planet away from this horrible mess the upper class trash have created". But God wants me to help you so I try. What a mess this is.

People, purely, by the grace of God, I did things that are considered impossible and, when I look at the mess the upper class trash have created with so many evil people infiltrated into so many places, just the thought of cleaning up this mess is mind boggling and over whelming. I know that the first thing you have to do is get rid of ALL of the evil people infiltrated into everywhere and then and only then can we begin to clean up this mess. The first thing we have to do is take back complete control of everything they have seized control of or we can't fix a thing and they just proved that with Trump.

Believe me, I know how Elijah felt hiding in that cave. When we humans screw stuff up, we do a really great job.

Lock Downs

I just realized that the left is using these lock downs as a form of disguised concentration camps with the cops being their camp guards. They already have you living in their concentration camps, you know, locked down in your homes, to control you so you won't revolt and stop their coup. I bet that opened an eye or two.

That was really slick, wasn't it? They got you and you don't even know it. Hey, these lock downs serve the same purpose as sending you to their death camps to control you. Think about it because you are under their almost complete control almost the same as if you were in a concentration camp.

"But, hey, it is for the common good."

I get so fed up with their lies, deceptions, and other sick games. Now do you understand why I want my own planet?


I just realized today that God is using me liking to research, design, and plan things to exercise my mind.

You have to understand that your mind works very similar to how your muscles work. If you exercise your mind, it will condition or grow stronger in the way you exercise it. There are several ways to train your mind for problem solving. One way is sports competition because you have to solve problems your competition cause for you and the other is to design things, which will force you to solve problems you find.

About a month ago, I got sick and tired of this crap I keep seeing in the news so I started spending time playing with designing a model train setup I had started a few decades ago as an escape mechanism. It caused me to do more research for things I thought would be neat to add to the model and to solve problems I kept coming across.

Today I realized that God is using that to train or condition my mind for problem solving and I noticed that I am getting slightly better at it. It also helps relieve the stress cause by this horrible news the upper class trash keep forcing on us.

So, if you want to get better at problem solving, find something fun that forces you to solve problems, you know, design something or go into competitive sports.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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