2008 Election

Today is Monday, November 3, 2008, the day before the 2008 Presidential and Congressional election. I have been thinking about something and want to make a prediction. I have found out recently that the Blue Dog conservative Democrats in Congress who are running for reelection are having trouble distancing themselves from Obama and he could cause them to lose this election.

This is very important because it was the Blue Dog conservatives in the Democratic Party winning seats that caused the Democratic Party to gain control of both the House and Senate just two years ago. Those same Blue Dogs in the House are up for reelection this year and, by causing them to lose their elections, Obama, the "Democratic Messiah", could cause the Democratic Party to lose control of the House and maybe even the Senate with their messiah becoming the Democratic curse. The Blue Dogs who won seats in the Senate two years ago won't be up for reelection for another four years but, if there are enough Blue Dogs up for reelection in the Senate this year and they lose, the GOP could also get the Senate back.

Remember that I told you two years ago that the Democrats winning control of the House and Senate then was probably the right move at the wrong time and that winning control of both at that time could easily cause the Democrats to lose everything this election. Well, the Congressional approval rating is the lowest it has been in US history and the Blue Dog Democrats are having additional trouble because of the Democratic Presidential candidate, Obama bin Laden, telling me once again, the liberals are fools and don't have a lick of common sense.

Now why have the lying liberal media not told you about this? Easy, 1) either they are really stupid and have not figured it out and/or 2) they know that you knowing about it will only encourage conservatives to show up to vote and discourage liberals from voting, the exact opposite of what they want.

Also remember that I have shown you in the past that the liberal polls are always off, biased towards the liberals, by at least 5 to 10 points and, often, by 15 points or more. Well, McCain is running just about dead even with Obama bin Laden in the liberal polls which should tell you that, unless the liberals are very successful at voter fraud this time around, McCain should win this election by 10% of the votes or better.

So what is really going to happen? I think that, most likely, barring sufficient voter fraud by the liberals, McCain/Palin will win the White House and the GOP will win back the House and at least gain seats in the Senate with a possible win there also. Now that you have been informed, you shouldn't be surprised when it happens but you can bet the brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, and grossly over paid experts will be surprised. They always are, especially the liberals.

One last note, these brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid experts with the right degree from the right university and a professorship in the right university with a membership on the right think tank but are always wrong and surprised are the same experts Vice President Bush is getting his information, advice, and consultation from. Think about it. The stupid people have taken control of the planet.

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