There is something I really need to share about understanding what you are being taught by today's Christian prophets and most churches. First, we have to start with a little nutshell history about the Church of Rome and Christianity, then I need to get into what is taking place that is and will prove modern Christian prophets wrong, and then a brief look at what those prophesies really mean.

Church of Rome

The Church of Rome was started hundreds of years before Christ and when Rome was little more than a very powerful city state. They had a problem in that there were anywhere from 100 to over 200 different pagan religions in Rome at that time and every time they elected a new Caesar, he would bring his cult into power with him while the cult of the previous Caesar would suddenly lose power. The religious leaders of these cults hated losing their power because it also meant they lost converts and wealth so they started by staging protests which increased in violence as time passed and then became out right efforts to topple the government.

Things finally got so bad that the political leaders realized they had to do something fast or things would get completely out of control and tear Rome apart. They called all of the religious leaders together for a conference and decided to form one state church based on all of the most significant similarities of the different cults. After they had decided on which similarities would make up their new religion and founded the state run religion, they simply assimilated all the various cults into the new Church of Rome.

This worked so well at bringing peace and control to the state of Rome, they decided to use the same process when they conquered other people. The Church of Rome would send out priests and monks to study the religions of any people their army was in the process of conquering and send a report back to Rome. The Pope and cardinals would study these reports and decide which, if any, new rituals had to be added to the Church of Rome in order to assimilate the new religions and send back a strategy for assimilating those religions. For example, the Christmas tree comes from pagan tree worship in primitive Eastern Europe and the prayer beads come from the same Sabianism that Islam came out of, which is why they both use the prayer beads.

After the Roman Army conquered a people, the emissaries for the Church of Rome would meet with the leaders of the local pagan religions and simply ask them to join the Church of Rome saying that their religions were so much alike because of the new similarities with the understanding that, if those leaders refused, they would be killed and others who would join the Church of Rome would be put in their places. The only religion this didn't work with was Judaism because the rabbi's were so indoctrinated in the Laws of Judaism that no one would assimilate and Rome refused to give up its pagan laws. finally, the Church of Rome gave up on the Jews and permitted the Jews to have some religious autonomy until after the rebellion about 70 AD and following the death of Jesus when Rome once again tried and failed to assimilate or destroy Judaism.

They also used a similar process with their army, as soon as the Roman Army conquered a people, they began recruiting soldiers from among that population. Just think of what this did. If you decided to revolt against Rome, you were actually revolting against your own religion and religious leaders and your own family and friends in your own army. At that time, people were too family oriented for this to happen on a large enough scale to work. The Roman system of assimilation worked incredibly well.

Then along came Christianity and it put a wrench in the works. A large part of the reason Jesus was killed was because he was seen as a threat to the Roman order and peace in Israel. After His death, the Romans really didn't care about Christianity as long as it remained a Jewish religion. But, when the Jews began spreading Christianity throughout Rome converting Gentiles, Rome became very up set.

You have to understand what this was to Rome. The Church of Rome was a very significant part of their control system in maintaining control over their empire. Who were the Jews converting to Christianity and where were they converting them from? Easy, they were converting non-Jews (gentiles or goyim) FROM the Church of Rome.

This meant that the Christian Jews were converting members of the Church of Rome out from under the control of the Church of Rome to the control of Judaism and God. Of course, Rome saw this as a threat to their power because they were quickly loosing control over large numbers of their people to Christianity.

At first, Rome tried to handle this by killing tens of thousands of Christians. This didn't work because the Christians just went under ground, began fighting religious guerrilla warfare, and kept winning. Rome was quickly losing control of their people and their empire.

Finally, Constantine came into power and understood this along with some other very important things. By the time he came into power, the majority of Christians were gentiles who had been converted from the Church of Rome and still had family and friends in the church who they were now at odds with causing most of them to want to return to the Church of Rome but they couldn't because it was pagan and they were now Christians. Constantine realized this and decided that, if you can't beat them join them.

So Constantine publically announced that he and the Church of Rome had converted to Christianity in spite of the fact that the Roman sun god was still his favorite deity. To further prove this, he marched his personal army through a river and said, "there, we have all been baptized and are Christians." His wife joined the campaign by announcing she had also converted and began traveling throughout Israel (the home of Christianity) building "Christian" churches for the newly assimilated Christian gentiles to worship in to further regain control from the local Jewish Christian churches and synagogues.

This put all these gentiles in a position to where they could return to their old church and not be at odds with their families and friends Christianity had driven them away from. Most gentile Christians fell for the ruse and were assimilated back into the Church of Rome in spite of the fact that the Church of Rome has never relented to the Laws of God and has always held their laws as superior to the Laws of God.

This was a massive success for Constantine and the Church of Rome but Constantine realized that he had to drive a wedge between his newly assimilated gentile Christians and the Jews or he would loose control of his gentile Christians again. He did this with a huge and very successful PR campaign. The first thing he did was to point to the Jews and say, "Those terrible Jews murdered OUR God!!!" starting replacement theology. Next, he had his cardinals and the Pope begin interpreting Bible prophesy based on Rome instead of Israel.

This left three very divided groups within Judaism. There were the newly assimilated gentile Christians in the Church of Rome, the non-Christian Jews, and a mix of both Jewish and gentile Christians who refused to fall for the Church of Rome ruse and became known as Baptists because they continued to practice the emersion baptism practice by all orthodox Jews and John the Baptist. (The Baptist are not true protestants because they were never part of the Church of Rome and never left it in protest over anything.) The two latter groups were heavily persecuted by the Church of Rome until the last few hundred years when they and various protestant religions left Europe for the US to flee this persecution.

This strategy of assimilation by Constantine worked so well that replacement theology is still very prevalent today in spite of its obvious errors. This is why the current Bible prophets continue to interpret Bible prophesy based on Rome instead of Israel and, therefore, can't be wright and must be wrong.

Let me share something with you that God told me a number of years ago. He said, "Carl, I used a bunch of Jews to write the scriptures about Israel; I did NOT use a bunch of Italians to write the scriptures about Rome!" That pretty much says it.

Because of these events, today, Christian prophets and preachers still interpret Bible prophesy as saying the one world government and church will be out of Rome. They falsely proclaim that the current European Union is the future one world government and the Church of Rome will be the one world church. They are so indoctrinated into this Rome oriented form of religious belief that, even after it became obvious that the EU no longer fits with the prophesies about the one world government, they continue to distort and ignore scripture for their false prophesies.

Yes, the legs of iron in the image of Daniel are the old Roman Empire and the iron mixed with the clay in the feet is the residual of that empire. But that iron will be the people and technology and THEY will not rule because the iron is only the residual of the Roman Empire. The clay of the feet will be the Islamic Caliphate which will rule and is the same clay the clay bricks are made from which have been used for over 1,300 years to build the Muslim mosques in the Middle East.

Why Today's Christain Prophets Are Wrong!

To see why the EU can't be the one world government, all you have to do is think about why the EU was formed in the first place. In Europe, following WWII, the liberal socialists gained such control over the media, schools, and government that they were able to quickly brain wash a large enough portion of their populations with their socialist propaganda that the people insisted on developing socialist governments and economies. These socialist economies have been rapidly dying and the European socialists decide to save their countries economies instead of admitting the failure of their socialism by bonding all of their dying socialist economies into one huge socialist economy called the EU. I guess, in their simple mindedness, they believed that bigger is better. But a much larger rotten apple is still a rotten apple.

All they got was one very big and very bad economy which will create the worst economic disaster in modern history. I have already pointed out the current crisis building in Italy and France but it is almost as bad in all of the rest of the European socialist economies. The economies of Italy and France are so bad and the people are so brain washed into socialism that they refuse any capitalistic efforts to save their economies that, if something drastic is not done soon, either one of them could implode any day from any number of potential disasters.

Just something like the Bird Flu ravaging their poultry industries, the continuing droughts and fires destroying their farming and wine industries, or the rapidly escalating price of oil could easily send either economy down the proverbial toilet. You have to also understand that the European economies are so intertwined that they will pull each other down and, now that they all use the same currency, it will be even worse. It seems that the all knowing, all wise, brilliant, highly educated, grossly-over-paid socialists of Europe not only did not solve the problem of their dying economies but, by uniting them together under the EU, they actually made it much worse. So much for human brilliance.

It is almost certain that either the French or Italian economies will get flushed out of the European toilet within the next three to five years. If either of them go, its economy will take the other and the rest of Europe will follow the two of them down the toilet like an express train. Like I said before, this economic bust will make the bust of 1920's Germany look like an economic boom. This disaster will be so bad that the people will be forced to give up their socialism just to survive and open the opportunity for the much more wealthy Muslims to simply buy all of Europe instead of having to conquering it. Spiraling inflation will cause the Euro to become so worthless that it will only be good for toilet paper, kindling, or papering the outhouse.

This means that the western world's socialists attempt to set up a one world socialist government is failing as you read this because their effort is based almost entirely on the strength of the EU which was founded on weakness and not strength. When this economic disaster hits, the EU will shatter like a glass flywheel spinning at high speed when hit by a cannon ball. The different countries will rapidly bail out in an effort to escape the economic avalanche and even start trying to bring back their own currencies in an effort to save their economies. But it will be far too little too late.

This means that all of the prophesies based on the EU will die just as fast. If there is no longer an EU, then the EU can't be the core of the one world government and Rome can't be the one world church. End of discussion.

So, what do the prophesies mean?

The beast of Daniel coming out of the sea will be a Muslim conquered western world returning to the Middle East in the West's military fleets with all their technology and weapons. Following the Rapture, the West won't have the armies they need to protect themselves from the Muslims, the Muslims will quickly realize it, sign a treaty with Israel to prevent her from interfering with their conquests, and they will sweep across the West like a huge human tsunami conquering all the fool liberal socialists left behind by the Rapture. The best weapons in the world don't do you any good if you don't have soldiers to use them.

The ten horns of the beast are the ten rulers who will make up the assistant council of the Caliphate which will conquer the world. This means that Islam will be the one world government and not the Church of Rome. This fits Bible prophesy much better when you realize that the scriptures say the one world government and religion will slaughter God's people, the Christians and Jews. Why would the Church of Rome slaughter the Christians, their power base and source of revenues? It doesn't make sense because it would leave them powerless and broke. Duh, hello!?!

On the other hand, the Koran and Islam REQUIRE the Muslims to slaughter ALL non-Muslims, especially the Christians and Jews. The Koran and Islam REQUIRE the Muslims to wage war or Jihad against the entire planet until either they conquer the world and the world wipes them out. Islam REQUIRES the Muslims to conquer Jerusalem and wage war against the remnant of God's people just like the Bible says they will. Muslim end-time prophesy says that their Jesus (a human who will claim to be Jesus) will conquer Jerusalem and tell the Muslims to kill off the rest of God's people just like the Bible says the Antichrist and ruler of the one world government will do.

The scriptures say that Babylon will be the financial, political, and military capital of the one world government and religion and that the world will become drunk and wealthy on her wine (oil.) Babylon has been rebuilt by Saddam Hussein and the Muslims currently control 80% of the known oil reserves in the world with Babylon sitting in the middle of the richest oil area in the world. The Muslims have shown they will use all 1.6 billion of their people to conquer the world making it the greatest army in the history of the world.

Gee, that fits prophesy so much better than all this protestant and Catholic crap about a dying socialist EU and Rome being the one world government and church. You don't have to bend or ignore any prophesies to make it work. It all just falls into place the way prophesy is supposed to work. Think about it.

Remeber: God used a bunch of Jews to write the scriptures about Israel;
He didn't use a bunch of Italians to write the scriptures about Rome!!!

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