We Deserve It

Yesterday I was watching a YouTube video about Billy Boy Clinton which was very well done. I already knew about most of what was in the video plus quite a bit more but did learn about some other crimes committed by Billy Boy, which I did not previously know about. Billy Boy and Hillary are such pure evil that no one has been able to put together a complete list of all the crimes they committed together, much less the crimes they are still committing. That along with just going back over the crimes and, especially, the blatant acts of treason he committed caused me to become very angry at Billy Boy. I was in the last 20 minutes of the 1 hour 50+ minute video (it was a real struggle to watch that much evil) when suddenly I realized, "We deserve this evil we have brought upon ourselves."

Jesus said, "Either you are with me or against me." Note that He did not say he is with us or against us. We are the ones who make the choice to be on Jesus' side or Satan's side. We are of either God and the Bible or of Satan. Secularism is a Satanic lie because you cannot be neutral in this war. Either you belong to God and the Bible or Satan owns you and, when you decide to belong to Satan, you deserve all of the evil your god will bring upon you.

When we turned from God and His Laws to follow after Satan, we started down a road of destruction of our own choosing. We permitted Satan's people to chase God out of our schools, government, courts, and other institutions, they took control of everything including the media, Hollywood, our schools, our government, and everything else in our lives, we let Satan's people take over our churches and use those churches to make money and teach us false doctrine, and we let them convince us that, for various reasons, we don't have to abide by the "oppressive" Laws God gave us to guide us safely through life. We turned our backs on God and our faces towards Satan and our destruction. Therefore, we deserve it because traveling down this road to our destruction was our choice.

Satan did not make us choose this road to our destruction, he only coerced us to follow him down the road he has been on since his fall from grace. WE humans, made that choice of our own free will and are responsible for the destruction we are now getting. If you take the road to Hell long enough, you will eventually get there and we have arrived. I hope you enjoyed the trip because the stay isn't going to be pleasant.

We will continue getting this evil we deserve until we stop deserving it. This means we must stop following Satan and his crowd of self destructive pagans and turn back to God and the road God has always been walking. You know, the safe road we had been following God on when we decided to leave that road and follow Satan on the road to our destruction. We must acknowledge our crimes against God's Laws along with apologizing for committing those crimes, repent of or turn from those crimes, and accept the salvation or amnesty of Jesus. Then and only then will God hear our prayers for help in getting back on His safe road under His protection. The more I study the mess we have gotten ourselves into, the more I realize that only God can get us out of our mess. He is our only answer and help. Satan is our destruction.

In watching that video and learning about a few additional acts of treason I had not previously known about, I realized that almost all significant advances by China in military technology since Billy Boy was president have been because of the technology Billy Boy and Hillary sold to the Chinese such as our missile technology, showing China's top general around top secret military bases and ships including a nuclear submarine. Gee, I wonder why China is doing so well in developing their missiles and subs, NOT! Those two have done a huge amount of irreparable damage to our nation and security. But we deserve it because we elected these evil criminals into office not once, but twice.

What Obama is doing is just finishing the excellent job Billy Boy and Hillary continued after people like Jimmuh Carhtuh and other traitors. Obama is doing an excellent job of finishing the US off and, as we go, so will the rest of the world. After the latest developments in the Snowden affair, I am convinced that this charade of contention between Obama and Putin for Putin giving Snowden amnesty is just more smoke and mirrors. Where is the punishment or retaliation? There is none and won't be any of any significance, maybe a little slap on the wrist for show. Obama and the Commiecrat traitors must protect each traitor or the next traitor won't be willing to "take the risks" of betraying the US on cue.

It is very clear that Snowden was infiltrated into the CIA and went to China to provide them with classified military intelligence to help China defeat the US and the West in WWIII, while pretending to release already unclassified information as smoke and mirrors, then he was rescued from a CIA grab, interrogation, and snuff mission by Russia so he could also provide that intel to Russia, and was finally provided safe haven in Russia so the CIA couldn't interrogate Snowden and find out who the rest of his accomplices are while protecting the little commie traitor so the next commie traitor hiding in our government will be willing to do the same thing later. Everything else is a show or smoke and mirrors with really bad acting.

BTW, if you think I have been hard on Obama or may be wrong about him not wanting to BE president but only wanting to PLAY president, then let's do one of my little analyses. Let's do the math. I like math.

Last year, Obama played golf more than 100 times which means he spent more than 100 days on the golf course while you were working for a living and you know they were full 18 hole golf sessions which took all day. He also had more than 8 vacations and we will assume they only averaged 10 days each which is being very conservative because almost all of his vacations are for two weeks or 14 days. He also averaged at least one day long expensive party, many at the White House on your dime, every week, for at least 40 such parties for the year. That is also being very conservative and it was probably more, especially since he had two or more such parties in some weeks. Plus he also takes off weekends and national and other holidays, especially Muslim holidays which probably count for at least another 40 days off out of the year.

Just the 100 days of golf and 80 days of vacations comes to 180 days or 6 months off from work. Nice job, huh? Add to that the 40 days spent at expensive parties and you have 220 days of fun, fun, fun and no work. Add to that the 40 days he takes off for weekends and holidays and you have 260 days of not working out of 365 days or better than 2/3 of the year. So my question, "when does he work", is quite valid especially when you realize that this is a very conservative estimate.

The next question everyone should be asking is, "If Obama is spending this much time not working, then who is running the country?" The obvious answer to that is Valerie Jarrett, especially since it recently became public knowledge that she is regularly making presidential decisions without consulting Obama including the decision to stand down during the mess at Benghazi. It turns out that was her decision while Obama was busy "playing" president. That spoiled two year old doper brat, Obama, probably hasn't made a significant decision in his life.

And all of this cover up is covering up the fact that Valerie Jarrett is acting President of the United States making the most important presidential decisions which is a federal felony, unconstitutional, and treason. According to the US Constitution, if Obama is not available to make those decisions, Joe Biden, our whacko Vice President is required to make those decisions and, if he is also not available, the Speaker of the House is required to make those decisions. No where in the US Constitution does it say that a member of the president's cabinet is to make presidential decisions. The people on the President's cabinet are only to be advisors and consultants to the President and not presidential decision makers. The people up stairs don't want you to know that Valerie Jarrett is illegally making presidential decisions. That is the real cover up because it makes everyone involved a felon.

Also, think of a spoiled, immature narcissistic brat like Obama giving up being the center of attention to the world with no actual work out side of occasionally publically reading a teleprompter, all of those very expensive parties with the most famous people in the world, the expensive play time, and luxurious life stile he and Michelle are currently enjoying without a fight. That will never happen. When you try, Obama will throw a tantrum which will make a spoiled two year old look tame. You will see the true evil dictator in him come out.

This is only going to get worse until we get right with God.

I see increasing numbers of Christians getting right with God and things turning around a tiny bit but there are way too many people who will have to go through a virtual living hell before they turn from following Satan to following God which means it has to get a lot worse before it will get better so hang on.

It is clearly time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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