The Shoe

If what I just read is correct, then the shoe I have been waiting for has just hit the floor. I just read that Vice President Bush had turned complete coward and is ready to accept a nuclear Iran and will not attack Iran to destroy her nukes. If this is true, it is huge and what will set up the events for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

For years I have been waiting to find out exactly what the trigger will be which will set things in motion to cause this war with the US either participating or just standing by unwilling to intervene. Bush surrendering to the liberal media, the Muslims, and President Rice to accept a nuclear Iran will do just that. This leaves Israel alone with NO ONE to help them stop Iran from developing and using nuclear weapons against Israel. Get it straight that Israel now has ABSOLUTELY NO ALLIES left except for God Himself. This will force Israel to perform a preemptive strike against Iran by herself and without the approval of ANYONE, including the US.

The liberal media beating on the western politicians to betray Israel and now the Muslims running the price of oil up so high, has caused the cowardly western politicians, including Bush, to surrender to the Muslims. The Muslims have just won the war against the west by raising the price of oil so high. I told you they were raising the price of oil as economic warfare and the west just surrendered. None of the politicians were strong enough to stand up to this tactic, the Muslim terrorist allies, and the liberal media or Muslim Stream Media.

Now, Israel will have to stand alone and attack Iran by herself but the fool, Olmert, doesn't have enough back bone to go into Gaza and clean out the rocket and mortar units shelling Israeli people on a daily basis. There is no way Olmert and his cowardly liberal pals will go alone against Iran in order to stop the inevitable nuclear attack against Israel. Those cowards will talk to the Muslims until Israel fries.

If they don't have an election very soon to get rid of Olmert and his corrupt and cowardly bunch, then the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) will be forced to seize control of the government, declare martial law, turn control of the government over to the Israeli Sanhedrin to set up a theocracy, and attack Iran with nuclear weapons to save Israel. When they do this, the Muslims will use the combination of Israel having been taken over by a "military/religious dictatorship" and Israel using nuclear weapons as the Muslim and commie excuse for the UN to invade Israel, "set the Israeli people free from the dictatorship", and punish those military officers and religious leaders for their "war crimes."

This will permit the Muslims and their commie/socialist allies to use the UN as a front to stage a massive military operation against Israel without intervention by the US and our allies. This will even cause at least most of the western countries to commit troops to the invasion as a show of UN solidarity.

They will pretend to be on a mission to "set the people of Israel free from the new dictatorship" but will actually plan to drive through Israel and slaughter every man, woman, and child to make sure they get all of the Jews and Christians. First, they will send a warning to all the Muslims and liberals to get out, many of whom will join the army in Lebanon and Syria, and you will see a mass exodus of people leaving Israel to escape the slaughter while the super huge army forms to the north, and Jordan positions her troops to the east and Egypt positions her troops to the south as containment.

Only the bravest conservative Jews and Christians will stay to fight for Israel. Expect to see most of these people send their children to other countries for safety and then arm themselves to the teeth for the fight of their lives against anywhere from millions to tens of millions of Muslims, liberals, Russians, Chinese, and others. This will be the largest military operation in history. This all has to happen very soon and very quickly.

It is going to take some extremely brave Israeli officers who are willing to risk their own lives to save their people and country. They will have to have a lot of faith in God, Yahweh. Pray for them.

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