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In today's news, Iran was clearly looking for a fight. They are now carrying out military exercises for closing the Straits of Hormuze and threatening to attack all commercial and US warships trying to pass through the straits. They are also threatening to use tethered mines previously placed on the floor of the gulf to be released when they shut the straits.

Add to this that Russia, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia have all threatened the US to not attack Iran over their nuclear weapons development. My concern is that Russia and Saudi Arabia (both have nukes) will stage a coordinated, surprise tactical nuclear attack on all US and allied troops between the US Mediterranean Naval Fleet, the US Naval Fleet in the Persian Gulf, and all ground and air troops in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Afghanistan along with a ground attack from all terrorists and troops in that area.

Strategically, we are exposed to such an attack and it could do everything from severely damaging our troops to the point to where we would cease being a super power to completely wiping them all out forcing us to withdraw all our forces in most danger spots just to be able to defend ourselves against any further attacks.

Also, militarily, it looks like the liberals (especially the media and politicians) are working to help the terrorists conquer the US because everything they are currently doing is helping the terrorists and I can't believe that they are so stupid they can't realize they are blatantly aiding the enemy during a time of war. Therefore, I must believe that they are committing treason in an effort to help the terrorists bring down the US so they can set up their socialist/communist dictatorship because they have lost power and know they can't get elected back into power so they are trying to just steal it.

I believe that the stupid liberals believe that the Muslims will help the liberals conquer the US and just let the fool liberals have absolute control of the most powerful country in the world. Again, the liberals have convinced me of their mind boggling stupidity. Judge for yourself.

In Israel, it was recently reported that Olmert said he believes there are some good Palestinians so Israel must adhere to the agreements the Palestenians have violated repeatedly in spite of the fact that Hamas is blatantly promising to destroy Israel and everyone in the country. Are Olmert and all his buddies the dumbest things since rocks or what? The thing is that there is no other politician any smarter who could get enough votes to beat him because the majority of the Jews who have moved to Israel over the last few decades are such stupid liberals that they refuse to believe they can't make peace with the terrorists and just share the area. According to the polls, about 60% of the voters in Israel are liberals who believe they should just open all borders and live peacefully with the terrorists who have sworn to annihilate every Jew in Israel. Once again, liberals have convinced me that there is nothing that has ever lived which was or is as stupid as a liberal.

The leaders of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) have been vainly and vigorously attempting to warn everyone including the stupid politicians about the truth concerning the dangers of their current behavior. These warnings are being brushed off by the liberals controlling the country and the IDF officers are getting very frustrated. It is obvious that they know that their leaders are about to get the entire nation slaughtered. They also know that they can only permit the stupid politicians to deteriorate the military condition so far before their position becomes indefensible and the country will soon cease to exist.

I keep hearing from a number of sources that there is a civil war taking place between the stupid leaders and the conservative people including the orthodox Jews. So far, the military has stood by while the Israeli police have waged war against the people who are trying to save the country like Hitler's Gestapo suppressed those Germans who tried to stand against Hitler. The military seems to be getting tired of this behavior also.

I believe the IDF will only permit the stupid politicians to make so many more really stupid mistakes before they will be forced to seize control of the country and turn that control over to the conservative, orthodox Jewish Rabbi's who will run the country by Torah and refuse to give up any more land or make any more concessions which will compromise the security of Israel. I believe the IDF will realize that they must turn the government into either a military dictatorship or theocracy to save Israel because a democracy won't work in such a hostile environment when the majority of the voters are liberal fools who want to do things that will cause the destruction of Israel. Did you know that these orthodox Jewish Rabbi's recently re-established the Sanhedrin?

Having listened to the head of the Sanhedrin a number of times, I know they will do a number of things when they gain control via the IDF. First, they will take a stand against and re-establish the security against the terrorists and stop giving up territory. The latter is expressly forbidden by the Torah.

Second, they will take control of the Temple Mount and build the third Temple because the Torah requires it. They will also not submit to pressure against Israel to do things they know they shouldn't and they will trust in God for their security instead of the West.

Basically, they will do everything God requires, everything the West doesn't want, and everything the Muslims and their allies don't want. They will put their faith and trust in God for their future and take the stand that will put them in the position where God will be forced to deliver them in order to show that He does exist and is all powerful. They will do the right thing.

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