Threat Analysis

I just saw another video about surviving a nuclear war and I really get tired of the crap you are being fed by people who really don't know what they are talking about. SAC trained us for nuclear, chemical, biological, and conventional warfare. We had classes on this stuff because they needed us to survive to continue the fight.

So, let's do a threat analysis to see what you would be up against in a nuclear war.

First, the Hollywood concept or portrayal of nuclear warfare is pure bull crap. I laughed all of the way through the liberal Hollywood scare movie, "The Day After", because that concept of nuclear warfare was made obsolete in the 1950s, that movie wasn't produced until the late 1970s (showing the liberals know NOTHING about nuclear warfare), and, just in case you have not noticed, this is 2017. A nuclear war will be absolutely like NOTHING you have seen in the movies or on TV, NOTHING.

Most likely, there will NOT be an all out nuclear war and only a handful of nukes aimed at prime targets will be swamped. One side will quickly realize they are losing the war and call for a cease of hostilities.

Remember that those "evil" generals on the "other side" are human like you, they have families, and they no more want to see their families fried than you want to see your family fried. When things start to look really bad for one or both sides, most likely, a truce will quickly be called. Unless we are fighting a nuclear war with the Muslims, neither side will want to wipe out all life on earth, you know, killing them and their families too.

You need to know that the Muslims worship death and will gladly wipe out all life on earth because that would be achieving their religious goals. No one else on this planet will want things to go that far.

But, let's assume the worst case scenario and say we are facing an all-out nuclear war where everything gets launched on both sides.

First, SAC CONSERVATIVELY estimated that better than 90% of the Ruskie nukes wouldn't even reach US airspace, you know, miles before even reaching the US borders. So, let's assume the Ruskies launch 3,000 nukes, then less than 300 of those nukes will even reach US airspace AND most of those nukes won't even reach target, therefore, an all-out nuke war will NOT be anything like what Hollywood has shown you, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE IT. You will NOT be surrounded by hundreds or thousands of mushroom clouds like in the stupid Hollywood flick, "The Day After".

I worked in SAC for years and realized that estimate was very conservative and probably the worst case scenario.

It is VERY unlikely that any Chinese, North Korean, or Iranian nukes will even make US airspace.

Then we have the liberal nuclear winter thingy which is also based on the false belief that both sides will launch all nukes and all nukes will reach their target and all nukes will be surface detonations taking tons and tons of earth and debris up into the air creating a global cloud that will cover the planet, blocking the sunlight for years and years causing the planet to cool to the point of causing a winter that will last years and years killing off almost all plants and animals.


Based on what I have already taught you, you should realize that idea is based on pure ignorance and is very stupid. It ain't going to happen but, hey, let's assume their ignorance does happen and do an analysis, you know, let's do the math and see what would really happen.

So, according to the liberal fairy tale, we had thousands of nukes go off as ground detonations in the US and thousands more going off as ground detonations in Russia sending tons and tons of nuclear dust into the air.

Then what?

Then gravity will cause better than 90% of that dust to fall to the ground within 24 hours, which just shoots the living crap out of their nuclear winter theory but it gets better.

Let's say that, for some pagan magical reason, all of the dust manages to overcome gravity and stay suspended in the air for years, which is scientifically impossible but, hey, let's play their stupid little game and see what would really happen and how their fairy tale would really end.

So, just exactly what would be blown up into the sky?

Well, lots of dust and, oh yeah, water vapor because everything that contains water like plants, animals, plant products like the wood in your homes, and all surface water within the heat range of the fireballs will be instantly vaporized with the water vapor rising quickly up into that magical floating nuclear cloud.

Then that magical cloud will block out the sun causing the planet to quickly cool down cold?

The planet and air will cool down to DEW POINT, you know, where all of that water vapor in the air will begin to condense into liquid water drops and gravity will start pulling it and all of the dust it will collect on down from the sky as rain, snow, hail, or other forms of precipitation cleaning all of that dust from the sky, which will permit the sun to shine through and start heating the earth again.

How long will it take for our planet to reach dew point with that much extra water vapor in the sky?

It will take a maximum of one to three days for the planet and air to reach dew point, which will be well above freezing except in areas where it is already winter.

Gee, that will really be a long nuclear winter, won't it? And that is going to kill off all of the plants and animals? Gee, you mean that everything the liberals believe about a nuclear war is wrong?

Yep, because they know nothing about science, have no common sense, and blindly believe all the scare lies and propaganda their upper class trash puppet masters tell them but it gets better.

Now that is the basics for the macro picture but let's look at a few micro pictures so you can learn to do the threat analysis for your area. We are going to look at my area and Washington DC, which are both "target rich environments", much more so than for almost all of you since they are both top 10 Ruskie targests. We are going to do some more math so hang on and see just how ignorant and stupid the liberals really are because everything they believe is wrong.

The first question you always ask about your area is, "Are they any military, political, or industrial targets near you, especially up wind from you?"

If not, what are you worried about?

But, if there are, what kind of targets are near you?

Near me are Holloman Air Force Base about 5 to 6 miles upwind from me, White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) about 30+ miles from me and up wind, which we know is one of the top 10 targets for the Ruskies, and Fort Bliss Army Base in El Paso, Texas about 80 to 90 miles south of me and not upwind. Other than that, the nearest targets are in the Sacramento Mountains downwind from me and about 10 to 30 miles from me, Kirkland Air Force Base and Sandia National Labs (a top 10 target) in Albuquerque, New Mexico about 200 miles north of me and Luke Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona about 250 miles upwind from me.

The military bases in Tucson, Albuquerque, and El Paso are too far away to have any effect on me, even if the wind blows in my direction because almost all of the radioactive debris will fall from the sky before they can get to me. They pose no threat to me.

The only targets close enough to me to be considered any kind of threat to me are WSMR, Holloman AFB, and the secret underground facilities in the Sacramento Mountains. The targets at WSMR and in the Sacramento Mountains are all underground so surface or air burst detonations will cause them no harm so the Ruskies know they have to use hardened warheads with delayed detonation devices so their warheads will reach far enough underground to cause damage to the targets before detonation.

This means that, contrary to what the liberals and Hollywood teach, there will be no surface or air burst detonations or "mushroom clouds" over those targets and the explosions will be completely underground causing the explosions, heat, and radiation to be almost completely contained underground posing no threat to me. The ground will shake, there will be a loud rumble, and that is it.

Gee, that is nothing like the liberals and Hollywood say will happen! Yep, because EVERYTHING they believe is wrong.

With all of those high level targets all around me, the ONLY ONE which MIGHT pose a threat to me is Holloman AFB, maybe.

You have to understand that the president will not just push a button and every nuke in the US will launch with Putin pushing another button and every nuke in Russia will launch. That idea is pure Hollywood bull crap.

When the president of the US pushes his button, you know, in the infamous "football", is sends a coded message to the Pentagon where a team of admirals and generals, who are constantly watching the global issues concerning ANYTHING which might have anything to do with a nuclear war will make the final decision as to whether to launch nukes and this is a "fail safe" built into the system just in case something happens like the president goes nuts or someone, like a terrorist, gets their hands on the football.

That is right, the president DOES NOT make the final decision on launching nukes, the Pentagon does so the president can push that little button all he wants and, unless the Pentagon says so, no nukes will launch.

Gee, does that sound like anything Hollywood tells you?

Nope, absolutely nothing.

Next, when I was in, it would take both sides at least two weeks to prepare for a nuclear war because they want to do things like move troops from their military bases and not just leave them there to be nuked, which would be really stupid. Both sides will move their troops before launching nukes to keep those troops from being nuked because they are not stupid like liberals.

While they are moving their troops, they will be watching the other nation to see where they will be moving their troops so they can re-aim their nukes to get those troops and this little dance will get very complicated with both sides trying to hide troops, find where the other side is hiding their troops, and aiming weapons at those hiding places along with moving top personnel, moving stored munitions and other supplies, and all kinds of things to increase their chances of winning the conventional war that will follow a nuclear war.

It is very likely that, during this little dance, both sides will decide not to launch nukes, especially if both sides lose sight of enough of the enemy's troops. The thing which will most likely stop this dance before nukes are used will be if one side knocks out the other side's spy satellites so that side cannot see where the other side is moving their troops and will end up shooting blind. At that point, the side whose spy satellites got knocked out will probably call for a truce preventing the exchange of nukes, which is why the US developed weapons decades ago to knock out Ruskie spy satellites. No one wants to go into a nuke war blind, not even the Muslims.

What should this tell you?

Long before the nukes fly, the Air Force will move their troops from Holloman, the Ruskies will re-aim the weapons they were going to use against Holloman (don't want to waste nukes on empty bases) and the Ruskies may not even shoot at Holloman. Plus you add to this that the nukes they plan to use against Holloman probably won't even get to US airspace anyway and you should realize Holloman is a minimal threat to me AND it is the biggest threat I face.

BUT, let's assume the Ruskies do still nuke Holloman, just about five miles from me, and the nuke does still get through, the very worst case scenario for me in a very target rich environment.

They would probably use a 100K to 200K nuke with an airburst detonation to take out the target and the blast, fireball, and radiation would probably take out everything within about 3 to 5 miles of the point of detonation or ground zero (gz), meaning the blast would probably knock my trailer off its blocks, may even seriously damage my trailer, and I would probably survive, though quite angered at the Ruskies.

Could it kill me?

Yes, but probably not. It would really tick me off though. Pending gz, it is possible that nuke would not do anything but rattle my trailer and cause me to look outside (with a baseball bat) to see who drove their car into my trailer.

What about Washington DC?

What are the targets?

The president, Congress, and all of the top corrupt bureaucrats working in Washington DC.

Where will they be when the nukes fly?

The Ruskies know they will all be in hardened underground shelters, that surface detonations will not get them, and they know where those shelters are so the Ruskies will use hardened warheads with delayed detonation devices meaning those nukes will detonate underground so the earth will contain the explosions, fireballs, and radiation so that the greatest threat to anyone there will be if their building is on top of the detonation and the ground above the detonation is weakened enough by the detonation, the building will collapse that ground and you will fall into the cavern created by the detonation, which will be filled with molten earth that will be 300,000 degrees F and your body will be instantly vaporized long before you reach it, killing you.

There will be VERY FEW if ANY mushroom clouds over Washington DC in an all-out nuke war.

Gee, NONE OF THAT is ANYTHING like what the liberals and Hollywood tell you BECAUSE EVERYTHING they believe is WRONG!

Get the picture yet?

The liberals are absolutely, 100% clueless. You will probably survive an all-out nuke war. As a matter of fact, their very conservative estimate is that you will have a better than 50% chance of survival, in the long term. That is what an all-out nuke war will really be like but it is very unlikely we will have an all-out nuke war and will instead have a very limited nuke war.

Now do you understand why I don't lose any sleep worrying about a nuke war, especially with China, Iran, or North Korea? Why bother?

You have a much better than 50% chance of surviving a nuke war.

Just don't look at the blast because it will blind you; it will burn out the retinas on the backs of your eyes.

Do we, therefore, need to keep building our military?

Yes, to make sure no one will ever be able to wipe our nation out with a nuke war. That means we have to stay ahead of our enemies forever.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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