Bird Flu II

I have been following the development of a spreading and increasing problem for the global community and, especially, the US. This has been the rapid spread of what they are calling the Bird Flu. This is a particularly nasty virus that is being spread by birds in Asia but is very rapidly making its way towards the rest of the world based on bird migration habits. By March 2005, the disease had spread to about 8 countries and it is now known to be in 17 Asian countries including Eastern Russia only 22 miles from the Alaska coast line.

If you study bird migrations, you realize that the disease is only about one hour from the Alaska coast line, one bird migration from Central and South America, and a maximum of one to two years from the east coast of the US. The bird flu is only a few years, at most, from Europe and only about one or two bird migrations from all of Africa.

I think it is very safe and conservative to estimate or predict that the disease could easily be spread globally within three to five years. That is probably a very conservative estimate because the spread is so rapid that the CDC and other experts have stopped talking about if this disease will spread globally and create a pandemic and have started discussing when. That is critical to know.

This disease is very deadly to humans. So far, only 39 people have been infected but 34 have died from the disease which means a mortality rate of 87.2% which is even worse than the Bubonic Plague which caused the infamous Black Plague and was the only time in recorded history that the human population declined globally. During the Black Plague, the human global population declined by 25% and this was when we humans were much less mobile globally than today.

With today's increased global mobility and much higher population density, it would not be unexpected to see a much greater percentage of the global population infected by this disease. It would not be a stretch of the imagination for from 25% to over 50% of the people on this planet to be infected by such a disease. 25% would be a little over 1.5 billion people and a mortality rate of 87.2% would mean that 1.3 billion people would die from the disease, probably within one to two years. In the US alone, 25% of 300 million people is 75 million people would be infected and that 65.4 million would die from the disease. If they die within one to two years, that translates into from 2.5 to over 5 million people dying every month just in the US. That would just about completely destroy the US economy.

Biology (good old science) tells who will most likely be infected and die from such a pandemic in the US. These would be the people who are most mobile and have the most intimate contacts with other people and who have the least developed or weakest immune systems. I have already explained much of this in prior writings so I shouldn't need to repeat that it will be mostly liberals. I have also already explained about such things as sexually transmitted diseases, drugs, and such weakening your immune system and, again, it shows that liberals will be most likely to get and die from such a disease.

The liberals have also been going after and reviving pagan religions which practice such things as drinking blood of animals or people. If you study biology, you realize why God told us not to drink the blood of animals. All of the bacteria, viruses, and parasites which infect and kill us and animals are contained and carried in our blood. If you drink the blood of an infected person or animal, you are putting those deadly organisms in your body and they will kill you. If you belong to any pagan cult which practices drinking blood, you will greatly increase your chances of getting such diseases as the bird flu.

But there are other things which weaken the immune system you need to know about. First, we have known for over half a century that athletes have stronger immune systems than non-athletes largely because of their better developed cardiovascular systems. They are much less like to become ill from such an infection or die from it unless they have weakened their immune systems with drugs. As a matter of fact, we have known for over half a century that, the more out of shape you are, the more likely you are to get sick or die from such a disease.

Second, we have known for about the same period of time that being significantly over weight also weakens the immune system because it stresses the cardiovascular system. Therefore, the more over weight you are, the weaker your immune system is and the more likely you are to get and die from a disease like the bird flu.

This has become a real problem even among non-liberals because the fitness level for most Americans has declined significantly over the last 15 years. As a matter of fact, even without such a pandemic, today's young people are expected to not live as long as their parents and grandparents for the first time in modern history. Add to this a pandemic with such a high mortality rate and we could see almost an entire generation wiped out in just a few years.

Unfortunately, we are about to find out the true meaning of the biological phrase, "survival of the fittest." A far greater percentage of the unfit will get sick and die from such diseases as the bird flu, especially during the anticipated pandemic.

This problem has been caused from several sources, both liberals and conservatives. From the liberals, there is a group that used to be commonly known in the sports world as culture nazis who hate exercise and sports and have been actively trying to completely destroy the sports culture because of their cultural bigotry. To do so, they have spread a lot of miss information about sports, exercise, and athletes providing the entire community with a lot of bad information concerning fitness and health.

From the conservative side, the over zealous Puritans developed the myth that we should not donate any time towards the things of this world include sports and exercise because that would be taking away from our worship time with God. This concept prevails today among Christians with the belief that we should not be bothered or waste our time with sports or fitness of the body.

I find this a very ignorant concept because, as a biologist, when I read the Law of God, I see that almost all of the laws have at least something to do with fitness and health as well as the spiritual meanings. This is especially true when considered in relation to the life styles of the people during that time. For example, the Jews were forbidden to eat pork for good health reasons. You have to understand that pigs eat just about everything and get just about every kind of bacteria, viruses, and internal parasites in them. The people didn't have any form of food storage such as refrigeration, couldn't cook their food very well over the camp fires they used, and had the nasty habit of eating all meats pretty rare. If you don't cook your food well enough to kill the protists and parasites in it and you eat it, you will get those things in your body and they will kill you.

When I read the Law that says we are to work six days per week and rest one day, I don't see God telling us to sit behind a desk or in front of a computer six days per week. What I see is Him telling us that we need to do physical work or exercise six days per week and rest one day per week or our bodies will atrophy down and we will be less capable of surviving a variety of problems. What I see in the Law is God telling us to take care of our bodies and Him giving us the instructions for doing so thousands of years before we knew enough about exercise physiology and medicine to know these things.

With so much emphasis on the health of the body in the Old Testament, Christians need to develop a new mentality that you are responsible for the maintenance of your bodies and your ability to serve God is effected by your physical health. After all, if your body weakens and you die earlier than intended by God, then you definitely can't perform the full service He originally intended for you. But, if you exercise and keep your body healthy longer, you can serve God longer, and will benefit longer. That is why God puts so much emphasis on your health. You need to learn to be good Christians and Jews and to keep your bodies health by exercising and keeping your weight down to a healthy level. I feel we have a maximum of about three to five years before this bird flu will have spread enough to cause a global pandemic. Therefore, everyone needs to get their bodies in shape and as fit as possible, as quickly as possible.

How do you use this information to help you survive such a pandemic? Quit being a liberal, quit the adultery so that you stop getting more sexually transmitted diseases to further weaken your immune systems, quit your use of drugs, including tobacco, and get yourself in shape and get your weight down to a healthy level. If you quit the drugs and smoking, you stop doing the damage that weakens your immune system and permit your body to start healing. If you have an incurable sexually transmitted disease, you are in trouble but can decrease that trouble by increasing your body's strength and fitness to strengthen your immune system and increase your chances of survival while stopping the adultery to not get more sexually transmitted diseases. If you get in shape and lose weight, you increase the strength of your immune system and increase your chances of surviving such a disease. At this time, survival of the fittest is your best weapon against this disease. A little prayer doesn't hurt either.

Look back at all the things I have discussed in this essay which can increase your chances of getting and dying from something like the bird flu. What you will see is that everything the Law teaches helps prevent getting such diseases and increases the potential for survival. Everything the liberals insist on doing increases your chances of getting and dying from such a disease.

I have found that liberal Christianity has taught us all to believe the lie that God does not hold us accountable for our actions by punishing us for our crimes against His Laws. In my e-novel, Yahweh, I teach and provide the scriptures proving (it may be the first novel ever with an appendix) that God does punish us for our crimes against His Laws AND why He MUST punish us for our crimes against His Laws. It looks like God is getting ready to punish us globally for our crimes against His Laws but is giving us a fare amount of warning so we can stop our crimes and get ready for the coming crisis. Heed the warning!!! (I use the e-novel to teach this and many other things I learned about God over the last 40+ years of research.)

Note: I will workup a page providing the basics and other information for proper fitness and health development and management because most information available about such is wrong. I will post it as soon as I can.

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