Threat Analysis 2

I decided to do another threat analysis to see if the US has a significant threat to its national security and people and what that threat is.

Let's start with China because almost EVERYONE in the US and Europe is terrified of China because they have a whopping 1.3 billion people!!!

This irrational fear began after WWII, you know, when the tiny little nation of Japan almost conquered China and was only stopped by the much larger and more power nation of the US and then the terrible communist tyrant, Mao, took over China and we were taught by our lying liberal communist media, Hollywood, and others that we should fear a nation we saved from a weaker nation than us because they have lots of people, most of whom have never fired a gun.

Does that sound rational to you at all?

Enough people quickly believed that we should fear the "mighty invincible communist China" that Truman, a socialist/Marxist, "feared" starting a war with communist China in spite of the fact that most Chinese were poor peasant farmers who had never fired a gun.

In the first part of the Korean War, MacArthur pushed the invading North Korean Army back out of South Korea and to the Chinese border and the North Korean Army went into hiding in the Korean mountains in Northeaster North Korea early that fall and were waiting for MacArthur to finish them off the following spring. During the fall, the "mighty invincible Chinese Army" amassed a force of 400,000 Chinese soldiers across the river in China preparing to invade North Korea and fight the US forces gathered there and MacArthur insisted on doing a preemptive strike into China to defeat the Chinese Army before it could get ready and because MacArthur knew the Chinese Army planned to attack after the frozen over rivers that winter.

Truman was so obsessed with the fear of starting a war with China that he removed many of MacArthur's troops so he couldn't invade China as a preemptive strike and then later removed MacArthur. That is right, Truman, a Marxist, helped China invade North Korea and defeat the US forces by weakening those forces. If that wasn't treason, it was stupidity.

That winter, just like MacArthur warned, China attacked across the frozen rivers into North Korea and quickly defeated the weakened US forces forcing those forces to retreat and, once again, the commies, with the aid of the Marxist US president, pushed the US forces all the way back to the southern tip of South Korea before the US could get reinforcements into Korea to fight the mighty invincible Chinese Army.

After the US got enough troops into South Korea AGAIN, we pushed the mighty invincible Chinese Army back across the current demilitarized zone into what was called the Iron Triangle, which was a very strong defensive position in a mountainous area. The US forces drove the mighty invincible Chinese Army out of the Iron Triangle and had them on the run back towards China (yes, we defeated the mighty invincible Chinese Army twice) when China called for a truce and the idiot Marxist president Truman gave them that truce and all of North Korea back they had lost; again, either stupidity or treason.

In spite of all of this, LBJ was afraid to conquer North Vietnam and was only fighting for a truce and not to win the Vietnam War because he was afraid to start a war with the mighty invincible communist Chinese Army, if he actually conquered North Vietnam. That was the threat the US liberal communist media played up that, if the US conquered North Vietnam, China would go to war against the US.

Did you know that, after the liberal commie traitors in the US literally gave South Vietnam to communist North Vietnam, after the US won the war, mighty invincible China invaded North Vietnam and was defeated by North Vietnam? Didn't hear too much about that one, did you?

So the US defeated two smaller nations who defeated China, the US defeated China and the American people are still afraid of China because they have 1.3 billion people? Is that rational?

No, that is treason and brainwashing committed by the US liberal commie traitors, including but not limited to our educators, the media, Hollywood, politicians, and others. It is completely irrational for the US to be afraid of China simply because China has 1.3 billion people.

"But," today's lying liberal commie traitors say, "that was then and now China is much more technologically advanced and, surely, we couldn't defeat 1.3 billion Chinese invading the US", as they continue with their lies, misinformation, propaganda, and fear mongering to protect their beloved commie China from the mighty US military.


Let's do a threat analysis of those 1.3 billion people, you know, let's do the math.

1) Most of them are children and older people who can't fight and the rest might be about 600 million people who can fight. Well, so much for the old 1.3 billion people thingy.

2) No one knows for sure but it is estimated that there are approximately 200 to 400 million Muslims, 70 to 120 million Christians, 200 to 400 million Buddhists, and an unknown number of others practicing different religions, ALL of whom are regularly persecuted by the atheistic Chinese communist government, many of those persecuted people would fight to overthrow the corrupt, tyrannical Chinese communist government, if they could just get their hands on guns.

You think I am wrong? Then why does the Chinese government refuse to let these people have guns, why does the government arrest and murder millions of these people every year, and why is the Chinese government and military in a constant state of war with these people? Do you really think that the Chinese government, who is too afraid to give those people guns, will give them guns to invade the US?

You see, if you do your homework, you find out there is a simple little fact that, if the Chinese government gave most of those people weapons to invade the US, those people would turn those weapons on their own leaders and overthrow that government and their government knows it.

So, you see, the Chinese government doesn't have 1.3 billion people to invade the US or anyone and they don't even have 600 million people to invade anyone. At best, the Chinese government has about 50 to 100 million people who might use their guns on someone other than their own government and the Chinese government has to keep most of them in country to prevent the rest from overthrowing the Chinese government. If the Chinese government were to send most of those people outside of China to invade the US, their government wouldn't last long and they know it.

In other words, the Chinese government is more afraid of their own people than you should be and you can forget all of the lies, misinformation, and propaganda the US lying liberal commie traitors keep pounding up your butts.

The same thing is true for almost all of our enemies. North Korea, Iran, and many others simply don't dare arm all of their people and have taken guns away from those people because they know those people will use their guns to topple their evil governments.

Then we have the threat I keep seeing all over the Internet about Iran has nukes in ships they can launch just off shore of the US to stage an EMP attack on the US that will take down the entire US electrical system and return us all to the cave.

Do you really think you know about a threat to the US that our military and intelligence agencies don't know about and that they are not watching and don't have plans to stop that threat?

Yes, there is a very significant threat to the US but it isn't Russia, it isn't China, it isn't Iran, it isn't North Korea, it isn't Al Quaeda, it isn't ISIS, and it isn't any other external threat. The single greatest threat to the US national security and the American people are the liberal commie traitors and now Muslims living in the US who are working daily to destroy our military, intelligence agencies, and economy so our military and intelligence agencies cannot stop those external threats to the US.

You see, if the US has a well funded, strong, and capable military and intelligence agencies, we can stop all of those external threats, those threats all know it, and they don't dare attack the US. That is why our traitors, who hate our nation and way of life, are working so hard and are so determined to tear down our military and intelligence agencies so those external threats CAN successfully attack the US. It is a simple fact that, without our traitors acts of treason, the external threats are a minimal threat to the US.

After Reagan rebuilt our military, intelligence agencies, and economy, the first traitor, Bush I, spent four years tearing down the US economy, military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies and traitor 2, Billy Boy Clinton, spent the next eight years continuing to tear down the US economy, military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies making it possible for Al Quaeda to successfully attack the US on 9/11. Bush II only did a slightly better job by only slightly rebuilding our military and intelligence agencies to fight Al Quaeda and then traitor 3, Obama, spent the last eight years tearing down our economy, military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies while importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the nation and infiltrating thousands more traitors and Muslims into all areas of our government, the latter of which, Trump is now battling.

Do you get the picture yet?

The only significant threat to the US isn't Russia, it isn't China, it isn't Iran, it isn't North Korea, it isn't Al Quaeda, and it isn't ISIS, it is our own traitors. All of those others are only being used as distractions so you don't realize who the real threat to the US national security and people really are, the liberals and Muslims in our own country. As long as we maintain a strong and effective military, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, economy, and such, the rest of them don't dare attack us. It is only when our traitors weaken our military, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and economy that they do dare attack us.

The greatest threat to our nation and people is our own liberal families, friends, and neighbors and the Muslims they have brought in to murder us.

If we have a strong military, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and economy, I don't worry about any external threat, I only worry about our own traitors. Our traitors are this nation's greatest weakness and threat, without them, the external threats fear us.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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