I have come to the conclusion that there are no sane liberals. They are all nuts and a conservative psychiatrist published a book in the last few years in which he proves that liberalism is a form of insanity. It is plane and simple that they are out of touch with reality and irrational which is the basic definition for insanity. They are all nuts, bonkers, and whacko to the max!

You want more proof? OK, let's look at a recent speech by Ocommie Bin Laden in which he stated that a significant part of the unemployment problem is that we need to train more people for jobs in the manufacturing industry in spite of the fact that 5,000 jobs in the manufacturing industry were eliminated just last month. Yet, you can bet that all liberals bought his insanity about solving the unemployment crisis by providing more training for the unemployed, just knowing that as soon as those people are trained, they will go out and magically find jobs which don't exist. (It is those darn commie fairies and their commie fairy dust.)

You see, the liberals think you can solve the unemployment problem by providing job training for more people so those people can get jobs which don't exist. They don't know enough about economics and business management to realize that very few of the hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs each month are doing so because they are not well enough trained. For those few, better trained people are quickly hired to replace them increasing the number of people getting new jobs which offsets the same number of people losing jobs. Therefore, the people who are getting laid off are not getting laid off because they are not well enough trained but because jobs are being eliminated because the economy has gone bust because of liberal interference in the economy (AKA SOCIALISM!!!).

The simple minded fool liberals think those unemployed people are still unemployed because they don't have enough training to get a new job but the truth is that they can't find work because there simply are no jobs to find.

Let's say we do what Ocommie wants to do and provide additional government paid for training for all those unemployed people. Now we will have a lot of people who have had more training or training for other jobs and then what? Well, because there are no jobs for those people, even with their new training, those people will remain unemployed and the government will be hundreds of millions of dollars further in debt requiring the government to increase taxes on the rich people who hire people forcing more businesses to lay off more people to pay those taxes increasing the number of unemployed people. Gee, what a brilliant idea....NOT!

This is just one more example showing just how stupid liberals really are. Want more proof? I already showed you how stupid today's politicians, especially liberals, are because of the "spin doctors" who have to tell the politicians which lies to tell because the politicians are so stupid they can't even figure out which lies to tell and that some politicians are now so stupid they have to use a teleprompter to tell those lies because they are so stupid they can't even remember the lies long enough to tell them. But it is even better than that.

Just stop and think about it. Why does Ocommie have to use a teleprompter when he gives his speeches? Because he is too stupid to think and talk at the same time. He is so stupid that he has to read when he speaks because he can't think and talk at the same time. All he can do is read out loud. AND he is so stupid that he even has to use a teleprompter when speaking to children in a grade school because he can't even think and talk at the same time when speaking to children.

I have been trying to think of a living organism which is so stupid it can't think and communicate at the same time in order to get a better understanding of how stupid Ocommie really is. For example a two year old can think and talk at the same time, my dog can bark and think at the same time, my cat can meow and think at the same time, a bird can chirp or whistle and think at the same time, and a mouse can squeak and think at the same time meaning that Ocommie isn't even intelligent enough to be a bird brain.

So I continue my search for an organism which cannot think and communicate at the same time. Algae? Hmmmmm, I will have to think about it more.

So, just how stupid are liberals? They think Ocommie, as stupid as he is, is really brilliant and they love his insane ideas. Just how stupid do you have to be to think that a really stupid person is brilliant? That is how stupid liberals are. My farts are smarter than liberals!!! Wahahahahahaha!!!

Now that we understand that the stupid people are in charge and running things and just how stupid they really are, it should be obvious that we must.....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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