Vassal President

When all nations were ruled by royalty, there was a thing called a vassal king. This is a king who ruled a nation for another king and at the pleasure of that king. Today we tend to call these rulers puppet rulers but they are not quite the same thing.

Our corrupt politicians are puppet rulers who are bought and paid for by the very wealthy, corrupt upper class trash so that the puppet rulers rule for money and are basically mercenary politicians who sell out to the highest bidder. When the very wealthy corrupt people stop paying for services, those rulers stop ruling for those corrupt rich people and sell their services to other corrupt rich people.

The vassal kings fell into two basic categories. The first was the vassal king who was set up in power over a country by another king because they were loyal subjects to that king and they were given the job of ruling that country for the other king. For example, when Napoleon conquered Spain, he set his brother up as a vassal king over Spain to rule Spain for Napoleon. The second category were members of royalty from a country which was conquered by a more powerful king and where the conquered royalty swore allegiance to the conquering king in order to be permitted to continue to rule. An example is Zedekiah who ruled Israel at the discretion of Nebuchadnezzar.

A vassal king is not some one who can change allegiance just because he is offered more money by some one else, like our current corrupt politicians. A vassal king rules for a specific king for loyalty or extortion and, if he tries to rule on his own or for some one else, he will find his head being quickly separated from his body.

Obama is a puppet ruler in that he does sell favors for very wealthy members of the corrupt upper class trash. But Obama is also a vassal ruler for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and showed his loyalty by bowing to King Abdullah right after Obama was first elected but most people didn't get the real significance of that bow. That bow and Obama's actions since have proven that Obama rules the US first and foremost for King Abdullah, as a loyal subject to King Abdullah, so that, technically, Obama is a vassal president ruling the US for his king, to whom Obama is a loyal subject, King Abdullah.

The upper class trash lefties think that Obama is being one of them or a team player in their efforts to set up a one world government and impose UN Agenda 21 on the world murdering off more than seven billion people so they don't have to share their world with the rest of us, especially non Euro-American whites, but, secretly, Obama is ruling to help King Abdullah overthrow the US, establish the US as King Abdullah's proxy army, and for King Abdullah to use that very powerful proxy army to conquer the world in the name of Islam. The lefties are being played for suckers by King Abdullah and Obama.

Did you notice that before everything he does in relation to Islam, especially the Middle East, Obama calls King Abdullah for instructions? That has been reported in the liberal media a number of times but the liberals still don't get the full meaning of it. Did you know that the one person who is pushing Obama very hard to go into Syria is King Abdullah?

As long as King Abdullah's Suni terrorist proxy armies, like Al Nusra (Syrian branch of Al Quaeda), were winning the "civil war" in Syria, Obama was just fine with staying out of that war and saying it was not our business even though 100,000 people had been killed. But Russia has been supplying Assad with weapons, ammunition, and advisors so that the war turned around and Assad is winning. Now King Abdullah is pushing Obama very hard to come up with an excuse to use US forces to turn the war back around for King Abdullah's Al Quaeda terrorists. Did you know that King Abdullah supplied his terrorists with chemical weapons just before the chemical weapons attack in Syria for which Obama is suddenly insisting the US use forces in Syria? Gee, what a coincidence.

You have to understand that the war in Syria is NOT a civil war. It is a war between the Suni and Shiite Muslims for control of Syria and Lebanon. This war was started by the Arab Sunis from several different countries financing Suni proxy terrorist armies such as the FSA and infiltrating other Suni proxy terrorists, such as Al Nusra, the Taliban, and others, into Syria to also fight against Assad. Did you know that King Abdullah and Obama have been illegally providing arms to the Suni Muslim terrorists in violation of the UN embargo making lame excuses for those arms turning up in the hands of Al Quaeda? They very lamely keep saying they can't control whose hands those weapons end up in once the weapons are turned loose in Syria. If that is true, then why are they sending weapons?

Assad is an Alawite or a sect of the Shiite Muslims and is a vassal president for Iran providing control of Syria and Lebanon for Iran and the Shiite Muslims. With Assad in power, Iran and the Shiites have majority control over Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon and are using Hezballah as their main Shiite proxy terrorist army for control and waging war against other countries with impunity, especially Israel.

The Sunis are currently fighting to take back Iraq from Shiite control, which is why all of the current killing in Iraq. They have used their proxy terrorist armies with help from Obama to take control of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt and are also trying to take Syria and Lebanon. There was no "Arab Spring", this is a Suni Arab offensive against the Shiites for world control and domination by trying to consolidate Muslim control under the Suni sect before making a final push to conquer the rest of the world with their proxy terrorist armies. This is all about power, control, and Islam. None of the wars in these "Arab Spring" wars have been civil wars, they were all Suni Muslim offensives taking control of Muslim countries to consolidate Muslim power. Remember that I taught you about consolidation of power?

This Suni offensive started out really great for King Abdullah with the Sunis taking Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt while fighting for control of Iraq and starting another offensive in Syria all supported by Obama using or not using the US military as needed. For example, removing US troops from Iraq has made it possible for the current Suni offensive taking place in Iraq against the Shiites while Obama actively used US military force to help the Sunis seize Libya.

But things suddenly took a turn for the worst when the Egyptian military overthrew the Suni led terrorist government of Egypt and now the war in Syria has turned against the Sunis. King Abdullah has just suffered a really big set back in Egypt, he previously suffered a considerable set back when the Shiites ended up controlling Iraq, and, if he also loses this war in Syria, it will be really huge and could cause the Shiites to stage a counter offensive into the Arabian Peninsula with the Shiite proxy terrorist armies.

King Abdullah has been doing everything he could to wage war against the world with impunity by using proxy armies so that, if things go bad, he doesn't end up losing the Arabian Peninsula with a counter offensive, the enemy just takes out King Abdullah's proxy armies and King Abdullah just builds new proxy armies so he can continue his war against the world with impunity. With Obama as his vassal president, King Abdullah is also trying to use the US military as his proxy army to conquer the world, starting with consolidation of Muslim power in places like Iraq (by removing US troops), Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and now Syria and Lebanon. In all of those wars, the US military was aiding Al Quaeda, Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other Suni terrorist organizations to seize control of those countries for King Abdullah.

With the Syrian War, King Abdullah and Obama have created a global mess. Putin let the Sunis take over his ally, Libya, but refuses to give up any more allies, especially Syria and Iran. Putin has continued to supply Syria with weapons, munitions, advisors and what ever Assad needs to win this war and it has turned the war around. Putin did this by continuing to supply Syria with weapons from contracts which were agreed to prior to the UN embargo of weapons being sent to Syria, so that Putin's actions were legal. Recently, King Abdullah and Obama let the UN embargo expire so they could begin legally sending weapons to their terrorist armies, they had previously been sending weapons to the terrorist organizations illegally, in violation of the UN embargo. The expiring of the UN embargo made it possible for Putin to use that against King Abdullah by sending Syria weapons which were not previously contracted for such as the S-300 SAMs to keep US planes out of Syria and Russia's best anti-ship missiles to keep US ships further out to sea.

Last month Saudi Arabia sent an agent to Putin to demand that Putin stop supporting Assad so Saudi Arabia's terrorists could overthrow that country the way they did in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. The Saudi agent threatened Putin saying the Saudis would use their Chechen terrorists in Russia to stage an offensive against Russia during the coming Olympics. Putin told the Saudi agent to stuff it and probably started an offensive against the Chechen terrorists before the Saudi agent left Russia.

Putin has staged and is increasing the strength of his naval force in Syrian waters just off of the coast of Syria, AND between the US Naval Forces and Syria. Obama has sent US Naval Forces and is strengthening them, including two amphibious landing ships to put boots on the ground while Russia has committed four amphibious landing ships to her fleet. Both countries are currently moving carrier fleets to these growing naval forces and already have included attack subs along with surface missile ships, such as destroyers. Also China has committed combat ships to the Russian fleet and is sending more while Iran is preparing for war in the Persian Gulf against whatever US forces are left there.

Remember that, thanks to Obama and the lefties tearing the US military down so they can successfully stage their political coup of the US, the US has a military which is LESS than a one front military with the US currently engaged in one front in Afghanistan and Russia, China, and their allies are preparing to open up at least two fronts against us in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf with the potential of also starting fronts in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Pakistan, even Vietnam (Hanoi was just recently targeted by Chinese missiles), and who knows where else. Also know that King Abdullah will not hesitate to destroy the US military in WWIII or even the US as a nation to conquer the world. To King Abdullah, we are a throw away resource and he will use our nukes and get us nuked to conquer the world without him shedding one tear. With Obama as the vassal president for King Abdullah, the US is in the most dangerous situation it has ever been in or could ever be in.

Also remember that Snowden recently provided both Russia and China with classified US military intelligence and we still don't know everything which was compromised.

Now think about this; with the Russian/Chinese naval force strategically positioned between the US Naval Force and Syria, if the US Navy fires missiles at Syria, those missiles will also be moving towards the Russian/Chinese naval forces. The Russian/Chinese naval forces will have two options, 1) fire at the on coming missiles to destroy them and prevent those missiles from reaching Syria or 2) see those missiles coming at them as an act of war and return fire to the US Naval Forces starting a shooting war.

Even if the Russian/Chinese naval forces only fire their missiles to shoot down the US missiles, the Russian/Chinese missiles will be heading towards the US Naval Forces and it will be too easy for any one US Navy ship's captain to see it as an act of war and return fire against the Russian/Chinese forces starting a shooting war. If the US Navy fires missiles at Syria, there is a very high probability there will be a shooting war between the US, on one side, and Russia and China on the other side.

This creates a huge strategic problem for the US making it extremely risky to launch an attack against Syria. Ever since Putin decided to take a stand against King Abdullah and Obama to protect Syria, Putin has been beating every move King Abdullah and Obama make. He is playing with them like a cat plays with a mouse and has cornered them for this fight. I could easily see Putin doing something like using the Russian/Chinese fleet as a military shield to keep the US from launching an attack against Syria while Russia/China attack King Abdullah's proxy terrorist armies in Syria with with his naval forces to put an end to this crap.

Putin recently used John Kerry's words against Obama offering that the US not attack Syria, if Syria gives up her chemical weapons to the UN. This set Obama back on his heels because Obama really needs to intervene in the Syrian War in order to help turn the fight around for King Abdullah's proxy terrorist armies. The US attacking Syria is NOT about chemical weapons. You add to this that the American people and the House of Representatives are against Obama attacking Syria. Even the liberal media and puppets are turning against Obama for Obama wanting to attack Syria and the liberals are even beginning to talk about impeaching Obama, if he attacks Syria. To keep from being impeached after attacking Syria, Obama may now have to come up with an acceptable excuse to declare martial law, disband Congress and the Supreme Court, and suspend the US Constitution before Obama attacks Syria. Putin has backed Obama and King Abdullah in a really tight corner they are going to have to fight their way out of.

This puts Obama and King Abdullah between a rock and a hard spot because King Abdullah must have US intervention to turn the war around without King Abdullah sending in his own troops which would be a blatant act of war by Saudi Arabia and cause the war to quickly spread into and throughout the Arabian Peninsula, threatening all of the Muslim Arab countries which are currently waging war against the rest of the world with impunity. They would suddenly be drawn into their own fight and could easily lose it and their lives. (That would be nice, wouldn't it?) If King Abdullah loses this war, the Shiites will gain the momentum and be able to start an offensive against the Arab Suni Muslims (remember that Obama is 50% white and 45% Arab and is a Wahabbi or Suni Muslim) in the Arabian Peninsula causing the Arab Suni Muslims to lose this war and their lives and have to stop killing the rest of us.

Also keep an eye on Obama trying to find a way to retake control of Egypt from the Egyptian Army and return that control to the Suni Muslim terrorists for King Abdullah. Also note that King Abdullah's proxy terrorists armies are murdering all non Muslims in every country they fight in or take over which is required by Wahabbi Islam which is practiced in Saudi Arabia and Obama is looking the other way while these mass murders are taking place. Obama is actually refusing political asylum to non Muslims, especially Christians, fleeing persecution by Suni Muslims in Muslim countries. Have you figured out yet that what Obama meant when he said the US is no longer a Christian nation is that, he is in control, he is a Muslim, and, therefore, the US is now a Muslim nation? Have you also figured out that Obama doesn't care about anyone but himself and Suni Islam?

Please note that France has recently started making military buddies with Russia so she won't have to surrender to Russia later. I call this preemptive surrendering. France has taken surrendering to a new level, she bypasses the fighting and just surrenders.

You can bet France will not be one of our allies in this coming war and has just signed contracts to sell Western military equipment and technology to Russia over the next 10 years including four French aircraft carriers. You know France isn't going to fight against Russia and lose those really huge contracts. As a matter of fact, we don't have any allies in this mess (Britain just bailed on us) except for Israel and Saudi Arabia because Obama has done such a wonderful job at foreign relations for the US. We're screwed.

There has never been a more significant time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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