Saudi Arabia

I just read about an extremely significant militarily strategic move made by Saudi Arabia that is not getting enough attention and mention because even the conservative news experts have not read the Koran and couldn't possibly know the strategic significance. From what I have been reading, this will be the first site to explain to you exactly what happened and why.

I have previously, especially on my site about the Koran, explained how and why Saudi Arabia and the other Muslim countries which were part of the Desert Storm military alliance are using Al Quaeda and, increasingly, other terrorist organizations as covert mercenary armies to wage war against the US and ALL other non-Muslim countries which were part of the same military alliance. According to the Koran, these Muslim countries MUST wage war against all of the non-Muslim countries in that alliance until either the Muslim countries have destroyed ALL of the non-Muslim countries or have ALL been destroyed themselves by the same. It is important that you understand that the Muslims don't have a choice because the Koran requires it. If the leaders of these Muslim countries were to stop waging this war against us, they would be killed and replaced with leaders who would wage this war until either we have been destroyed or they have been destroyed.

The three primary Islamic countries currently using their covert mercenary armies (terrorists) to wage war against the US and other non-Muslim allies are Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Syria has been running for its life using the UN and political maneuvering to keep from being invaded by the allies; Iran has been doing the same but has more recently been building a nuclear force and purchasing other weapons from Russia and China to try and deter us from invading them; and now Saudi Arabia has come up with its own method of being able to continue this war against us with impunity.

Today, April 22, 2006, Saudi Arabia signed a military defense alliance with China. These military alliances always state something to the effect that, if my country is attacked by any other country, you will come to my immediate military aid. If you have read the Koran or my site about the Koran, you KNOW that this was done to permit Saudi Arabia to continue abiding by the edicts of the Koran and Islam to wage war against us without having to worry about us invading Saudi Arabia.

Now, if the US and her allies attacks Saudi Arabia to stop the Saudi Arabian terrorist war against the allies, China must come to Saudi Arabia's aid immediately by waging war against the US and her allies. Of course, the only reason Saudi Arabia has done this with the second most powerful country in the world, is so she may continue to wage war against the allies with impunity. It is obvious that Saudi Arabia has become concerned that the allies are figuring out her game, will soon turn on her, and wants some extra insurance to protect her.

The big irony here is that, according to the Koran, as soon as Saudi Arabia's current threats have been removed or no longer exist, Saudi Arabia MUST turn on China and begin waging the same war against her until either Saudi Arabia has destroyed China or been destroyed by China. Obviously, the brilliant Chinese leaders have failed to read the Koran before signing the treaty or they would never have signed it.

You see, according to the Koran, Saudi Arabia doesn't have to turn on China until AFTER the US and other countries which currently pose a threat to her have been destroyed and eliminated as a threat to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is hoping and betting that she isn't digging herself into a deeper hole and will be able to later defeat China either by her current method of deception or in a head on battle. This means she is hoping to acquire the weapons, by defeating the West, required to face China in a head on battle while buying herself some time because she knows she can't defeat the US and allies in a head on battle right now.

Saudi Arabia's basic strategy is to protect herself from a direct confrontation with her current enemies while she continues to wage war against them with impunity until she defeats her current enemies and working to obtain and develop the weapons to defeat China later. If it works, it will make it possible for Saudi Arabia to conquer the world and means that she just played China for the biggest sucker in the history of the world. Well, at least as big a sucker as she has been effectively playing the West for decades.

Does this mean that Saudi Arabia is the greatest con in the history world and every ruler on the planet belongs to the group of greatest suckers in the history of the world because none of those rulers would read the Koran? Yep, that pretty much says it. Saudi Arabia has managed to make fools out of everyone.

This just confirms the military adage: Respect your enemy. Never under estimate your enemy or over estimate yourself. Military Commandment 101: Know thy enemy! It all comes down to read their books.

Out of respect, I must take my hate off to Saudi Arabia.

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