After Armageddon

After the battle of Armageddon, as described on my last page about the Tribulation, the planet will be about to blow itself apart, the sun will be about to melt it, it will be filled with many forms of death and contaminants, and all life on it will be on the verge of extinction. The planet will not be habitable.

Before Jesus can set up His millenial reign, He must first repair everything. He must rebuild the sun and Earth. The God must create the global ecosystems necessary for life on our planet. He will take the clay which He used to build the Earth, atoms, use them to create the molecules He needs, arrange those molecules into the desired biological structures, and set the appropriate molecules in motion. He will use molecular construction of living organisms to farm life on planet Earth again and, this time, we get to watch the Master at work. This will be beyond fantastic or awesome. Loving science, I can't wait for this. Words will not be able to describe this marvelous display of creation, art, science, and wonder. The greatest artist in the history of existence will do His thing and I get to watch. WOW!!!

Then, with His wisdom and His guidance, we will build the greatest cities and homes to ever grace the face of Earth. We will not create pollution. We will not destroy our environment. We will live peacefully with each other and nature for 1,000 years under the direct rule of God.

For 1,000 years, there wont be any war, crime, rape, hatred, meanness, greed, or using or abusing other people in any way. We wont need a military or police force. We will be able to do without attorneys and wont have politicians to lie to us and deceive us. Every leader will be appointed to a position based on what God knows about that person from their previous life on Earth.

The good, caring people will rule instead of the ambitious. There will be no tempter, the Devil. There wont be any need for propaganda. We wont have recessions and depressions. There wont be any unemployment or nasty bosses to rip us off. We wont have an IRS to stomp on us.

At the beginning of the Tribulation, there will be nothing but the good people from our previous lives. The wicked, greedy, mean, selfish, lying, deceitful, hateful, people will all be in Hell where they cannot hurt anyone.

We will all live for a 1,000 years with young healthy bodies. We will have many children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren which we will all get to see grow up, marry, and have more children. This will be the good times.

Everyone who chose God's love over their crimes, will get 1,000 years of enjoying that love and its blessings in peace. Along with our millions of descendants.

Oh yes, those descendants. They create a little problem. Every person's love for God must be tested to see if they will choose God's love or their own selfishness. For this reason, at the end of the 1,000 years, God will release Satan to tempt those who were born during the millennium. They must also be tested.

God tells us that many of these who have known paradise under the rule of God will turn from His love for their own wickedness. They will choose their crimes over God's love for them. Satan will organize these together into an army and try one last time to over throw God.

This time, we are told that God the Father will intervene Himself. He will have had enough of man's wickedness. God will rain fire down from Heaven and utterly destroy Satan's last army.

Following this last battle, God will raise all of the dead from Hell and there will be what is called the judgment of the Great White Throne. All of the wicked will be judged based on their thoughts, words, and works. Then they will all be cast into God's eternal penal system, The Lake of Fire, where they will never again harm any innocent people.

God tells us how this judgment must be carried out. He gave us the rules and laws for it. There are three very important parts to God's law which tell us about this judgment. First, the people cannot be forced to testify against themselves. Second, every crime must have at least two witnesses or it cannot be prosecuted. Third, God, the judge, cannot testify against them even though He knows everything they did.

In order to meet the requirements of God's law, expose and try every crime as God said would happen, and provide these people with a fair trial, there must be at least two witnesses present for every crime.

The Jewish people believe that there is always one angel with every person for every second of their life. They believe that this angel is constantly writing down every thought, word, and deed of that person. They are right and they are wrong. God's law requires that there be at least TWO witnesses present with each person at all times.

When these people stand before God to be judged, the angels will stand by them and testify to their thoughts, words, and actions. There will be no loop holes, plea bargains, or other errors we have in our legal system. Everything will be made known and everyone will receive a fair trial, and they will be incarcerated according to their crimes against God's law. This trial will prove God to be a just and righteous God and that everyone who is cast into the Lake of Fire is deserving of the punishment.

Following this trial, God will rebuild His garden. This will be another great marvel to watch. It will be even more spectacular than the first following the Battle of Armageddon. We will get to watch a second creation just like the first creation with the exception that man will already exist.

Without the wicked and the great tempter, Satan, there will be peace forever. This will be the beginning of eternity with God.

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