The Bird Flu

Sorry about that, I just realized that I wrote this a long time ago and didn't post it for some reason. Probably some interruption. I wrote this in March and am posting it in August.

I have been warning you that there will come a very super deadly virus which will cause a pandemic killing off tens of millions of people, mostly people with weakened immune systems. I have been following this and there has emerged a new virus which could cause such a pandemic. It is being referred to as The Bird Flu and the CDC has openly admitted that it has them scared. If the CDC openly admits something has them scared, you can bet they are actually terrified. Why would the CDC be terrified about the Bird Flu?

The bird flu was first found in Thailand and has now spread to seven other countries that we know of, not by humans but by wild birds. It seems to be spreading very quickly via the migratory patterns of the infected birds and could easily spread all over Asia, Europe, and Africa within a few years or less. From any of these, it could easily jump over to the American continents by either an overlapping migratory pattern by two or more different bird species or by one or more infected birds being blown by a storm into a migrational pattern for American birds.

What this means is that the disease is being spread in a way that we can't control it. The way we managed to temporarily stop SARs from invading the US and causing such a deadly epidemic, is to control the movement of people who had the disease after the disease had jumped to humans. The problem with the bird flu is that it is spreading through the movement of birds which we can't control before the disease has jumped to humans. If this disease gets spread globally or at least internationally to a variety of countries and then jumps to humans, it will be much easier for the disease to get out of control.

Then you have to take into consideration that, in the few cases in which the disease has jumped to humans, it has had a mortality rate of 70% which means that 7 out of 10 people who get it, die within weeks. That is an extremely high mortality rate for the flu.

What this means is that, if the bird flu makes it to the US via birds and then jumps to humans and only infects 10% of Americans or 30 million people, 21 million people will die within months. If only half of the people in the US or 150 million people are infected, then 105 million people will die within months dropping the US population to less than 200 million within months.

We have known for half a century that the people who are most prone to get and die from a disease are those people who are least healthy with weakened immune systems. I have previously shown that the people who have sexually transmitted diseases and use recreational drugs are most likely to get and die from such a disease because these things weaken the human immune system.

Other things which weaken the human immune system are a lack of fitness and being over weight. It has been known for half a century that the more fit you are, the more resistant you are to a disease and the faster your heal from it. Currently, more than 65% of the people in the US are significantly over weight and at least as many people are significantly out of shape.

Therefore, it should only be common sense that the current epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, which has been conservatively estimated recently that there are at least 70 million people in the US infected with sexually transmitted diseases, the use of recreational drugs, epidemic of obesity, and 200 million people being out of shape mean that this country is a virtual tender box for an epidemic which could easily kill from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of people.

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