Threat Analysis 3

I previously discussed the bad guys but now let's take a look at a few good guys. I know, let's start with India who has almost 1.3 billion people and is expected to exceed 1.3 billion people and surpass China in population in the next few years.

Have you noticed that the lying liberal commie traitors don't go around trying to scare you concerning India's 1.3 billion people? You don't think it is because they are commies and want you to believe that their beloved communism is superior to democracy and capitalism, do you?

Yep, it sure is so let's do the math.

India doesn't have a tyrannical communist government and is not afraid of most of their people so she can easily arm at least 100 million to as many as more than 300 million of her people, at least two to three times more people than China, and most of them can fight outside of India because they don't have to worry about their government being overthrown by most of the rest of the people.

Also India's economy is stronger and growing faster than China's now failing economy so it can support a larger and stronger military and better sustained war effort. While China is being forced to cut back on her military spending by doing things like laying off 300,000 soldiers last year, India is rapidly expanding her military spending.

India has been working with Russia to build some of the best weapons systems in the world and will now also be working with the US. Heavily under rated India isn't having the technological problems with her weapons systems that heavily over rated China is having. This is probably in part because many of her engineers and scientists are Western trained, you know, in the US and Europe.

I have told you how China had to buy Migs to get powerful enough engines for her carrier aircraft and highly over rated J-20 to work right and had to also purchase those planes to get the radar and electronics warfare her J-20 need. What is really funny, is that those Migs were very likely built in India in conjunction with Russia.

Get the picture yet?

China is having serious technological problems with all of her top weapon systems, which is one reason I have told you again and again, she is over rated as a world power.

India is building some of the best weapons systems in the world, which is one reason she is highly under rated as a world power.

China has 2,500 military aircraft that are having serious problems, especially with under power engines, lousy radar, and not so hot electronics warfare systems and India only has a little over 2,200 military aircraft but they are much better aircraft and they are not having the technical problems China's aircraft are having plus India is rapidly gaining on China in numbers.

2,500 parked aircraft will be no match for 2,200+ working aircraft.

In an air war, India could easily fight China to a standstill and probably beat her.

At sea, China has one old ramp style aircraft carrier, which means their planes can't take off with a full load of fuel and munitions, and she has to buy Migs to get engines powerful enough to take off the ramp even partially loaded. China is building a second ramp type carrier and there are rumors she is designing a third carrier, which will be some kind of catapult carrier but she has not worked out all of the bugs yet.

India already has two ramp style carriers and the engines she builds for her planes have plenty of power to get off the ramp, though, like on ALL ramp style carriers, the planes can't take off with a full load of weapons and fuel. India is right now building a third ramp carrier and, with the help of the US, is building her own first catapult carrier with plans to build at least two to three more catapult carriers. Her current plans are for a fleet of at least six carriers, which will give her the second largest fleet of carriers only to the US. India could easily pass Britain in the next few years as a naval power to become the third greatest naval power in the world behind the US and Japan.

Yeah, just a wee bit under rated, isn't she?

She is also building a fleet of submarines and is currently in the process of building her first nuclear sub, leaving China behind in that area also.

India is also building some of the best surface-to-surface and air-to-surface missiles in the world and is now purchasing SAM 300s from Russia so she will soon have some of the best SAMs in the world.

India is building some of the best of almost all of her weapons systems in the world, including her tanks and her weapons systems are not having the problems China's weapons systems are having. Plus India has bought many top of the line weapons systems from Russia, Europe, and the US.

Add to all of this that Trump just made buds with India and will be working with her more closely in a number of ways including helping her build and buy better weapons systems.

With her rapidly growing military, the fact she has nukes like China, and her working with Russia, Europe, and the US for making and buying better weapons systems, and rapidly growing population and economy, India is on the verge of becoming the world's next super power, ahead of China and just across the border from China, with both of them being enemies. As a matter of fact, India is even closing on Russia as a world power and could surpass Russia in the next decade or two.

Did you know that Russia is trying to make a deal for India to build Russia a new aircraft carrier, Russia's second carrier?

Think about that one. India is already building some of Russia's best planes and missiles and now Russia wants India to build a carrier for Russia.

Gee, why isn't Russia trying to get the vastly superior military of China to build Russia's new carrier?

I think India is just a wee bit under rated as a military power and China is just a wee bit over rated by our lying liberal commie traitor media.

Of all of the problems China has, her neighbor, India, is one of the biggest and getting bigger quickly.

I am not worried about China; I am concerned enough to keep an eye on her but not worried about her.

You better keep an eye on India though.

Now, let's take a look at Japan, who already defeated China once and is currently ramping up for war with China again. Japan has a population of almost 130 million and could safely arm 40 to 50 million, almost as many people as China can safely arm. (44 million men are considered fit for service.)

Japan makes some of the best military weapons in the world and also buys the best she can from the US, Europe, and other nations. She has almost 1,600 military aircraft which function very well and have top of the line electronics warfare and radar. Her navy was recently ranked the second strongest navy in the world behind the US Navy, she just surpassed the British in naval power. She currently has four helo-carriers which also carry vertical takeoff, fixed wing, attack aircraft and large sub and missile ship fleets. Her military is currently ranked 7th in the world and is rapidly growing.

Her economy is reasonably strong but not growing much. It has pretty much peaked out but is easily supporting her current military growth.

Now, let's take a look at Taiwan, which has about 10 million men fit for service. Her military is mostly defensive with a little over 800 aircraft and a navy of almost 90 ships but she could be part of an invasionary force with the US, Japan, and India.

South Korea's military has almost 1,500 top of the line aircraft, almost 2,300 first class tanks, her troops are some of the best trained in the world, and can arm 21 million men. She has a strong economy.

Note that North Korea's weapons are mostly very old and poorly maintained with her barely having an economy.

Just with India, Japan, and South Korea, not including the US, China's troubled 2,500 aircraft could find themselves facing almost 5,000 top of the line aircraft. You throw in the US and things get much worse for China very quickly with China facing almost 10,000 top of the line aircraft and we are supposed to be afraid of China?

If India invaded Tibet, which is mostly open mountain country and mostly Buddhist, who will gladly fight behind Chinese lines for their freedom, and the US, Japan, and Taiwan invaded China at Beijing to quickly topple the very corrupt and oppressive communist Chinese government and replace it with the more stable Taiwan democratic government and cutting North Korea off from China while also invading North Korea from the north and southwest and South Korea invaded North Korea from the South to quickly topple the very corrupt and unstable communist North Korean government and replace it with the stronger South Korean democratic government, it is very likely most of the Chinese and North Korean troops would change sides early in the war, the Muslims would rise up in the Xinjiang Province in China's Northwest to secede from China, and the war would probably end very quickly so the New China could put down the Muslim uprising in the Xinjiang Province or current China would probably end up divided into at least three new countries (Buddhist Tibet, Muslim Xinjiang, and Buddhist/Christian/Daoist Eastern China) with the Taiwan government ruling the eastern portion.

BTW, I am seeing hype all over the Internet about Russia building an "unstoppable" super missile that will travel at 4,600 mph. "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!"

Do you know what you do when shooting at a faster moving missile?

You lead it more. That is it, it is just that simple.

Let's see, the missile travels at 4,600 miles per hour, radar waves travel at the speed of light or 186,000 miles per second, the computer detects the missile, determines the speed and trajectory for the missile, plots a course for intercept of the missile, fires the intercept missile, the intercept missile reaches the point of intercept at the same time as the missile, and blows the "unstoppable" missile out of the sky. Nope, sky ain't falling.

Now they are talking about building a laser which will be able to shoot targets over the horizon.


How are they going to get that light to bend over the horizon, shoot mirrors ahead first?

Light travels in a straight line unless interfered with by something in or along its path. To get light to bend over the horizon would require having something to bend the light at or just beyond the horizon accurately enough to cause it to hit the desired target.

Do they have such technology?

Maybe but I doubt it.

Plus, did you know that lasers have to be focused to a specific point and won't damage anything they hit before or after that point?

That is right, lasers have to be focused to a specific point and can't just destroy anything in their path, contrary to what liberal Hollywood and the liberal media tell you. That creates just a wee bit of a problem with trying to hit something over the horizon.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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