Bill Clinton

Have you noticed that Bill Clinton has been running around the world getting a lot of press as being a good, kind, caring person while "doing" really great things to help people? Have you seen him on TV walking through crowds in all countries shaking hands with the people? Have you seen him getting a lot of TV interviews from his ultra liberal socialist/commie buddies portraying him as this great caring person? Have you noticed that, since the Asian Tsunami, Bill has been out campaigning all over the US and the rest of the world trying to increase his global popularity?

Hold it!!! What would Bill Clinton be campaigning for? Why would he be walking through crowds shaking people's hands, especially in other countries, if he were just getting aid for sick and injured people? Shouldn't he be spending that time getting funds for more sick and injured people? Why is Bill getting almost all of the attention and credit while his "buddy", Bush, Sr. is mostly in the background? Why all the obvious campaigning?

I mean, after all, what office could he possibly be running for? He can't run for President again, can he? Yep!

Oh, not president of the US. Do you know that Kofi Annan is serving his last year as President of the United Nations? Mr. Bill is running for President of the UN; bet on it. And his ultra liberal, super socialist/commie media buddies are helping him even if it means they have to risk being arrested and tried for treason to the US to help him get elected.

Why the big deal about President of the United Nations? Well, remember that Bill spent 8 years giving Russia billions of US dollars in aid that went to help Russia rebuild their shattered military after they lost the cold war to Regan, Bill sold the Chinese who knows what US military weapons secrets while providing them with billions of dollars in aid that were obviously used to build their new military to where they are no longer afraid of engaging the US in nuclear warfare, and he did all of this while Al Quaeda spent seven years attacking the US with Bill not only not fighting to protect us but spending those seven years tearing down the US military and intelligence organizations weakening the US.

Gee, it couldn't be that Bill and his commie buddies were planning all along to weaken the US while helping Russia, China, and their allies, the terrorists, get stronger so that when he became elected President of the UN he could use our weakness in relation to China, Russia, and Islam to force the US to submit to UN rule and set up his one-world, ultra liberal, socialists/commie government with him as the ruler of the world?

Have you noticed that the ultra liberal media have not yet picked a darling to begin supporting for President of the US. Yes, I know it is still early but they don't even seem to be trying. But then, why should they, if they can seize control of the entire planet via the UN after having built their allies and weakened the US?

I figure they were probably planning on achieving their goal a different way with successive liberal US presidents but they began to lose power before they could achieve their goal because their liberal lifestyle caused too many of their liberal voters to be killed off. So they had to resort to plan B where they will get Bill to seize control of the US via the UN and then set up their one-world government with Bill as the ruler.

I would not be surprised to find out that, right now, Bill is the most popular person in the world. He should be with all the campaigning he has been doing in all the countries he has been in; with the help of his media cronies. After all, he has been walking the streets shaking hands with people in countries that even their own rulers won't walk among them.

Remember in the scriptures where it says that the false prophet of the Antichrist will perform all sorts of miracles? Did you know that right now in Iran the religious leaders are using black magic and witchcraft to perform all sorts of miracles to mesmerize the people and control them? And they say it is working incredibly well. Gee, could it be the the false prophet will be a Muslim cleric? Who would have believed that Islam would be the one world religion with a man of European descent as ruler of their one-world government?

Yep, it is getting close, isn't it. Getting a little scary, is it? I bet. Soon, very soon; look up! To those who have understanding, let them understand.

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