If you are the US and its allies, how do you stop WikiLeaks from committing blatant acts of espionage that are hurting your war efforts and killing good people?

First, you hang the soldier who committed the acts of treason by illegally providing the classified documents to WikiLeaks to deter other infiltrators from committing acts of treason. Deterrence works.

Second, everyone whose life has been put at risk, has a relative who has been killed, or has suffered any loss because of this act of espionage should use the weapon which the liberals have used so effectively against everyone else, the courts. All of those people whose lives have been put at risk, whose family members have lost their lives, or suffered any damages because of this act of espionage should sue WikiLeaks and pierce the corporate veil to also hold everyone involved within WikiLeaks responsible for their actions, especially top management and the owner. They should sue WikiLeaks to dust and file charges against these people for premeditated murder and other crimes.

The US military and its allies should sue WikiLeaks and all individuals involved for damages and return of the stolen property. They should also press charges for international theft and espionage.

You hit the liberals where it hurts most, the wallet and jail time. This also means that, if they release more documents, the law suits will also increase. The people who have been hurt really don't have any more to lose by WikiLeaks releasing more documents and won't be discouraged by threats to release more documents.

You take everything WikiLeaks has away from them, put them in prison, and subject them to decades of unending court battles. Turn their lives into even worse of a nightmare than what WikiLeaks has caused for the US and its allies. Hold them responsible for their actions.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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