For those of you who are familiar with Bible prophesy, you know that the so-called modern prophets have been telling you that Europe will head the one world government during the Tribulation. They do this because the Catholic Church changed interpreting prophesy from an Israel oriented perspective to a Rome oriented perspective in order to take control of Christianity from the Jews. Today's great prophets have not figured this out and they are increasingly having trouble interpreting the prophesies.

For example, when the EU (European Union) was first formed, they said this was the start of the one world government and that there would be 10 countries that eventually formed the EU because of the ten horns of the beast representing 10 powers or countries. Then there were eleven countries in the EU and the prophets had to start twisting and bending everything to try and make the scriptures fit. Now there are about two dozen with more being considered for membership. It doesn't sound like 10 horns to me, does it to you?

Things just keep getting worse for these false prophets because things fit their Europe orient prophesies less each week. I have decided to put an end to their foolishness and help you out. I have been telling you that Islam will be the one world government and one world church and not Europe and Rome. Then I saw an article on the Internet news site, "Arutz Sheva".

Restore Worldwide Islamic Rule

11:59 Feb 26, '06 / 28 Shevat 5766
By Hillel Fendel

Sheikh Ismail Nawahda, preaching to Moslem masses on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Friday, has brought it out into the open: the call to restore the Moslem Khalifate, or, "Genuine Islamic Rule."

A plan for the "Return of the Khalifate" was published secretly in 2002 by a group called "The Guiding Helper Foundation." The group explained that it wished to "give direction to the educated Muslim populace in its increasing interest in the establishment of Islam as a practical system of rule."

This past Friday, Feb. 24, however, the plan went public. Sheikh Nawahda called publicly for the renewal of the Islamic Khalifate, which would "unite all the Moslems in the world against the infidels."

The Khalifate system features a leader, known as a Khalif, who heads worldwide Islam. Assisted by a ten-man council, his decisions are totally binding on all Moslems.

For any rational, intelligent person, there should now be absolutely no doubt that the one world government and church of the Tribulation will be Islam and will INCLUDE an Islamic conquered Europe, just like I have been telling you. That will represent the feet of Daniel's image which were clay mixed with iron. The 10 rulers of the Khalifate council has been the structure for 1,300 years and is clearly the 10 horns of the beast.

You don't have to make Bible prophesy work, if you are patient, pull your head out of your butt, and wait on God, He will show you what will happen. You don't have to twist or bend anything, it will just fall into place. This should also tell you where the Babylon of the Tribulation will be. It won't be Los Angeles, New York, Paris, or London, it will be the actually City of Babylon in Iraq just like the Bible says.

So, quit listening to these false prophets and start reading the Bible in relation to Israel and the Middle East just as it was written to be read. Things are and will fall into place without you having to explain anything. The Antichrist or Jesus of Islam will be a Muslim convert of European descent who will rule the world and no one except the Jesus of the Bible will be able to stop him.

If you have been watching what is going on in Israel today, you should realize that Hamas is in the process of setting up the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 which will happen soon. They were elected into power by a very large majority of Muslims because they are waging war against Israel and gaining ground, though largely because of the stupidity of the Western and Israeli leaders. After they got elected and while they are putting together their government (and refusing to recognize Israel), they have been setting up the coalition that will gather against Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Hamas is setting up to make an all out assault against Israel to completely destroy the country and slaughter all of its people but want to make sure they have the military alliances required for when Israel will counter attack to save itself, as Israel will do and did against Arrafat when he staged a lesser attack against Israel. You have to understand that ALL military alliances have a clause of mutual defense which in effect states that if country A is attacked by anyone, then country B will come to the military aid of country A.

At the time of this writing, Hamas has been working on making a military alliance with all of the terrorist organizations in and around Israel including Hizbullah in Lebanon and Syria for a three pronged, coordinated attack by all of them against Israel (from the north, West Bank, and Gaza). Hamas has already made military alliances with Syria, Turkey, Russia, Iran (Persia), Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and others for mutual defense requiring that these countries will come to the aid of Hamas in the event that Israel counter attacks Hamas to save itself from Hamas's attack.

Does that list of countries look familiar? It should, if you read Ezekiel 38 & 39 because it includes all of the countries except Lybia and, when these forces gather for the anticipated slaughter, if you have been paying attention to what I have been teaching about the Koran and Islam, you should know that, if ANY Muslim entity were to not show up for this slaughter, then the people would leave that entity and join another that will be there. This means that, if they are still alive, even Osama and Big Al (Al-Shwahiri) will be there with Al Quaeda or their troops will lose faith in them and join another group. Note that this is the first time in history that a declared enemy of Israel has had a military alliance with Russia, which the scriptures say will be at this battle.

Note that none of today's historians are sure of exactly where Cush was. Some believe it was Ethiopia, others believe it was Chad, others believe it was Saudi Arabia, and others believe it was some combination of the three countries including all three. Recent archeological finds have confirmed that Cush did at least include Saudi Arabia. But don't worry because Cush will be at this battle and we will find out which country(ies) was/were Cush because God can't be wrong and He said Cush will be there.

Now, what is going to happen? In the near future, after they feel they have all their ducks in a row, Hamas will stage their three pronged, coordinated attack against Israel. Fighting for their lives and infuriated, Israel will counter attack and conquer the West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon and refuse to give up the land to get rid of their enemies once and for all. All of the countries which have a military alliance with Hamas will be required to come against Israel with Jordan forming to the east, Egypt to the South, and the rest of the countries will form to the north for a sweep through Israel to slaughter every man, woman, and child. The leaders will gather in Damascus which will be completely destroyed and never rebuilt as prophesied. God will personally intervene and destroy 83% of the forces gathered against Israel in the north, the rest will flee before the Israeli Army, and Israel will return to the borders as they were under King David which will be from the Euphrates to the Nile and some distance east of the Jordan River and south into Saudi Arabia. Israel will become a super power as the US continues to wain as such.

The remainder of the Muslim forces will withdraw, set up their Kalifate (also spelled Caliphate), set up Babylon as their international capital, unite under one ruler to unite their resources in order to rebuild their armies as one, begin raising up the children who will become the next army and the army required to conquer the world following the rapture, and drive down the price of oil by selling as much oil as possible to raise the hundreds of billions of dollars required to equip this army. It will take them at least 10 years and possibly 20+ years to build this army so there will be peace throughout most of the world during that time.

Then those of you who have Jesus (Yeshuah) as your savior will be raptured to Heaven with God and all hell will break lose on earth for seven years with Islam conquering the world and then turning to wage war against Israel under the Jesus of Islam, who will conquer Jerusalem and begin wiping out the last of the Christians and Jews. At the end of the seven years, the Jesus of the Bible will return and stage the Battle of Armageddon. Then and only then, will there be peace on this planet for any period of time.

ALL of this prophesy is coming together NOW!!! I strongly suggest that you not be late for the Rapture. That will inhale severely.

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