Yesterday I saw a video and was wondering whether God wanted me to write about it and what I should write. I couldn't figure it out so I let it go.

This morning I woke up with God telling me to write about it and what to write.

As a biologist, I have been watching what they talk about in that video for decades. You see, the Royals and their puppets are trying to use science as their magic fountain of youth to give them immortality so they can get to be the pagan gods they want to believe they are so they can rule the planet forever. If they succeed, they will be the most pathetic gods in history.

What they are doing is elevating themselves above God just like Satan and his followers did. All of this mess started with Satan and his followers trying to elevate themselves above God and will end with Satan and his followers trying to elevate themselves above God.

Think not?

Following the Millennial Reign of Jesus, Satan and his army of stupid humans will gather as an army north of Israel to invade and conquer Israel to dethrone Jesus/God and take His place or elevate themselves above God.

"Why, dey don't needs God, dey is gods."

That is why they want to set up their globalism and murder off better than 90% of you so they can live forever as gods and not have to share their planet with you plus they won't have to worry about you killing them in rebellion. In 3,500 years, they have not learned a thing because of their arrogant inbreeding and they really need to stop breeding.

Wow, what mighty gods they are that they have to take your guns away from you to keep you from blowing their stupid brains out. They make my brain hurt. They have definitely been inbreeding too long.

Elite fantasy

In this video they tell you that the Royals have almost developed science to where it can make them immortal, you know, with some of them dying every year. Wow, that worked well.

What they have done is that they have developed medicine to where it can rebuild or rejuvenate certain things enough to have better health longer and are fantasizing that will soon give them immortality and then they can be the immortal gods they want to believe they are so they will live on Earth and rule FOREVER! "Why, they don't need the God they hate, they are gods!"

Basically, they think too much of themselves and are arrogant and stupid enough to believe it.

First, they still have not yet achieved it, which is why people like George Soros look like crap and are dying and others like Henry Kissinger have died. It is still a fantasy but, hey, if you live out of touch with reality in your mansions and smoke enough dope, anything can seem real.

They are believing what they want to believe and ignoring the science that proves they are wrong. They CANNOT be immortal and live forever because science says so and so does the Bible.

Did you know that, without the God they hate, it is scientifically impossible for them to be immortal and live forever? Gee, why?

Because science proved conclusively in 1998 that the cosmos or galaxy isn't immortal and when our cosmos dies, everything in it dies. I told you about it when I first started this blog decades ago. They are ignoring the science that says they cannot be immortal and live forever WITHOUT God because they are nuts.

First, you have to understand "background gravity."

Background gravity

Background gravity is created when two or more groups or bodies of mass are close enough together for their gravitational fields to overlap, causing a cumulative gravitational effect. The more mass you have closer together, the greater the background gravity and the less mass you have or the more spread out it is, the less background gravity you have.

Background gravity is very important because it is gravity that holds everything together in our cosmos. Without gravity or enough gravity, the electrons would literally fly away from the protons so you wouldn't be able to have any atoms or molecules. You would just have a rapidly expanding cloud of electrons and protons.

For example, on the sun, the very high gravity of the sun compresses hydrogen atoms, with one electron and one proton, into helium atoms, with two electrons and two protons, which releases the energy the sun gives off that provides the energy we need for life on Earth.

Also, the gravitational force of huge Jupiter compresses molecules together to create and maintain higher levels of "heavy metals" or atoms that have a lot of electrons and protons. On Earth, those heavy metals tend to break down or fall apart with parts of atoms falling away from the larger atoms much faster than they would on Jupiter because of Jupiter's greater gravity holding those atoms together much longer because it compresses the electrons and protons more.

Our galaxy is a great example of the effects of background gravity. We have known that the background gravity in our galaxy is many times greater towards the center than at the outer edges. That means that there will be many times more heavy metals on planets of the same size the closer you get to the center of our galaxy and many times fewer heaving metals and other molecules required for life the further you get from the center of the galaxy.

The planets and their atmospheres have too many heavy metal atoms on the inner two thirds of our galaxy for there to be life because of the very much stronger background gravity and about the outer 10% of the galaxy doesn't have enough background gravity to support life. There is a very small inner ring or area of our galaxy in which life can exist because of the right amount of background gravity. That is true in all galaxies.

If you look at our cosmos as a super huge galaxy made up of galaxies instead of planets and stars, it has a very similar effect. All of that mass spread out in our cosmos is what is creating enough background gravity to hold atoms together at all. If the background gravity of our cosmos drops below a certain level, all of our atoms will fly apart with the electrons flying away from the protons and everything will quickly cease to exist.

BTW, this also proves what I told you decades ago that 90% of the mass in this cosmos is in a massive ring of water orbiting at the outer edge of the cosmos because, if it were not, then there would not be enough mass there to create enough background gravity to keep that mass at the outer edge from flying apart and the cosmos would have already started flying apart thousands of years ago.

In 1998, scientists proved CONCLUSIVELY that our cosmos will continue expanding until the back ground gravity gets low enough that the entire cosmos will fly apart, including those smarty pants, intellectually superior, upper class trash Royal gods and their moron puppet gods; I don't care what chemicals they pump into their immortal bodies. Those bodies will still fly apart and the only question is, "when". Wow, their immortality fairy tale is really going to work so well. /sarc

This proves that the upper class trash and their puppets, especially their overpaid academic whores telling those fairy tales to make more money from the ignorant upper class trash, are all a bunch of arrogant fools. It is not possible for them to be immortal gods and live forever because, without the God they hate, the cosmos cannot exist forever and none of dem gods can stop the cosmos from flying apart, proving they are not gods but arrogant, ignorant fools.

I personally challenge all of them to prove they are gods by stopping our cosmos from expanding and flying apart, killing them all. I am waiting.

You see, they are not gods. They are just arrogant fools with more money than brains.

Interestingly, science has shown that, when the cosmos expands enough for stuff to start flying apart, it will happen by the matter at the outer edge of our cosmos flying apart first because that is where the background gravity will be the weakest, which will decrease the background gravity even more, which will cause the matter inside that matter to fly apart next and then the matter inside that matter will fly apart next and it will quickly accelerate towards the center of our cosmos until the remaining background gravity in the remaining of our cosmos is no longer strong enough to hold ANYTHING together and then the rest of it will just suddenly fly apart. According to science AND the Bible, it will make a massive noise.

Notice that the stars will fly apart or cease to exist starting at the outside and moving towards the inside the way you roll up a scroll and the way the Bible said 2,000 years ago most of the stars would disappear and science proved the Bible right in 1998. Oops! Gee, what a magic coincidence, they proved the God they hate to be right.

You just know God is laughing His butt off.

When will this happen?

God gave me some more intel to know approximately when this will happen when He told me the years that the Tribulation will begin and end. We still don't know the minute or the hour, just like Jesus said, but we do know the year.

You see, the judgment of the stars being rolled up like a scroll will take place in the first half or 3.5 years of the Tribulation, which God told me will begin sometime between January 1 and December 31 of 2025. That should tell you that, without the God they hate, the pagans would all die in the ultimate expansion event of our cosmos by 2029 or in about 5 years or less. Without the God they hate, by the end of 2029, they would ALL be burning in Hell.

Wow, their immortality thingy will work really well without the God they hate, won't it?

Remember that science PROVED ABSOLUTELY that the cosmos is going to expand until it all flies apart.

Now, there is something concerning that event that has confused some people. In a later judgment follow the stars rolling up like a scroll, it mentions stars. This has confused some people because they do not put that bit of intel together with other intel and science. Some people tend to believe that mention about stars means that prophecy must come before the stars rolling up like a scroll and that, therefore, the judgments are not in chronological order, which is false.

There is an absolute proof God gave us that ALL of those judgments are in chronological order and it is the structure and function of the judgments. Note that God gave us 3 sets of 7 judgments each with it being obvious that the 7 judgments within each set are in chronological order.

The sets of judgments also have to be in chronological order because, the last judgment in the first set starts the first judgment in the second set and the last judgment in the second set starts the first judgment in the third set, which REQUIRES that all three sets and the judgments in those sets MUST be in chronological order.

Then what does it mean when the Bible says the stars will be rolled up like a scroll but then mentions later that there will still be stars?

First, if you understand the astrophysics behind that prophecy of the stars being rolled up like a scroll and then the Earth, sun, and judgments continue, that should tell you that for Earth and the sun to continue to exist, God MUST supernaturally intervene to save at least the Earth and sun or they would both also fly apart and everything would end with that prophecy. Therefore, God's supernatural intervention to save something is a requirement or the Earth, sun, and all of the following judgments would end with that prophecy. There would be nothing else, not even the Battle of Armageddon.

How much will God save when He supernaturally intervenes?

When it later mentions stars, it is telling you that God will also save some of the stars. That is a big hint God gives us.

I understood that hint and, for decades, I wondered how many stars will God save?

When God gave me the dream about us colonizing 5 planets in the Milky Way Galaxy and 4 planets in the Andromeda Galaxy, He was telling me that He will intervene to save those two galaxies. That is how many stars He will save, about 250 billion.

The more than 100 billion other galaxies will all fly apart during the prophecy of the stars rolling up like a scroll.

There are a couple of more scriptures that lead people to believe the judgments are not in chronological order.

One scripture says that the islands will be moved "out of their place" and people assume that means they will all be destroyed but it DOES NOT say they will all be destroyed, they will just be move "out of their place", which scientifically, could mean any number of things like the planet will tilt on its axis so they would move in relation to their position to the sun or any number of things.

Later, a prophecy says all of the islands will be destroyed, telling me that all of the islands will not all be destroyed during the first event, they will just be moved out of their place. They could all just be moved an inch and they will all be moved out of their place.

That is why you have to pay attention to ALL of the details in prophecy. If the Bible doesn't say something was destroyed, it may not have gotten destroyed.

I gave you some assumptions for a few of the prophecies God gave me and I later realized they were not part of the prophecies; they were just my assumptions. I learned that you have to keep your assumptions out of God's prophecies.

The Bible gives us some additional information that I have not seen anyone else notice. God stresses that the week is 6 days for work and 1 day for rest and fellowshipping with God or the Sabbath.

The Bible also tells us that God created this cosmos 6,000 years ago and Jesus will rule for 1,000 years with no crime or wars but us living with Jesus/God in fellowship.

Then Jesus told us that 1,000 years with man is as one day with God.

If you connect all of those dots, it tells you something very important.

What that should tell you is that the first 6,000 years of our lives or 6 days to God on this planet is our testing and then Jesus will give us rest and peace during God's Sabbath Day with no crime, no wars, and us having fellowship with God for 1,000 of our years. The Millennial Reign of Jesus will be God's Sabbath Day.

We are right now in the last of our years in the last of God's 6 days and about to start His Sabbath Day and the last of our years during God's sixth day will be the worst and hardest testing.

Do you see what God is doing and what His time table is?

Now, the God hating pagans could never see this and understand it because they reject the word of God because they reject the love of God, they have proved to themselves that the Bible is not true by faking longer archaeology times so they can't see God's time line, and don't realize time is almost up and their stupid immortality and fake god game is just foolishness and their arrogant stupidity.

Hey, maybe they will be immortal for 8 more years? /sarc

Man plans, God laughs and you just know that God is laughing and laughing, and laughing at their immortality/god thingy.

Do you realize how stupid they look to God? Do you still believe they are smarter than you because they have more money than you?

"Why, we are going to use our science fountain of youth to be immortal and be gods!" What a joke.

Many of them will die in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, most of the rest will die during the Tribulation, and the rest will die at the Battle of Armageddon so they will all be burning in Hell by January 1, 2033. Hey, at least they will be immortal and burn forever.

"But, dey is going tuh be immortal gods!" They have definitely been inbreeding too long.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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