Upper Class Trash Royals 2

What Next?

What is going to happen now that the killer vaccine die-off has already begun and will quickly accelerate?

This will be a nutshell lesson in human behavior and the people's actions will depend on the individual. Some people will sit whining and moping, feeling sorry for themselves while others will become furious at the deaths of their loved ones and decide that, if they are going to die, it will be fighting and they will drag as many royals and puppets to the grave with them as they can.

Let's start with the corrupt leaders.

Remember that I told you that the different factions within the royal family would make their moves for power over the others when they thought the royal family had enough control they could maintain that control?

It has already started and you can see it everywhere.

The Queen's own son and grandsons tried to remove her so they could rule the world but failed, this time.

The Queen already stabbed the French royals in the back, especially Macron and Trudeau but the rest too. She isn't going to let French Royal, Newsom, reign as king over one of the five best economies in the world, Commiefornia, besides, Newsom has already started destroying that economy by chasing businesses out of Commiefornia. That would be like giving Newsom dictator control over the fifth most powerful country in the world and that ain't happening.

The Queen also already stabbed ALL of the other branches of the Euro-American royal family in the back with Brexit and the new alliance between the US, UK, and Australia. She isn't going to let the Spanish royals rule in New Mexico or even in Mexico or Central and South America.

What? You think she will share power with the American royals? No, no, no, why do you think she sent her grandson, Harry, to become the King of the US? I mean, if she were going to share power with the American branch of the royals or even the American/British Royals in the US, wouldn't she permit one of them to be the king of the US, you know, like Obama?

By sending Megan and Harry to the US so Megan can run for president, she is already telling what her plans are. Nah, to her, Obama is just a useful fool and, as soon as she doesn't need him anymore, he is dead, just like most of the rest.

Heck, her son and grandsons are a big enough threat to her so do you think she is going to keep the rest of those power mad whackos around?

If you want to know what people, especially corrupt people, are up to, you watch their actions and barely pay attention to their words. The old saying that actions speak louder than words is very true.

You better think of ye ole British Royal Family ruling in England right now ruling the world in Mystery Babylon. That is clearly what her plans are and she isn't the only one grabbing for power.

The Australian leaders are already setting up their dictatorships and have already had "differences" between them for power. I am waiting for tribal warfare to break out there.

Macron had made his grab for power after Brexit by taking a controlling position in the now dying EU.

Trudeau is already establishing himself in his royal dictatorship and almost has his power consolidated with law enforcement and the military enforcing his criminal mandates against the people. So I am waiting for Ma Queen to invade Canada from the US to take back Canada. She will probably send Sir Harry, you know, the King of America, because he already has combat experience.

Newsom almost has his power for his Commiefornia dictatorship consolidated with the rigged elections and law enforcement enforcing his unconstitutional and illegal mandates against the people. So I am waiting for the US and British Royal Fleets to blockade Commiefornia ports to starve them out of power the way Britain did Spain during the Napoleonic Wars, which I already told you about.

Grisham, with the help of the Spanish Royals controlling the New Mexico legislature, is consolidating her power for her Spanish monarchy in New Mexico. I expect Ma Queen to invade Nuevo Mexico from Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and even Mexico to get that monarchy back. Hey, we have a lot of oil and gas reserves here and Ma Queen ain't going to let the Spanish Royals have that much wealth and power.

Cuomo had himself set up as king of New York but reached too far too soon and was forced from power with his replacement making sure he doesn't get it back.

Whitmer was consolidating her power when others within her own power structure decided they want that power and yanked ye ole rug out from under her.

With Brexit, the Germans saw the writing on ye ole wall and started making pals with Russia, while consolidating power in their monarchy.

These are just a few of many examples and, if you understand human behavior and have studied history, this will continue to get worse until it turns into the 21st Century Global Feudal State with more wars between the royals then ever before but their great sounding stupid idea of depopulating the planet is going to bite them all in the butts.


Because they have already killed off most of their people with their killer vaccine to depopulate their planet so they don't have to share their planet with you. Common sense should tell you that the power mad fools won't be able to use those dead people as soldiers in this escalating war between the royals and the royals who have the most living peasants to send off to die fighting in their wars for power and wealth will have the military advantage.

For example, Australia has about an 80% vaccination of their lowly peasants with the killer vaccine so they won't have too many peasants left to send off fighting and dying for them to keep their power. They are much more likely to find themselves dead by the time the dust settles in this mess.

Oops, you mean they are about to need those people they just butchered with their killer vaccine?

Yep, another great sounding stupid idea dreamed up by their dope smoking, out of touch with reality upper class trash royal academe just failed like all of the rest of their great sounding stupid ideas. But don't worry, they are too inbred and stupid to quit listing to their great sounding stupid inbred academe and will soon have more great sounding stupid ideas to cause trouble for the rest of the people, if they manage to survive this mess they have caused.

Useless Puppets

Then we have all of the idiot politicians and government bureaucrats who believed the promises of shared power and free stuff to help cause this mess but don't have enough brains to realize that, when those people no long have peasants to fool, control, and keep in line for the upper class trash royals because the royals have slaughtered all of those people, why will the royals need them and want to keep them around? What will happen?

As the populations become depleted by the killer vaccine, the royals will begin to purge those politicians, law enforcement, bureaucrats, teachers, professors, media, and others they used to gain power, after all, after the royals get into power and murder everyone off, they won't need those idiot puppets any more.

They already began this with the lefty media laying off people several years ago with media like the New York Times and now CNN. Those people are no longer needed or of value so they have been dumped so they are no longer getting those big pay checks they thought they would get forever.

Hey, if you sell your soul to Satan, he WILL come around to get his merchandise.

It is very likely that almost all of the population within some countries will be wiped out and then, who are the politicians, bureaucrats, law enforcement, military, educators, media, and others in those countries supposed to control?

No one, so they won't be needed and will also be killed off to get rid of them. By obeying the orders of the upper class trash, those fools are killing themselves off and too stupid to realize it.

Hey, why would the upper class trash want to continue sharing wealth with people they don't need? Do you remember that they are very greedy?

Since the killer vaccine die-off has already begun, it won't take long for the upper class trash to no longer need the bureaucrats and politicians they used to control those now dead peasants so off to ye ole death camps with them.

Gee, you think that is the real reason they built those FEMA death camps, you know, kill off the peasants with the killer vaccine and then kill off the useless puppets with the death camps?

Some of these people will realize that they have to make a change and, in fear, will join in the wars between the royals to die fighting for their royals' power and greed.

Some of these people will desperately form rebel groups and begin killing and fighting against the royals but many of them have already been vaccinated so their fight won't last long. They better quickly kill all they can while they can because there is no guarantee they will wake up tomorrow morning.

The People

So, with the die-off already started and people are going to eventually realize that they, their families, their friends, and their neighbors have been murdered off by the upper class trash royals and their killer vaccine, they will become furious at the royals. Even the lowly peasants who were brainwashed to hero worship ye ole royals will know they have been betrayed, though some will remain in denial until the grave.

There will be two basic extreme responses and everything between.

The first response will be that some of them will sit around whining and crying because they are dying and have been betrayed by the lying upper class trash royals.

The opposite response will be one of anger and rage as the people watch their families die, with many knowing they are also dying. Some will form groups to fight back, especially those who refused the killer vaccine, while others will do "lone wolf" attacks killing as many royals and royal puppets as they can before they die.

In the middle will be the stupid people who will believe more lies and false promises by the royals, even with them being stabbed in the back and will fight for the "good royals" against the "bad royals", just like they have been doing for thousands of years.

God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

It is going to be a mess but ye ole smarty pants academe seem to have misjudged something that is biting them in ye ole butts right now. They didn't expect that, in some countries like the US and other Western nations, so many of ye ole lowly "stupid" peasants would refuse the killer vaccine because they learned to not trust the lefty upper class trash royals and this promises to provide a massive army to fight back against and kill ye ole corrupt upper class trash lefty royals.

That is why they are so desperately and frantically trying to force everyone else to get ye ole killer vaccine. As usual, their evil plans are not working out as they thought they would.

Man plans, God laughs.

Rising Property Prices

What is causing the rising property prices on an international scale?

The upper class trash are running a real estate racket where they are using nonprofit corporations that get your tax dollars to buy up land at above market value because they know that their ancestors controlled the land to control the people.

What this does is use your taxes to artificially increase the demand for land that drives up the land prices and pushes more and more of you out of the market for homes and forces up land taxes so fewer and fewer of you can afford to pay land taxes so you will be forced to sell your land to these nonprofit corporations, which will force more and more of you to rent from these nonprofit corporations so that, if you don't do what the upper class trash tell you to do, you know, like get the killer vaccine, they kick you off of their land.

This is just a different way of running the land control racket by the upper class trash to control you because they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough. They are always dreaming up another way to steal more from more people faster.

This is just one more way the upper class trash and their puppet politicians and bureaucrats have corrupted the system to steal from and control you and why you MUST build a new nation to do away with this evil crap. Most of the "business" organizations will have to be outlawed to stop this evil crap.

Unfortunately, most of you don't even know this is going on and it is making more and more of you homeless because the lefties don't care who they hurt or kill as long as they get the wealth and power they want.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Most people just want to make a decent living and be left alone but the upper class trash and their puppets just can't leave other people alone. They can't stand to see anyone else with anything or that they are not controlling.

A lot of people are going to glorify God, when He has the angels usher these vile criminals into the Lake of Fire forever, where they will never again be able to cause anyone harm.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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