Yersinia Pestis

If you have been reading this web site, you know that I do not like to keep repeating topics unless it is necessary and this is extremely necessary. I cannot exaggerate or over emphasize the severity of this problem that we humans have created because we didn't learn a thing from history. Compared to this, Kimmy Boy in North Korea is just a pimple on the world's butt.

Is he dangerous?

Yes, but nothing compared to this. We just need to deal with Kimmy Boy by killing him and moving on because we have much more critical things to deal with like this pandemic problem. This pandemic problem is many times more likely to kill you than Kimmy Boy.

A few years ago an event took place that stressed to me just how critical this pandemic problem is, which is why I keep writing about it.

A man from New York City was visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico where he contracted a strain of Yersinia Pestis (Bubonic Plague) that is not treatable or curable and is just as deadly as it was more than 1,000 years ago with a mortality rate of better than 90%. He returned to New York City before the incubation time for Yersinia Pestis was complete so they didn't find out that he had the disease until he was back in New York City, you know, WITH THAT PANDEMIC RODENT POPULATION!

You know the pandemic rodent population Mayor de Bozo (Bozo the Clown) is throwing $32 million at so he and his corrupt buddies can launder that money into their pockets without solving the problem so they can throw more money at it launder into their greedy pockets...without solving the problem...etc. This is why it is so critical to not have the power mad, greedy, insane upper class trash running our planet. THE IDIOTS CAN GET US ALL KILLED OFF WITH THEIR STUPIDITY!

That infected man was one of few who survive that strain of Yersinia Pestis but, more importantly, if he had been bitten in New York by just one flea before he was hospitalized, Yersinia Pestis would have spread through the Manhattan Island pandemic rodent population like fire through a gasoline soaked lumber yard on a very windy day. Under the current conditions, that pandemic could have easily wiped out all of New York City and spread around the world in less than one year. THAT IS A CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE! It could have actually happened in months.

That is how critical this problem is. We are just "ONE BIOLOGICAL EVENT" from the worst pandemic in history, possible human extinction, and probably near human extinction. A dozen EMPs cannot do the damage this one protist can do because we failed to learn from history.

I have not seen one sign that ANYONE, NOT ONE X-SPURT, realized just how close we came to our self inflicted human extinction event. It absolutely amazes me that God gave us such a horrific bow shot and no one noticed. We are one flea bite away from wiping out all human life on Manhattan Island and killing at least 5 to 6 billion people globally and no one noticed when it almost happened. That makes my brain hurt.

You know, it really is not a good thing to use your head for a suppository, especially for our leaders.

It is strictly by the grace of God that that man did not start the worst global pandemic in history. It is absolutely a miracle and I CANNOT overstate that. We dodged that bullet by a hair's breadth and no one got it, especially not the stupid people running this planet.

You think the US economy was bad after 9/11?

Wait until you see how bad it will be after New York City completely ceases to exist and is a ghost town. Wait until you see what the global economy will be when more than half the people on the planet die.

You will be saying, "What economy?", as you beat your food to death with a stick.

Now the lying lefties like to tell you that the Black Plague can't happen anymore because the "Bubonic Plague is treatable and curable." That is one of those lefty lies that has just enough truth so you will believe it.

The ugly truth is that just here in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado, we have at least 5 or 6 known strains of Yersinia Pestis, of which only 3 are treatable and curable, the rest are not treatable or curable and are just as deadly as they were thousands of years ago with a mortality rate of more than 90% AND that doesn't include the unknown numbers of untreatable and incurable Yersinia Pestis strains around the world, especially in Asia, you know, like China, who could easily get one of those stains into our pandemic rodent population to destroy the US AND IT WOULD DESTROY THE US, which means it is a critical matter for national security.



How do we solve this problem? Throw tens of millions of dollars at it so our corrupt politicians and their corrupt upper class trash puppet masters can launder that money into their pockets without solving the problem so they can throw tens of millions more at it to launder into their pockets, you know, like de Bozo?

No, we do just like our ancestors did to stop the Black Plague, WE STOP KILLING THE FREE ROAMING FERAL CATS! The cat population will grow, the pandemic rodent and bird populations will drop down below epidemic level, and the potential for such a devastating disease pandemic will go away. History and science prove it is just that easy but, hey, our corrupt politicians can't steal tens of millions of dollars that way.

Why would they want to actually do something that works and solves a problem without them being able to launder tens of millions of dollars into their greedy pockets?

That money will do them a lot of good when they are dead. Maybe they can use it to feed the fires of Hell.

The Pentagon needs to really think about this. If I were China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, ISIS, or any other enemy, I would send a small match box containing fleas infected with a non treatable and incurable strain of Yersinia Pestis to an agent to be spread around New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, and other major cities...or just one of the top five cities would do. Right now, it would be just that easy to destroy the US.

Think about that.

Forget nukes, who has the best fighter planes, who has the best subs, and the rest of that stuff!

Who needs them when we stupid humans have failed to learn from history and have done what our ancestors did by also killing free roaming feral cats, create pandemic populations of rodents and birds for a deadly disease to get into?

Our scientists are saying that it isn't a matter of if but when will a deadly disease get into one of the pandemic populations caused by killing free roaming feral cats and kill tens to hundreds of millions of people in the US alone and billions globally.

You think that won't destroy America?

All they need is a match box, a bunch of infected fleas, and agents in the US to spread those fleas in our pandemic rodent populations. PENTAGON, WAKE UP!

Listen, if I didn't love America, as a biologist, I could destroy this nation by myself because the idiots have already done almost all of the work for me and I know where I can find the untreatable and incurable strains of Yersinia Pestis. THINK ABOUT THAT! Right now, I am the most dangerous man in America because of our idiot leaders and their insane ideas and the Pentagon being asleep at the wheel.


Do you want to helplessly watch your children, grandchildren, family, and friends die the horrible and prolonged death Yersinia Pestis causes?


And there are plenty of other deadly diseases which can get into our pandemic bird and rodent populations that will kill tens of millions of humans just in the US. Just the rat carries 75 KNOWN diseases which cause harm to and/or kills humans.

We are RIGHT NOW standing with our toes hanging over the edge of the precipice of human extinction, only one biological event from disaster, and no one cares, especially our glorious, corrupt upper class trash leaders, you know, the stupid people running this planet.


Can we have a global extinction of humans?

No, because it doesn't fit with Bible prophesy but there is nothing in the Bible which will keep us from killing off billions of people in the worst pandemic in history just before the Tribulation. God will save some of us, miraculously, enough to fulfill prophesy, but, if you have not really studied the Black Plague in depth, you can't even begin to imagine the horror of what we are RIGHT NOW just one biological event away from, ONE FLEA BITE AWAY FROM!

God just gave us a warning shot! WAKE UP, WORLD!


And remember that I told you that you WILL STOP KILLING FREE ROAMING FERAL CATS, either before you die or because you die. Your choice.

If you still have not yet grasped the severity of this problem, keep rereading this essay until you do.

God warned us about this, I am warning you, and you need to wake up and deal with it before it is too late. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I am a voice crying in the wilderness, "GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR BUTTS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! STOP KILLING THE FREE ROAMING FERAL CATS!" You better pray long, pray hard, pray often about this. I have been told "THIS IS CRITICAL!"

Think about this.

Is it possible that the reason I was told to warn you about this is because some evil enemy has figured it out and is RIGHT NOW planning to do this to destroy the US? Is it possible that the reason God gave us that bow shot is because He knew someone was planning to do this?

BTW, if Yersinia Pestis gets into your lungs and goes pneumonic (the Pneumonic Plague), it becomes much, much more contagious because it can be transmitted orally, it has a mortality rate of 100% (less than 1 in 100,000 survive it), and it kills within 24 hours.

Basically, a Pneumonic Plague would be even worse than a Bubonic Plague, much worse. It would wipe out New York City within weeks.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Your blood cannot be on my hands.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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