Understanding God

God is so brilliant. Everything He does has a place in His over all plan no matter how small it is or how unrelated it may seem to us. When God scattered the ten northern tribes of Israel before the conquest of Judea by Babylon for turning from God to false gods, He had a long term purpose as well as a short term purpose. His short term purpose was to persecute the Jews to drive them back to Him. He then used them coming back to Him to build synagogues all over the world. Later, God would use these synagogues as part of His long term plan. Keep this in mind.

Hundreds of years later in Jerusalem following the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God, God told His Jewish followers to stay in Jerusalem for a while. Then He said they would spread the Gospel throughout Judea, then to Samaria, and, finally, throughout the world. The reason Jesus had the Jewish Christians stay in Jerusalem was so the Church would grow in numbers so that there would be a lot of Christians to take the Gospel of Jesus as the Messiah throughout the world to the scattered Jews and then the Gentiles as quickly as possible to begin the time of the Gentiles.

When there were a large number of Jewish Christians in Jerusalem, God began persecuting the Jewish Christians in Jerusalem to scatter them, first, throughout Judea, then to Samaria, and, finally, throughout the world. Then God used the synagogues He had used His scattered people to create around the world to quickly spread the word of the coming of the Messiah to the Jew first and then to the Gentiles. God brilliantly scattered the Jews to punish the Jews for having strayed from God, bring them back to God, and then to build the synagogues which He would later use to spread His Word throughout the world.

Everything which has happened, is happening, and will happen on this planet is a part of God's great plan. Everything is building towards the final Judgment of God and His eternal plan of separating the good from the bad and rebuilding His garden. Even the flood of Noah is becoming a factor in this plan as it gets closer to the end. He even uses the persecution of His people when they fall away from Him to teach them, drive them back to Him, and move them to where He needs them so they can bring about His will as part of His over all plan. Every little thing, whether good or bad, is part of God's plan.

Another example of this is permitting the evolutionists to have control of the various media to suppress the truth about creation and promoter their lies about evolution for a purpose. Over 100 years ago, man, in one of his many acts of "brilliance", said,"We don't need God. We can figure out how things work or happened on our own." God stepped back and said,"Oh yeah, well, let's see how brilliant man is."

So God has been patiently watching and waiting. He is permitting these brilliant people to broadcast to the entire world their great brilliance. When God finally says enough and proves them to be wrong, it will completely destroy the credibility of all these brilliant antigod experts, judges, teachers, politicians, and others. How better to show how stupid man really is, how brilliant God really is, and how much we need God to even understand our world. The brilliance is that these antigod experts only think they have won and don't have enough common sense to realize that it isn't over yet. The big laugh is that God is letting us prove how stupid we are. It isn't how many battles you win but who wins the last battle.

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