4 Greatest Cons in History

This essay is exposing the 4 greatest cons perpetrated by the corrupt members of the upper class I call the upper class trash (Satan's proxy army in his war against God and God's people) against the lower classes in history. The corrupt members of the upper class have perpetrated these crimes against mankind over at least 3 to 4 thousand years and are still perpetrating the same cons or crimes against the people under different names to fool the people. It is all smoke and mirrors, baby.

God has spent more than half a century teaching me about these crimes against mankind so I can teach you about these crimes by showing you the truth because Jesus said, "The truth will set you free" and God is determined to set you free so He made it my job to teach you these things to set you free.

Please notice a pattern here with the same lies told as slightly different fairy tales.

The Upper Class Trash Con

The first big con or crime was perpetrated by the upper class trash at least 3,000 to 4,000 years ago when the upper class trash set themselves up as rulers over the first city states. Their lie to justify them being in absolute control of our ancestors was, "We have more money and power than you because we are more intelligent than you and we have a degree of education, therefore, you NEED us to rule over you so we can take care of you", and this lie has continued to this day in various forms. As a matter of fact, it should sound very familiar to all of you.

Note that things such as building construction and government management had become complex enough that the upper class had been forced to start educating their children while the rest of the people were just laborers or merchants who required no formal education. Therefore, the upper class had a "degree of education", you know, the right degrees from the right universities thingy, which was also run by distended members of the upper class. They were all family. There were core family members who were classified the "Royalty" and then the rest of the family were the aristocrats and academe, just more smoke and mirrors to fool the people, which continues to this day.

Note that these corrupt, power mad, greedy rulers kept changing the names of their titles to fool you into believing that they were different and better than the other rulers so you would go to war for them to conquer the other rulers so your rulers could steal money from those other people with taxes. They called themselves kings, pharaohs, emperors, Caesars, czars, and whatever to fool our ancestors into believing they were different and the good guys. The upper class trash still play the name changing game today, which I will show you later.

Church of Rome Con

Remember that I taught you that, while Rome was still a city state, they would elect a Caesar and his pagan church would become the official state or city church until he was voted out of power and that church would be replaced by the next Caesar's personal church, causing the former church to lose power and wealth, which caused protests, then riots, and they were on the verge of religious civil war, especially with from 100 to 200 different pagan churches and religions in Rome at that time.

To prevent this war from destroying Rome, the Senate got all of the major religious leaders together, they figured out what all of the different religions had in common, chose some of the more significant differences, and incorporated all of that into the first state created church, the Official Church of Rome, then assimilated all of those religions into the one Church of Rome with all of their leaders being the Vatican or church senate, which elected the Pope.

This all took place at least 250 to 300 years before Jesus was born so that this Church of Rome could not possibly have started out as a Christian church but started as a pagan church.

Then I told you how Rome used this Church of Rome to assimilate other religions for the areas Rome conquered into the Church of Rome. The Church would send out priests and monks with the Roman Army to minister to the soldiers but also to study the pagan religions of their enemies, send back reports to the Vatican about differences in those religions, the Vatican would decide which religious practices to incorporate into the Church of Rome so the Church could assimilate those pagan religions into the Church of Rome to have more and better control over those conquered people.

This worked fantastically for all religions except for Judaism because Judaism was the opposite of all of those pagan religions and forbade practicing any of those pagan practices. Therefore Rome and the Church of Rome made a deal or pact with the Hebrews that, the Hebrews could have their own autonomous religion as long as the Hebrews didn't revolt against Rome.

During that period of hundreds of years before Jesus was born, the Church of Rome incorporated hundreds of pagan practices from hundreds of different religions and assimilated all of those religions throughout the Mediterranean, Europe, and the Middle East.

Long before Jesus was born, they incorporated Greek mythology because there were a number of Greek settlements along the southeastern coast of what we call Italy today, just a few miles from Rome. The Church of Rome incorporated almost all of the Greek gods under Roman names and continued the practices of those orthodoxies, including human sacrifices, along with the other practices from the other pagan religions.

When Rome conquered the Germanic tribes in western and central Europe, they incorporated worshiping the Yule log or Yule tree by decorating trees and worshiping them (this originated in the Middle East and is recorded in the Bible).

When Rome conquered the Middle East, they incorporated prayer beads from the Sabians and other practices from the Zoroastrians.

(The Muslims also got their prayer beads from Sabianism because Allah was the war god of Sabianism. Note that the Romans didn't conquer the Arabian Peninsula so Sabianism continued there, which is where Muhammad and his family clan lived and worshiped Allah, their war god, and explains why Muhammad conquered so much of the Middle East, like he was trained to wage war.)

Some of these practices included worshiping the Roman sun god, Sol, on December 24 and worshiping their fertility goddess, Venus (also known in other pagan cults by other names like Eostre [Germanic - pronounced Oi-stare and where the Romans got the name Easter {Germanic spring festival} to assimilate the Germanic tribes], Astoreth [Canaanite], Aster, Astor, Ashtar, Ishtar, and others), worshiping Satan, demons, witches, and the dead on All Hollow's Eve we now call Halloween from the Celts, and they also worshiped what we call April Fool's Day the Celts called All Fools Day.

After the death of Jesus in the Middle East, the Hebrews caused a wee bit of a problem. Christianity (they were called Messianic Hebrews until the Greeks started calling them Christians, meaning to be Christ like) started as a sect of Judaism, with almost all Christians being Hebrews for about 30 years after Jesus died, but certain of the other sects, such as the Pharisees, rejected Christianity so violently that they started killing Christians with the Bible recording that Stephen as the first Christian they murdered, they stoned him to death.

At the time of Jesus' death, better than 90% of the Christians were in Jerusalem but Jesus had told the disciples to spread the Gospel or the coming of the Messiah around the world, to the Hebrew first and then to the Gentiles, so God used this persecution by the other sects of Judaism to chase most of those Christians or Messianic Hebrews out of Jerusalem, spreading the Gospel throughout Israel, and then they pursued the Christians to chase them out of Israel to spread the word to other Hebrews at synagogues spread around the world and then, from those synagogues, to the Gentiles.

The Bible records that, when Saul converted to Christianity and was renamed Paul by God, that he was traveling to Damascus to kill Christians with a warrant he had obtained from the Sanhedrin.

The problem created by this for the Church of Rome was that, as the Hebrews like Paul began witnessing to and converting Gentiles to Christianity, they were also converting those Gentiles out of the Church of Rome into Judaism, which caused the Church of Rome to lose control over and the wealth from those Gentile Christian converts, which kind of ticked off the Church of Rome. It was a big no, no.

Since Christians were a sect of Judaism and wouldn't assimilate into the Church of Rome, the Church of Rome and the Roman Army began waging war against the Christians, slaughtering them by at least hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, with the help of the Hebrews who were also persecuting the Christians.

This slaughter of Christians by the Church of Rome continued for about 300 years with tens of thousands of Christians being crucified along Roman roads, thousands more were fed to wild animals in the Roman Coliseum, and the places they worshiped at being destroyed to send a message to other people to not convert to Christianity.

What this did was drive the Christians underground, where Christianity continued to grow. The more the Church of Rome persecuted the Christians, the faster Christianity grew.

When Constantine came into power, he realized that persecuting Christians was not only not working but was backfiring on the Church of Rome by causing Christianity to grow so he, his wife, Flavia Maxima Fausta, the Pope, and the Vatican got together and came up with a plan, that has mostly worked to this day, to assimilate the Christian Gentiles back into the Church of Rome to regain control of those people. It was all about power and wealth, people.

Their plan was to "convert" the Church of Rome to Christianity or at least make it look like the Church of Rome had converted to Christianity so the Gentile Christians would return to the Church but they had to be careful to not chase off their pagans.

How did they do this?

They "Christianized" their pagan practices to keep the pagans in the Church while assimilating the Christians. It was brilliant and all staged so that the con continues today and you will see they are now doing the same thing with Islam to assimilate Islam into the Catholic Church. Gee, what a coincidence.

They moved Constantine's favorite god, Sol's, birthday celebration from December 24 to December 25, changed the name to the Mass for Christ or the Christ Mass we call Christmas, they Christianized the worship of the Yule tree by calling it a Christ Mass tree or Christmas tree so they wouldn't lose the Germanic members of the Church of Rome, they moved the celebration for the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus from Passover to Easter, so they wouldn't lose the Germanic, Celtic, and Middle Eastern members of the Church of Rome, they continued worshiping All Fools Day as April Fool's Day and All Hallows Eve as Halloween to keep their Celtic and Germanic members, kept the prayer beads so they wouldn't lose the Sabian members of the Church of Rome, kept many of their church idols under Christian names so they wouldn't lose the Sabian, Zoroastrian, Celtic, Germanic, Roman, and other pagans from the Church of Rome, Constantine marched his army through a river and said, "There, the Army of Rome has been baptized" (Constantine literally did this, it was all show, baby), sent his wife, Flavia Maxima Fausta, throughout the Middle East building massive Christian cathedrals and starting lies about how each of these cathedrals were built by the 12 Apostles and that those Apostles had been bishops leading those cathedrals, in spite of the fact none of those cathedrals existed until hundreds of years after all of the Apostles had died or been murdered (basically, they rewrote history just like the upper class trash have been doing for thousands of years), and, to drive a wedge between the Gentile Christians and their Hebrew counterparts so those Hebrews couldn't convert those Gentiles back out of the Church of Rome, they declared that "them dirty rotten Jews murdered our God, Jesus" (remember that it was the Romans who crucified Jesus, the Hebrews only condemned him to death), and began persecuting the Hebrews, you know, the same way some of those Hebrews had been persecuting Christians for hundreds of years.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

That is the nutshell version because it was much more extensive and complex than that. In the Catholic, Orthodox, and protestant churches, most of the holy days and rituals are "Christianized" pagan practices. What they did was so brilliant that it is still working today but God used that to still spread Christianity and the Gospel around the world in spite of what Satan did.

The Gentile Christians, who had belonged to the Church of Rome and, after they had converted to Christianity had been ostracized by their families and friends, saw this as a great opportunity to 1) not be murdered by the Church of Rome, 2) return to being on good terms with their families and friends, and 3) return to the Church of Rome with those holy days and rituals that had formerly been forbidden to them by Christianity.

Do you see what Constantine, his wife, the Pope, and the Vatican did?

They Christianized the pagan holy days and rituals to keep the pagans in the church while seducing the Gentile Christians, who had left the church, back into the church. It was just a great big con that is still working because the Church of Rome never really converted to Christianity, they just pretended to and made it look like they did.

Most of these Gentile Christians did assimilate back into the Church of Rome, which later divided into the Catholic Church and the Christian Orthodox Church, when the Roman Empire divided, but two groups refused to assimilate and remained underground.

The first of these groups became known as Baptists because these Christians, both Hebrews and Gentiles, continued emersion baptism from Judaism and the Church of Rome had incorporated sprinkling baptism. These Christians continued to be persecuted by the Church of Rome, then the Catholic and Orthodox churches, and then by other protestant churches until less than 200 years ago, which caused them to remain underground and many of them to flee to the American Colonies to get away from the persecution.

The other Christians were Messianic Hebrews who just went underground within Judaism to avoid persecution by both the Hebrews and the Church of Rome.

In the last few hundred years, these two latter groups have come out from underground with the Baptists slowly accepting some of the Christianized pagan practices by the Catholic Church, which is why almost all Christians are involved in some form of pagan rituals today, causing many Christian preachers to make excuses for their continuing pagan practices, which I am sure doesn't make God very happy and is probably at least contributing to the downfall of the West and by making it much easier for paganism to stage a comeback. Hey, you practicing their holy days and rituals is just one step away from practicing their religions, which makes it much easier for the pagans to convert people from Christianity to paganism. Think about it.

What should our religious leaders do?

They should study the Bible and do what God has told them to do instead of doing what Satan has tricked them into doing BUT, they, like the Church of Rome, know that, if they quit these really fun and popular pagan practices their church members enjoy doing so much, most of their church members will leave their churches, go to other churches to continue those pagan practices, and take their money with them so those preacher's churches will lose money, so, to keep from losing all of that money, they keep making excuses about why it is OK to continue with those satanic pagan practices instead of doing what God told us to do. Think about it.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Now, think about this too. Israel fell from grace and Jesus warned them, when He preached to them about adding their customs and traditions to the Law and then those Hebrews bastardized God's rituals with their customs and traditions, and ended up in exile from their fallen nation, you know, just like we Christians are seeing our nations decline with us continuing to practice these satanic pagan rituals. Gee, what a coincidence.

These Christian preachers are going to lose more than money if they continue with the pagan rituals; they are going to lose their churches and lives. They will lose everything and Jesus warned them about it when He taught against practicing "customs and traditions", you know, like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. Think about it.

Whose side of the line do you chose, God's or Satan's? And you think I am not a prophet or messenger of God crying in the wilderness, you know, this desert I live in, you know, preparing the way for the SOON coming of the Lord?

And, people, He will be coming VERY SOON, sooner than many of you want.

Think not?

Look at them rebuilding Old Babylon and building Modern Babylon, the single greatest fulfillment of Bible prophesy since Jesus 2,000 years ago, you know, preparing the way for the soon coming of the Lord.

Mark, myself, and some others believe that Jesus was PROBABLY born during Sukkot. Whether or not He was, it would be much more appropriate to celebrate His birth during Sukkot than on the Roman sun god, Sol's birthday in December. Also, instead of worshiping Eostre, Astoreth, or Astar on Easter, it would be much better to worship the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus on Passover, when it actually happened. Then you should want to stop worshiping Satan, demons, witches, and the dead on Halloween.

Quit making it easier for Satan and his followers to steal souls by already using their pagan holy days and rituals.

If you want more holy days, then worship all of the five feast holy days God gave us in the Bible but do NOT practice those holy days the way the Hebrews do because they added their customs and traditions to those Holy days and Jesus already taught against that.

"But, we don't have a Temple."

Then use your church.

"Do we have to sacrifice animals?"

No, because Jesus is already our eternal or everlasting sacrifice so celebrate Him being our sacrifice for our sins and us not having to sacrifice animals.

While we are at it, what about our pagan calendar? Thor's day (Thursday)? Really?

I would much rather have Isaiah day to encourage people to study scriptures, you know, like Isaiah 53.

How about we name the first 4 months of the year Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to encourage people to study the books written by them along with other scriptures. We could name the fifth month Paul to encourage everyone to study Paul's writings along with other scriptures.

That would be much better than honoring two arrogant, narcissistic Roman rulers who declared themselves to be gods and named July (Julius Caesar) and August (Augustus Caesar) after themselves.

Let's make God happen and get rid of all of this paganism. Show just how much we love Jesus.


Don't you find it an amazing coincidence that, at the time the people of world began revolting against the upper class trash and throwing off the shackles of slavery during the late 1700s and early 1800s, the academe, you know, distant members of the Royal Family, dreamed up and began promoting Communism, which requires everyone to willfully submit themselves to the rule of the government "so the superior government can take care of them"? Does that sound familiar?

Of course it does because that is the same lie the upper class trash have been telling the lower classes for thousands of years. All the upper class trash did was change the name of the government from kingdoms, empires, and such to communism, socialism, and democratic socialism with the upper class trash running back to hide behind ye ole curtain while pulling the levers to control their political whores and others so they still own and control the government the people are supposed to willfully submit themselves to, you know, as slaves.

This is easily one of the greatest cons in the history of the world and stupid people are falling for it too.

They are also still using the same cons that the upper class trash have used for thousands of years by continuing to say that the people should submit themselves to the absolute rule of the superior upper class trash while changing their names to fool the people. Just during the last 100 years this upper class trash have changed their names from communists to socialist to Nazis to Fascists to socialists to communists to globalist to progressives and back to socialists and communists while still preaching that the upper class are intellectually superior because dey gots more money and power and, therefore, the people should submit themselves to the absolute control of the upper class trash "so the upper class trash can take care of them", but not in the way the people think the upper class trash will take care of them.

We stupid humans didn't learn anything over the last 3,000 to 4,000 years, did we?

Hey, Satan and his bunch know that, for promises of free stuff, a lot of people will sell their souls and the souls of their children to the devil. Yes, many pagans really are that stupid.

Listen, Karl Marx wasn't the one who dreamed this fairy tale up, he is just the one who wrote the best sales manual, "The Communist Manifesto", to convince or persuade the people to buy into it, so they called him the "Father of Communism" in spite of the fact that he plagiarized much of what he wrote. Today, we call it Marxism.

It is just the same old con the upper class trash has been shoving down our throats for thousands of years to enslave and impoverish us to enrich themselves. It is the same song and dance by the same band, "Submit yourselves to the absolute rule of us superior natural elites so we can take care of you inferior people" and they have always done a really terrible job of taking care of us, enslaving, impoverishing, and murdering billions of us so they can be more wealthy and powerful. Their con never works for the lower classes and only works for them, the upper class trash.

You would be much better to quit dancing to that evil, satanic tune and start dancing to "Amazing Grace".

These evil, vile, upper class trash human demons are obsessive, compulsive greedy and power mad so that they will never stop and the only thing that can stop them is death. They prove this to be true every day.

Catholic Church Con

Today, the Catholic Church, formerly the Church of Rome, is doing almost exactly the same con that Constantine, his wife, and the Church of Rome perpetrated on the people almost 1,700 years ago.

In April 2012 they stated that, if Jesus didn't come by the end of that year, they would quit waiting for Jesus and convert to Islam. One month later, they held the first Muslim religious service in a Catholic Church, not waiting until the end of 2012 to start their planned conversion to Islam. Hey, so they lied and never planned to really wait for Jesus.

What are they doing?

They are Islamizing the Catholic Church in such a way as to try to keep as many of their current members while trying to seduce 1.5 billion Muslims to assimilate into the Catholic Church, you know, the same thing they have been doing for 2,500 years, assimilating other religions into their church to give them more power over more people. If they succeed, it will give them 1.2 billion Catholic Church members plus 1.5 billion Muslims or 2.7 billion members globally. Pending how successful they are, they will probably end up with about 1.8 to 2.5 billion members.

Sound familiar?

They have been doing this to assimilate other religions for 2,500 years and they are just taking a chapter right out of Constantine's book.

Before this, they were doing that New Age pagan religion thingy and are still doing it to seduce a few billion more pagans, you know, like Buddhists, Hindus, and the occult, to join their church.

Right now the Catholic Church is trying to assimilate every religion on the planet into their church with a major emphasis on Islam.

Think not?

Remember that they are right now regularly holding Muslim services in their churches? Remember that they said they have purchase land to build a new Vatican where they are right now building Modern Babylon to be the political, financial, and religious capitol of the world?

Here is an easy prediction, when the Catholic Church builds its new Vatican and church in Modern Babylon, it won't be a big Christian church or cathedral, it will be the biggest, most spectacular Muslim mosque in the world.

Also, you can bet that the Pope is making deals with the Muslim leaders of the world to include their highest Muslim leaders in the new Vatican in Babylon for them all to share religious control over everyone on the planet, you know, just like the Church of Rome did with all of those pagan leaders when the Church assimilated those pagan religions. That will be the iron mixed with clay in the feet of Nebuchadnezzar's figure.

Do you understand why I often call the Catholic Church the true Borg?

They also work by assimilating everyone and are very good at it.

These cons are still working today because the victims, you know, most of the people, don't know the truth and can't set themselves free so God taught me the truth so I can teach you the truth to set you free.

They won't stop and most of you won't stop them so God will take care of most, not all, of them with the soon coming Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and you will have to take care of the rest.

Do you get the picture yet?

Me? I chose God's side of the line a long time ago. Come join me.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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