US Black Muslims

This is something you really need to know about, what is going on, and what is about to get in your face. I was first made aware of this by black Muslims bragging about it and then it was confirmed by friends in military intelligence, law enforcement, and others with my friends providing me with additional information. These people all told me the same things independently of each other. I have been watching this develop for more than 20 years now and God told me it is time to tell you.

Since at least the 1970s, Luis Farrakhan, the leader and top Imam of the Nation of Islam, has been quietly building a very sophisticated hidden black Muslim government and army inside the US. The way he has been doing this is by infiltrating black Muslims into organizations such as the US military, Secret Service, FBI, NSA, and CIA to get our best training and considerable experience. When those black Muslims had the training and experience required, they would resign from their government agency, rejoin the Nation of Islam, design, plan, organize, and train up the same type organization and personnel within the Nation of Islam and just as well run. The Nation of Islam is no exaggeration because they have an entire government and military secretly and quietly waiting for orders to stage a hostile take over of the US government. The Nation of Islam is one of the best trained, organized, and run governments in the world and few know about it.

When I was in California in the early 1990s, I saw parts of this nation functioning and they did a very good job then so I would expect them to do an even better job now. I saw military style convoy maneuvers on the streets of Los Angeles which were very well done. I saw leader convoys similar to how the US Secret Service escorts the president pull into a gas station, suits would jump out of the first two cars and position tactically, the leader's blacked out car would pull in and behind it one or more escort cars would tactically position with suits also jumping out and positioning for security. These moves were surprisingly common and just as smooth as any Secret Service operation because some of them were former Secret Service.

Following the Los Angeles riots in 1992, the FBI made a public statement that all black gangs in the US were Muslim. As I watched and researched this, I realized that they all answered to Luis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam with Farrakhan being the head Imam (political and religious leader) of all US Black Muslims (you know, like King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia). The Nation of Islam has a large number of resources for money such as getting government contracts providing them with huge sums of money in your tax dollars but one of their top sources of revenues is the tens of billions of dollars the black gangs make in selling drugs to white crackers, you know, liberals. Since at least the 1970s, they have been using these black gangs to smuggle into the US huge quantities of military weapons and munitions, which are stored in huge secret warehouses all over the nation.

I found out from my sources, including black Muslims, that the 1992 Los Angeles riot was staged by the black Muslims as a "dry run" or test to determine what would be required for them to seize control of the US with a hostile take over. The black Muslims found two obstacles for such a hostile take over. These two obstacles included the US military and law biding citizens with guns. Following that riot, the black gang leaders all had a "peace" conference in St. Louis, MO where they discussed what they had learned from the LA riot. Immediately following that meeting, the black gangs and Nation of Islam began donating tens of millions of dollars to corrupt politicians for gun control and to decrease the US military. Billy Boy Clinton almost destroyed the military, intelligence, and law enforcement communities, Bush rebuilt them a little, and Obama is currently doing everything he can to destroy the US military and take guns away from US citizens. Get the picture yet?

I was informed by my sources, including the black Muslims, that the black Muslims are working with the liberals to overthrow the US government and set up their dictatorship. The black Muslims also boasted that the first people they will kill after they have seized control of the US will be the liberals, whom they called white crackers, because no one can trust a traitor. The black Muslims have the data bases used by the white crackers to manage their liberal traitor operations and know who they all are, where they all live, and where they all work. The black Muslims said they will then turn their guns on ALL non blacks in the US and tell us to submit to being their slaves or die. Then said they will turn their guns on all non Muslim blacks and tell them convert to Islam or submit to slavery or die. They said the white crackers won't get a choice because no one can trust a traitor.

(Note: everything down to this point was confirmed or provided by reliable friends in military intelligence, law enforcement, and others.)

Believe me, just like God showed me in the dreams, Obama, Valerie, and Farrakhan will nuke Chicago to get rid of the upper class trash liberal white cracker Luciferians and will quickly purge the rest of the white cracker leaders and managers. They already know they must do this in order for their Muslim dictatorship to succeed. From what I have seen and heard, you better bet they already have their kill teams organized with prioritized lists of white cracker targets in their kill areas, they run familiarization runs through their kill areas to remain familiar with their targets, routes, and patterns they must use for most efficient killing of white crackers based on target priority, and can get the job done within just one or two days of declaring martial law.

Keep an eye on Chicago.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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