I Told You So 306

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are dumber than my farts?

Butthead is saying that he will legalize ALL recreational drugs.

And who uses those drugs?

The people who vote for Commierats like Butthead.

So, with increasing numbers of lefty voters dying from recreational drugs, Butthead is going to legalize all recreational drugs so more of his voters can die faster from recreational drugs? And you think this arrogant fool is smarter than you? Really? Why?

But, hey, he will just bring in more illegal aliens to replace the stupid lefty Commierat voters he kills by legalizing drugs so he can keep getting reelected.

Remember that I have been teaching you about the health problems caused by incessant inbreeding by the European Royalty?

This video and this video give you a glimpse into the inbreeding problem of the upper class trash but, as bad as it is, it is only a glimpse. This glimpse shows the inbreeding that was taking place GLOBALLY within all of the upper class trash going back thousands of years just like I have been telling you and how extensive it was.

You believe me yet?

Remember that I told you that this all began with Adam and Eve and then again with Noah and his family, when they had to marry brothers and sisters because there wasn't anyone else they could marry.

The problem is that, as the generations went by, the DNA was being increasingly damaged to where inbreeding began to cause problems but they didn't know about or understand genetics, so they didn't know to stop plus the elitism, arrogance, and pride of the upper class trash kept them continuing to inbreed "to keep the blood line pure" long after problems began to develop.

After all, in their elitist arrogance and pride, they "had to keep the blood lines pure" and couldn't let any commoner blood, you know, yours and mine, taint their wonderful pure upper class trash blue blood or the people wouldn't continue to believe the lie that the upper class trash were superior to the rest of them.

Personally, having studied genetics, I wouldn't marry any of them, royals or not, especially not Royals, because it would be adding their severely screwed up genes to my gene pool, which would be terrible for my descendants. I don't care whether she is a queen, princes, or what she called herself, her genes are a mess from thousands of years of inbreeding and, if you don't believe it, watch even more of the videos from that site or dig into history from other sources.

Because of their elitist arrogance, today they easily have one of the worst gene pools on the planet. They have not yet figured out that it is only a matter of time until they inbreed themselves into extinction because, as you should have picked up from some of those videos, inbreeding eventually causes sterility and that will be the end of their blood line. If they keep inbreeding, the Royals will all reach a point to where they cannot reproduce any more, which will be a good thing.

In more than one way, they are literally screwing themselves out of existence. Those arrogant, elitist fools are their own worst enemies.

Think about this, if those ignorant, arrogant fools manage to set up their beloved global dictatorship and "depopulate" the rest of us, you know, genocide, it will cause the extinction of the human race because they, the upper class trash will all eventually become sterile, which is exactly what Satan wants, to kill off all mankind so God can't fulfill His prophesies, be known as a liar, and won't be considered righteous enough to judge Satan and send him into the Lake of Fire forever. Satan is playing the upper class trash globalists as suckers.


Remember that I told you some of the basics about sugar?

Here is another video by someone who has been confused by the "common knowledge" about sugar, which is all wrong. I feel sorry for such people.

Let's talk about the basics about cell food and fuels.

The primary source of fuel for all cells is...wait for it...sugar, in the form of glycogen. Yep, that is right, sugar is so bad for you that your cells depend on it for energy for almost everything. Without sugar, your cells can't work right, they die and you die. Better than 90% of the fuel your cells burn is sugar.

Don't believe me?

Go to college and study biology.

I told you that sucrose or table sugar is too large of a molecule to permeate or pass through the tissue separating your digestive tract and blood stream so it CANNOT get into your blood. It is broken down by the digestive acids in your mouth and stomach into glucose, which can permeate the tissues separating your digestive tract from your blood stream. When the glucose gets in your blood, it is carried to your liver where it is converted into glycogen or cell food, most of which is stored in your liver or cells for later use with some being used soon.

Get it straight, sucrose does not get anywhere near your cells because it never gets out of your digestive tract.

Most of what your cells burn is glycogen or sugar and they will normally burn some fatty acids (not even fat), especially at night for recovery. With a normal healthy diet, better than 90% of the fatty acids you burn will be used at night for recovery work from the day's work loads and it is an aerobic function.

If your sugar stores get low, you will increase the amount of fatty acids you are burning but that isn't a fast enough process for a lot of daily activities so, when your cells fall behind with burning fatty acids, they begin to burn protein. There are two problems with this.

1) If your body falls behind on burning fatty acids, it will also start to burn fat stores in your body including your cell walls, which, if it gets bad enough, will begin to kill cells. Not good.

2) Your body and cells store very little protein and filters the rest out though the kidneys so that, if you burn up all of your protein stores, your cells will begin to burn the protein structures in the cell, which, if it gets bad enough, will also begin to kill cells. Even worse.

Get it straight, your body NEEDS sugar to function normally and to go too long without enough sugar will begin to cause cell damage and health problems. It will eventually result in death.

QUIT BELIEVING THE HEALTH FOOD CRAP, EVEN FROM THE MEDIA!!! They Do not know what they are talking about. Most of them are too stupid to pass freshman level college biology, which is why they went into journalism.

BTW, the myth about sugar causing diabetes is bad science because sugar CANNOT cause diabetes.

What causes diabetes?

When your pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin, which causes your sugar blood level to increase, therefore, high sugar blood level does not cause diabetes but is a symptom of diabetes and it is amazing how many of today's doctors don't know this because too many of today's doctors get too much of what they believe about medicine from TV. I have seen a number of times when doctors and nurses told me health food crap that wasn't true and they could have only gotten it from TV.

What does insulin do?

It increases the permeability of your cell walls so that more sugar or glycogen can get into your cells so your cells can have enough sugar to burn. When your pancreas doesn't provide enough insulin, you can't get enough sugar into your cells for your cells to function properly and that is what causes the damage from diabetes, the cells not getting enough sugar to function properly so they begin to burn their own cell structures, causing cell damage and death.

At first, the cells start burning fats and your cell walls are better than 90% fat, hint, hint. When your fats begin to run low, the cells begin to burn the limited protein stored in them and, when that begins to run low, the cells begin tearing themselves down to get more protein to burn, eventually damaging and destroying the cells, which is why advanced diabetes kills.

Why does diabetes cause your sugar blood level to go high?

Because the cells are not getting enough sugar to function because the pancreas is not producing enough insulin for enough sugar to get into the cells so the cells are sending messages for the liver to release more glycogen for the cells to burn but that glycogen can't get into the cells and won't filter out through the kidneys as fast as the liver is releasing it so the sugar or glycogen blood level increases providing the symptom for diabetes.

Note that the cells throughout your body not getting enough sugar for them function right also means that the cells in the pancreas won't be getting enough sugar for them to function right and make more insulin.

Notice that diabetics inject themselves with insulin when their sugar blood level goes high and that is to increase the permeability of the cells so that extra sugar in your blood can get into the cells for the cells to burn so the cells will have fuel and not start destroying themselves.

What causes the pancreas to stop functioning right and start not producing enough insulin?

Doctors still don't know for sure so they blame the sugar because the sugar blood level is too high but that is only the symptom and not the cause. We do know that exercise will help alleviate diabetes in the early stages and, in exercise physiology, we learned that exercise also increases the health of all internal organs like the pancreas.

Don't believe me?

Go to college and study biology, you know, like I did. Most of what most people believe about sugar is wrong. Bloomberg is an ignorant idiot who believes health food crap.

BTW, let me give you an example of one thing I heard from a nurse that was clearly health food crap she could have only gotten from TV and she was very arrogant when she said it to me, you know, she was being a real smarty pants.

I was in the emergency room to see the doctors about a urinary tract infection or UTI. The doctor had left the room and the nurse pointed to a 12 ounce bottle of water my daughter had with her and said, "You have to drink 8 of those per day" or 96 fluid ounces of water per day, you know, like it was me not drinking enough water that caused that bacterium to infect my urinary tract, which can't happen, people.

I was so stunned by her ignorant arrogance that I didn't know what to say.

First, hydration or how much fluid you should drink is much more complex than everyone just drinking 96 fluid ounces of water a day or 8 of those 12 ounce bottles of water she pointed to. I know, because in the sports sciences and sports medicine, we were trained to deal with hydrating marathon athletes, which is obviously much more critical than anything she ever studied.

How much water should a person drink each day?

It depends on a number of factors including but not limited to your body mass, sex (during ministration a smaller woman has to drink much more water than a larger man), temperature, humidity, wind, sunlight exposure, illnesses, type of activity, and amount of activity.

What that ignorant nurse didn't know when she ASSUMED that my UTI was being caused by me not drinking enough water because she didn't ask me for any information before she made that assumption was that I was drinking at least 150 to more than 160 fluid ounces of water per day or about 1.5 to 2 times what she said I should be drinking. If I had listened to her and had only been drinking 96 fluid ounces per day, I would have died from dehydration years before.

Now, know that you can also drink too much water causing a condition called Hypervolemia or high water blood level that can kill you. So you can drink too much water and too little water and they will both kill you.

How much should you drink?

The easy answer for most people is drink when you get thirsty, which is why we get thirsty. Now, in marathon sports, you have to start drinking BEFORE you get thirsty or you will get behind on hydration. I teach about this stuff in my e-book, "A Better Way To Train", with entire chapters on diet and hydration.

Remember that I told you that 50% of the doctors AND nurses finished in the lower 50% of their class? Believe me yet?

Catholic Church

Remember that I told you that the Church of Rome completely rewrote their own history after they faked conversion to Christianity to make it look like they were always Christian and were founded by the 12 Apostles, most of whom they murdered?

Here is something I had forgotten about. The Catholic Church, based on some verses in 1Peter talking about all Christians being the church of God with Jesus being the cornerstone for the church, falsely claim that Peter had claimed he was the first Pope and founded the Church of Rome/Catholic Church by falsely saying that Peter was saying that he, Peter, was the cornerstone of the Catholic Church, which was still the Church of Rome and was 100% pagan at that time.

Nothing like taking a little scripture out of context to promote what you want people to believe. Talk about rewriting history to cover their butts and make them look better than they are or were. This is fraud but, hey, our upper class trash do this all of the time.

I told you that the Church of Rome was founded more than 250 years before Jesus or any of his Apostles. None of them could possibly have been involved in founding the Church of Rome, later called the Catholic Church. None of them were officers in the pagan Church of Rome, none of them even belonged to the pagan Church of Rome, none of them built even one Catholic cathedral, and they were all hated by the pagan Church of Rome. Two of them, Paul and Peter, were killed by the pagan Church of Rome IN ROME as the Church of Rome was barely beginning to slaughter Christians.

What? The Catholic Church crucified their own pope?

Talk about propaganda to cover for their genocide of millions of Christians for about 300 years.

What? The 12 Apostles founded a Christian church that converted to Christianity 300 years later under Constantine? Really? What did Constantine convert the Church of Rome to Christianity from, Christianity?

Here is a list of how the 12 Apostles died:

Peter was crucified in Rome, Paul was crucified in Rome, James was beheaded by Herod, who was a vassal king for Rome, John was banished to the Isle of Patmos, which was under the rule of Rome, freed, and died of old age, Andrew was crucified in Achaia, Greece, which was under the rule of Rome, James the younger was crucified in Egypt, under the rule of Rome, Philip died a martyr in Hierapolis, Turkey under the rule of Rome, Simon the Zealot worked in Galilee and was crucified under the rule of Rome, Bartholomew died in India as a martyr, Jude died a martyr in Persia, Matthew died a martyr in Ethiopia, and Thomas was martyred near Madras, India.

Does it look like any of them had anything to do with founding the Catholic Church more than 300 years before the Catholic Church existed and it was still the Church of Rome, which martyred most of them? Obviously, the history of the Catholic Church taught by the Catholic Church is a lie. You have to dig through the Bible and secular history to know the truth about the Church of Rome/Catholic Church.

The upper class trash have done nothing but lie for thousands of years.

The nutshell history for the Church of Rome/Catholic Church is that the Church of Rome was founded as a state church about 250 to 300 years before Jesus or any of His Apostles were born as a purely, 100% pagan church just like I taught you before. The Church of Rome faked converting to Christianity under Constantine in the early 4th Century to assimilate the Gentile Christians who had been converted to Christianity and out of the Church of Rome back into the Church of Rome and then in the late 4th Century, 395 AD, after that conversion, the Roman Empire split into the Western and Eastern branches, which caused the Church of Rome to also split into the Catholic Church in the West and Christian Orthodox Church in the East, more than 300 years after ALL of the Apostles died. NONE of the Apostles were bishops or popes for the Catholic Church!!!!

Get it straight, the first pope for the Church of Rome died hundreds of years before Peter was born and the first pope of the Catholic Church wasn't born until hundreds of years after Peter died.

I get so tired of this crap from the upper class trash.

Here is an interesting question:

If the Church of Rome/Catholic Church priests were celibate, not married, and couldn't make any legitimate babies to replace them, where did the Church keep getting the new priests and popes from to replace the older priests and popes when they died?

The only possible answers are that either those holy priests were committing adultery and making lots of little church bastard babies to replace them or the royals were going into monasteries as monks and working their ways up into the church to replace all of those priests and popes.

Celibate men don't make replacements for themselves, you know, heirs to the throne thingy.

Think about that because they are part of the upper class trash royals inbreeding for thousands of years. They are all family, baby.

Think I am wrong? Then where did they come from?

Those priests did not start as commoners because that would have been unacceptable to promote church leaders from commoners who would have religious power and authority over the upper class trash and impractical because commoners couldn't even read the scriptures, they were illiterate.

It was and still is a very common practice for the Royals, especially the distant members of the Royals, to go into monasteries and nunneries to avoid the rampant killing of Royals by Royals. These Royals would then work their way up into the top levels of the Church, with some becoming members of the Vatican and then the Pope.

Remember that the Knights Templars were Royals or knights who sold everything they had, gave it all to the Knights Templars, went into monasteries, and were trained to become Knights Templars?

Believe me yet when I tell you that I question EVERYTHING?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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