The ten northern tribes of Israel were destroyed by the pagan religions of the Canaanites because the Hebrews didn't drive the Canaanites out of Israel the way God told the Hebrews to drive them out of Israel.

What happened was that the Israelites decided to just live with the Canaanites and their paganism, you know, be tolerant of the Canaanite paganism. Hey, what's the harm?

Over the years, the Canaanites seduced or converted most of the Hebrews, especially the children, into their pagan cults so that the Hebrews began worshiping the Canaanite pagan gods, the best known of which were Baal and Molech but there were many others just as evil.

The Canaanites believed that everything, including every rock, tree, and building had spirits or gods so they sacrificed their babies to those gods, you know, like to "trees in the high places".

When they built a building, they sacrificed babies to the spirit or god for that new building and then placed the dead bodies for those babies in hollowed out stones that were placed in the walls. I remember reading about one public building they had only excavated about a quarter of the building and they had already found the remains of 300 dead baby bodies in the walls.

The Bible tells you about the Canaanites "passing their children through the fire to Molech" and most Christians have no idea what that means.

If a family decided they wanted something like a new wagon or farm animal, they would choose their least favorite child, throw a party for the child with the child wearing a ceremonial gown, dope up the child so it wouldn't be scared and scream during the sacrifice, then the family would march down to the nearest Molech altar, which was a huge oven in the shape of their god, Molech, the priests would place a group of children in the back of the oven, stack wood in between the children and the door, and light the fire killing the children or sacrificing or "passing them through the fire to Molech".

The Bible also tells you the Canaanites had "innocent blood flowing through the streets."

First you have to understand that they built their cities and towns on the tops of hills for defensive purposes with the main gate being the lowest point on that hill so that the main streets ran down to the main gate.

The parents would decide to sacrifice their least favorite child to one of their pagan gods for some reason, have a party, put a ceremonial gown on the kid, dope up the child so it wouldn't be scared and scream during the sacrifice, march down to a sacrificial altar they had on numerous street corners in every city, and, when it came that child's turn, the priests would pick the child up, place them on the altar face up, use a bronze sacrificial knife to carve the child's heart out, causing significant amounts of blood to flow into the streets and down the streets out through the main gate so that you had to walk through a small river of children's blood to enter or leave the city. That blood flowed from sunrise to sunset every day of the week around the year.

In the bigger cities, they literally butchered thousands of children and babies every day.

When the Hebrews converted to those false pagan religions, they also began murdering their children and babies to the Canaanite gods, which is why God punished the ten northern tribes and sent them into exile and slavery. They corrupted their nation with their tolerance and sins so God destroyed their nation. It was all because of the Hebrew tolerance of the Canaanite pagan religions.

Here we are about 3,000 years later and, because of our tolerance of our pagans, we have let them seduce us and our children into permitting them to butcher about 60 million unborn babies in just the US to their false pagan goddess, Free Sex or Adultery.

Do you really believe that God isn't going to punish us for murdering our children the way God punished the Hebrews and Canaanites for murdering their children?

And that is just one of many sins or crimes against God's Law we are right now openly committing like adultery, homosexuality, human trafficking, pedophilia, and many others.

And you wonder why God is permitting these evil pagans to destroy our nation? Maybe God is being tolerant of the pagans too, permitting them and their sins to destroy our nation? Hey, if you can be tolerant of the pagans, why can't God be tolerant of the same pagans? Maybe, if you stop being tolerant of those pagans, turn back to God in prayer, then God will stop being tolerant of those pagans and save our butts from them? How is that tolerance thingy working out?

But it gets better.

Something I am watching and thinking about is that one of the vaccines is known to have stem cells from those dead babies so that they are injecting hundreds to thousands of those stem cells into your blood stream with each injection.

You have to understand stem cells. They are embryonic cells taken from an embryo that are programmed to grow into a body part, usually the body part they were taken from.

Example, for decades they have been able to use stem cells from dead human babies to grow replacement organs like hearts, livers, kidneys and such. As long as the stem cells keep getting the nutrients they need, they will grow and the human blood they are now being injected into provides those nutrients.

My biological hypothesis is that those stem cells will be pushed around inside the cardiovascular system until they lodge somewhere, probably in a set of tiny capillaries in some organ or body part like the heart, lungs, kidney, liver, brain, spinal cord, muscle, bone, or any other body part where they will continue to be fed by the blood flow around them and continue to grow into whatever they were programmed in the baby's body to grow into.

Yeah, you get the picture, don't you?

It will probably take those stem cells at least 3 to 6 months or longer to become big enough to begin to cause problems, pending what they end up inside of.

How would you like to end up with something like a baby's leg, foot, arm, kidney, or something growing inside your brain, heart, liver, or something? Does that sound fun or what?

If my hypothesis is right, you know it is soon going to start killing people and you know they will keep it quiet for as long as they can.

Is that one reason why the upper class trash are in such a desperate hurry to get everyone vaccinated before those problems manifest themselves?

Do you realize who is most likely to get those vaccinations and have those problems?

The lefty voters, trolls, snitches, thugs like Antifa, virtue signaling voters, techies, politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, college professors, and other lefty activists who ran right out and got those vaccines as soon as they could just like their power mad leaders told them to without hesitation.

So, hold it, are those dead babies the lefties murdered about to strike back and start killing the lefties who supported the murdering of or murdered those unborn babies? Did I tell you that God loves irony?

You just might want to keep an eye on this. This could get very interesting very soon.

And you think we are not being punished for our tolerance of the lefty pagans and their crimes against God's Laws by God permitting those crimes or sins to destroy our nation, our lives, our economy, and everything else UNTIL we turn back to God and call on God's name in prayer?

Maybe it is time to start up a global prayer vigil to get all Christians to turn back to God?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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