In The Beginning

So, how did this giant ring of water get out there? How did all of this begin? I believe that the answer to these questions lie in the Bible, science, and this sight.

The Garden

It is important to understand that the scriptures tell us that God was making a peaceful garden (The Garden of Eden) for His own recreational purposes. God wanted to peacefully enjoy strolls in this garden with His creations. This garden included the beautiful stars in the sky or our cosmos. The way He did it was scientifically brilliant.

At this point, it is important to understand a significant difference between white holes and black holes. In a black hole, the matter is compressed into a very tiny spot called a singularity. The entire cosmos would be smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. But, in a white hole, the matter does not have to exist in a singularity. We can have a completely constructed cosmos with life.

Now, if you were this very brilliant being we call God and you wanted to create an absolutely beautiful garden, which included the entire cosmos, and you wanted to minimize maintenance for such a complex creation, how would you do it? Simple, you create it in a white hole. Remember that for every hour that passes inside the white hole, billions of years pass outside of the white hole. You would decrease the required maintenance for your creation by billions times billions of times. Add to this the structure and you can see that it was initially meant to last for a very long period of time.


The initial structure was also ingenious. Physics explains why you would create a cosmos this way. Newton theorized that either the cosmos had to be expanding or imploding because, if it were stationary, it would soon begin imploding. Newton was right and he was wrong. There is a third possibility. This possibility is orbital motion which we use to keep our satellites in orbit above the earth. Newton was right that it had to be moving but had left out orbital motion. God knew about orbital motion before we did and took it to a higher level than we could ever.

I believe that God created the cosmos with Earth (His garden) at the center of the cosmos in orbit around the sun with our sister planets. Next He placed the stars (trillions upon trillions of them) in orbit around our universe. He enjoys beauty. Above these, God placed the ring of water spinning (orbiting) steadily around all of the cosmos.

Why the ring of water? Simple,if you have 90% of the cosmos's mass in a liquid state orbiting the cosmos with the right diameter and placement of stars, the spinning ring of water will maintain a balanced field of gravity and keep the stars orbiting so that the cosmos will take many times longer before the orbits would begin to deteriorate and collapse as predicted by Newton. In other words, the ring of water acts like a massive gravitational flywheel to keep the cosmos in balance for a very long period of time further decreasing the required maintenance. Man, would I love to spend eternity learning from this person we call God. What could we learn? :-)

PS: In this Garden of Eden, God used molecular construction of living organisms to farm life. :-)

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