I really did not want to post this essay because some of the information I am sharing is sensitive military information but things have come to a point to where you really need to know this to keep from being fooled by the lying lefties, besides, they are about to release this information anyways but they will do it in such a manner as to make it falsely look like space aliens. I wrote this a few days ago and have held off posting it until I was certain it must be posted. I spent a lot of time in prayer and soul searching over this essay.

Get ready for some really great smoke and mirrors that are designed to finish off Christianity so the pagans can take complete control by making Christians look like a silly joke. Hilarious started it when she said she would get look into of this stuff about UFOs and Area 51. You know she was told to say this by the upper class trash. This was all planned out.

Now they have released information on more than 12,000 UFO sightings!!! You know, right after Hilarious said that she will "look into the UFOs and Area 51".

Then, today, I got this over at Newsmax.com by Todd Beamon:

"New discoveries surrounding drastic changes in light around a strange-looking star 1,500 light-years away have led astronomers to revive a theory that a giant 'alien megastructure' may be the culprit."

Gee, what a coincidence!!! Or two or three.

I guess Billy Boy and Hilarious Clintstone have finally made a deal with the right people for her to get elected Queen of America instead of going to prison, where she belongs, and they are going to use UFOs and space aliens to get the job done.

You know where this is going and what they will do with this UFO thingy, it is that easy to predict.

First, they failed to finish off Christianity with evolution because evolution CANNOT prove God does not exist so they will use space aliens to "prove" that God does not exist and everything just accidentally and coincidentally evolved to finish off Christianity and make Christians look foolish.

The upper class trash will suddenly "reveal" that they have been in contact with space aliens (read Satan and his demons) for decades and the space aliens told them that the space aliens brought the "seeds of life" here, to earth, billions of years ago, you know, long before there was enough time for life to have evolved on their planets (there will be major holes in this one, people, but you will have to look for them and they know most people won't bother to look, they will just drink the Kool-Aid) and that life miraculously evolved here on earth via accidents and coincidences. Ta-da!!! Hey, I know, the space aliens guided evolution, yeah, that's the ticket. That is a reasonable sounding lie...except, who guided evolution on their planet?

BTW, God will use this lie by Satan and his bunch to try our Christian faith and purge the posers out of the church so get ready for this test because it will be very tough because only us "radical Christian fools" will continue to believe in Christianity, many will leave the church to avoid the embarrassment, it is very likely the church will be forced underground to survive and become classified a terrorist organization, you know, like the church already has been classified by Obama.

There won't be any posers left in the new church when this dust settles.

They will probably even use special effects, you know, like in these sci-fi movies like Star Wars, to show us pictures of the aliens and even show the aliens communicating with our glorious leaders (probably in Klingon), you know, like anyone that intelligent would contact those corrupt whackos. You can bet the aliens will "tell us" to do away with our guns and other weapons and blindly follow our glorious, corrupt leaders in setting up a one world dictatorship so there can be world peace and most people will drink the Kool-Aid and force everyone to give up their guns and submit to slavery by our glorious leaders so we can have world peace. Ta-da!!!

Get the picture yet?

It is blatantly obvious that our corrupt upper class trash are about to declassify and release US military classified information to achieve their evil goals so I will beat them to it to defeat their evil goals. You heard this hear first and not from them first. This is meant to protect our national security by nipping the upper class trash efforts for destroying our nation in the bud, fighting lies with truth.

I currently sit in the Tularosa Basin on the western edge of Alamogordo, New Mexico, about 40 miles from the main offices and headquarters for the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), which used to be the most classified US weapons research and development site in the world. It was more classified than Area 51 and was and still is the ONLY place in the US where the FAA does not have control of the air space over the area. The FAA had and still has control of the air space over Area 51 but the Army had and still has control of the air space over WSMR. WSMR is about 80 miles long and about 30 miles wide with at least 2,400 square miles and that is a conservative estimate.

There are secret underground military bases all over New Mexico, many of which were built in the 1940s and 1950s or later, and better than 1/3 of the entire State of New Mexico is owned and controlled by the US military with New Mexico being the fifth largest state in the US behind Alaska, Texas, Montana, and California with one of the lowest populations in the nation so there is a huge amount of open land for testing weapons systems. Following the end of the Cold War, many of WSMR's facilities were abandoned and the projects were moved to other areas, which I will not discuss.

There have been regular UFO sightings here in the Tularosa Basin in Southern New Mexico since shortly after WWII in the late 1940s. We sit only about 100 miles, as the UFO flies, southwest from Roswell, New Mexico and the Roswell UFO came from WSMR.

THERE WERE NO SPACE ALIENS! Those were US Air Force pilots and flight crew. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

Here in Alamogordo, we regularly saw UFOs flying all over the place and we knew they were from WSMR, partly because many of the people who worked at WSMR lived in Alamogordo. Many still commute to work at WSMR from Alamogordo.

I have kept the following secret since 1968 because I did not want to compromise US national security but now that the upper class trash is about to compromise this information and national security along with lies to get Hilarious elected so she can finish off our nation, I feel it important to disclose the information with the truth.

In the spring of 1966, my family and I were watching TV in a trailer on the same land on which I am currently sitting when my sister called the family outside to see a UFO. The UFO was flying over the Sacramento Mountains east of our location but we could clearly see its entire flight and I very carefully studied its flight for more than half an hour because such sightings were usually dismissed by the military as something like a weather balloon. BTW, one hour later that "weather balloon", which is what we were told it was, showed up over London doing the same thing.

It was glowing cheery read because of the extreme heat being generated by its extreme speed in flight and it was oval shaped because of the angle at which we were viewing it from. For more than an hour, it flew back and forth from about the Sun Spot Observatory 25 miles south of Cloud Croft, New Mexico to about Mescalero, New Mexico about 25 miles to the north of Cloud Croft, which was a distance of at least 50 miles one way. The craft would come to a complete standstill for about one second and then fly to the other end of its flight path in ONLY ONE SECOND instantly coming to a stop for one second before returning. Like I said, they kept this up for more than one hour and were clearly testing their acceleration, deceleration, and inertial control systems, you know, artificial gravity.

I checked to see if there were any clouds off of which a spot light could have been shown but the sky was completely clear with stars showing along the entire flight path so it was not possible for it to be a spot light and, if it was a weather balloon, it was the fastest weather balloon in history. I checked everything I could think of and, after more than half an hour, it became very clear that it had to be a R&D (research and development) aircraft from WSMR and it was very clearly a flying saucer. Note that it made no sound.

THREE MONTHS LATER, in the summer of 1966, I went for an all day hike in the desert to three little hills about 15 miles south of me and to what I later found out was just inside of the WSMR boundary. The single hill to the east of the other two is literally called One Hill and the other two hills a few miles west of it are literally called Two Hills. At that time there was a large, white early warning radar dome on the top of the larger hill of Two Hills, which is no longer there. I was a teenager who was just out for a hike and exploring to see what I could find in the desert.

When I got to One Hill, I climbed up the west face of it with my back to WSMR and walked over to the northern side of its mesa top, where I sat down looking back towards Alamogordo and thinking about where else I might explore. After a little while, I got up, turned to see what was south of me to explore in the desert, and saw that same huge flying saucer sitting on the ground with four telescoping legs on WSMR just a few miles from me. It was close enough I could easily see the dark blue color, wheels, windows, and such of the US Air Force jeeps and five and ten ton trucks that were servicing the vehicle. It was very clearly US Air Force property, NOT SPACE ALIENS.

For more than half an hour, I sat on top of that hill peaking over the top of a small boulder watching US Air Force jeeps and trucks disappearing under and reappearing from under a huge flying saucer which could have easily held at least 10 US 18 wheeler trucks of the time. It was massive and I figured, based on their activity and my subsequent service in the US Air Force, that there was some kind of service building behind the saucer which I could not see because service vehicles kept going in that direction and returning to service the saucer.

Remember that this was 1966, one year after the existence of the SR-71 was made public knowledge.

What should this tell you?

In 1966, the SR-71 was not our best aircraft and we have much better today than I saw from the top of One Hill, which will soon be declassified to get Hilarious elected so she can finish off our nation, you know, the way Jimmuh Carhtuh betrayed the nation by releasing classified information about the F-117 Stealth planes to try and get re-elected against Ronald Reagan but, the upper class trash will let us know about these UFOs with lies about them being developed and flown by space aliens from other planets to prove their pagan fairy tale of evolution and finish off Christianity and the US so they can set up their Satanic one world government dictatorship.

Therefore, I am making this information public knowledge to prevent them from using those lies to finish destroying our nation and setting up their dictatorship.

There are other things I have seen and do not wish to disclose those things at this time. Just know that, inside all of those UFOs you have been seeing, seeing pictures of, reading stories about by people who have no clue what they are talking about, and hearing stories about, there is a small metal tag which says "US Air Force" and, yes, they are real. The crap about aliens is smoke and mirrors that will soon be used by the upper class trash to destroy our nation and Christianity.


Now, let's do a little math about the flying saucer to give you an idea of what the US Air Force could already do by 1966. Remember that I told you it was covering a distance of at least 50 miles, probably more, from stand still to stand still, in just one second, which means that one second included acceleration and deceleration times. Yes, I timed it again and again and again for almost half an hour.

To keep it simple and be conservative, let's assume that saucer was covering only 50 miles on the fly to eliminate the acceleration and deceleration time and only be a top end speed time, which it wasn't. I always make my estimates conservative and my regular readers should know that.

50 miles times 60 seconds is 3,000 miles per minute or 180,000 miles per hour. In other words, that US Air Force saucer could have easily flown to the moon, 250,000 miles away, in about 1.5 hours or about 12 days to Mars at a time when NASA was popping astronauts up into orbit and preparing to spend more than a week to go to the moon. That saucer could have easily flown circles around the SR-71 in 1966.

Can we say that NASA was smoke and mirrors or a distraction from what the Air Force was really doing?

That is right and I was trained to know that NASA was created, as a diversionary tactic, to get Soviet KGB spies to try and get secrets from NASA while the US Air Force was busy doing better things elsewhere, it was explained to me as a slight of hand to get the KGB to look in one place while we had our best stuff elsewhere. NASA was just a distraction to draw spies away from finding out about our best stuff and it worked fantastically. The SR-71 was made public knowledge in 1965 to draw spies away from finding out about our best stuff and it worked fantastically. And there have been many more distractions over the last 50 years to keep spies away from our best stuff and that is what I was trained to know by the US Air Force. Basically, I was trained that, if anyone in the general public knows about a weapon system, especially the media, it is already obsolete.

THERE ARE NO SPACE ALIENS!!! The stuff about space aliens is just more smoke and mirrors to get you to believe the liberal false pagan fairy tale of evolution. God is real, He lives, He exists and He created everything just like He said He did.

The problem is that all of our best stuff is about to be falsely sold to you as space alien technology to destroy Christianity and our nation so the evil upper class trash can set up their one world government global dictatorship and they have to be stopped with the truth, which is that all of those UFOs are US Air Force, deal with it. I have seen it with my own eyes. This is not hearsay or speculation, it is what I have seen with my own eyes and there is much more I was trained in but can't tell you about.

This should also serve as a warning to all of the bad guys in the world that you can't even begin to imagine what the US military is capable of doing, when shoved into a corner, so you best not mess with us just because we are in the early stages of our next civil war. It is the main reason why I am not afraid of China, Russia, and anyone else, as long as good American officers and service people are in control of these weapons systems. If you power mad nuts mess with us, we mess back, we mess better, we mess last, so don't mess with us. Stay out of our internal mess, it is our business and none of your business.

Now, let's cut out the UFO/alien bull crap and get our nation back from the bad guys before it is too late. We do NOT want these crazies to get control of these weapons systems or we are screwed.

Suddenly, Hilarious has NOTHING to run on so she can become our next dictator and destroy our nation to set up their evil one world government dictatorship because I told you the truth in advance and you ain't seen nuttin' yet, baby!

Now do you understand why Obama and his slimy ilk are so afraid of the US military?

Now that I have shared this with you, there are some other things God has shown me which I can share in the next few essays.

For example, remember that I told you that God showed me in one of the dreams that, after we fight for our freedom and set up our new Christian nation, God is going to have us begin colonizing other planets in other solar systems in this galaxy and in the next large spiral galaxy, M-31, A.K.A. Andromeda? Remember that I told you that, during the Tribulation, there will be a space or star war with space battles between the Christians and the Muslims leading up to the Battle of Armageddon? Now do you believe that?

Stick around and I will tell you more about it. The Muslims will win the first battle for planet earth but will lose the war and planet earth at Armageddon, just like the Bible says.

Here is a little teaser; we humans are already space travelers because we have already traveled in space to our own moon but we are about to become 1) star travelers because we are about to travel to other star systems in our galaxy to colonize other planets and then 2) we will become intergalactic travelers by traveling to another galaxy to colonize planets in that galaxy, you know, in a galaxy far, far away, about 2.5 to 3 million light years away.

Then the Muslims, who are obsessive compulsive about conquering this planet and killing everyone off, will become obsessive compulsive about conquering all planets and we will have our star war that will last 3.5 years, culminating at the Battle of Armageddon for planet earth...and everything else, which is when Jesus will show up and win the war.

THERE ARE NO SPACE ALIENS...yet, soon there will be, some of you will become space aliens from earth colonizing other planets.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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