The Wolf

This is one of my 3:30 AM essays. I woke up at 1:20 AM this morning with this on my mind and at about 3:30 AM I realized I am not getting back to sleep until I write about this, so I wrote. This is a warning from God via a voice crying in the wilderness; you better get right with God and soon.

Remember that I told you about the pandemic of rodents and birds we have caused by killing free roaming feral cats and the disease pandemic risk this causes?

Remember that scientists have been warning you that it is not if but when will a disease get into one or more of those pandemic populations and cause a global pandemic far worse than the Black Plague?

Remember that I told you that the scientists have been "crying wolf" for so long, warning you about this, that people have become enamored to the warning and are no longer listening because "the wolf has not come yet"?

Remember that I told you about the man from New York City who was visiting people in Santa Fe, New Mexico, got infected with Yersinia Pestis or the Black Plague, was hospitalized in New York City, and we missed that pandemic by just one flea bite because, if just one flea had bitten him before he was hospitalized, New York City would now be a ghost town, at least half of the people on the planet would be dead now, and almost our entire civilization would have ended by now?

What should that tell you?

The wolf already came while you were sleeping, he walked right through your streets, you just barely missed seeing him, and no one, not even the experts noticed but I saw the tracks the next morning telling me the wolf was here. The wolf is real, he lives, he exists, he will be back, and NONE, NOT ONE, of your experts noticed. Only I saw the tracks and told you that the wolf was here and am now telling you HE WILL BE BACK AND SOON!

Remember that I told you that was a "bow shot" or warning from God?

God let me know this morning that, if you don't get right with God soon, very soon, next time it won't be a bow shot but will hit where it hurts most and your ship will be sunk.

The Wolf was here, he walked your streets while you were sleeping, you didn't notice, and HE WILL BE BACK, SOON, VERY SOON!

Get right with God or it is about to get very nasty very soon. God has had enough of the pagan bull crap. Based on what I am seeing, this is going to get ugly, very ugly.

You have been warned. Your blood will not be on my hands but on your hands.

Sincerely, A voice crying in the wilderness.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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