Liberal Crisis 11

This is one of the many things I told you would happen years ago and it is now beginning to happen. I recently read an item at concerning changes that are currently taking place within the Democratic Party.

In order to save their party, first, the leaders began to promote and sell ultra liberal radicals like John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and others as moderates and "main stream", just like I told you they would be most people know better and just wouldn't buy it. Now they are beginning to promote liberals within the party who don't agree 100% with the ultra liberal platform causing the party to move towards the right.

Why would they be doing this? Because they know that the conservatives outnumber the liberals by so much that an ultra liberal can no longer get elected as President of the US but it is even worse than that. Most of the people they are now promoting are not looking at running for President; they are planning on running for Congress to help the party try to regain power within Congress.

The Democratic Party has become so desperate that they are even willing to give up several of their "holy grail" issues such as gun regulation, family values, and, even the holiest of issues, abortion. This should tell you that the Democratic Party is more concerned with power than with ideas and issues.

These new Democrats include Brad Ellsworth likes to hunt, opposes abortion and says he'll put his ``family values up against anybody''; Elwyn Tinklenberg, who is anti-abortion, and former college and professional football player Heath Shuler, an avid hunter from North Carolina who opposes abortion and gun controls; Bob Casey, who opposes abortion rights; Monica Lindeen, a pro-gun state representative; and Mark Warner, a gun supporter who appeared on the cover of the National Rifle Association magazine last year.

In the article, Heidi Przybyla states, "Recruiting anti-abortion and pro-gun candidates is part of a broader Democratic effort to recast the party's image on social issues. Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life of America, said she used to have a hard time getting the Democratic National Committee to return phone calls. Then in April, the group was allowed to use the committee's headquarters to unveil a plan to reduce the U.S. abortion rate. ``It's a big step,'' Day said. In another sign of Democrats trying to broaden their appeal on the issue, Senator Hillary Clinton of New York, the prospective 2008 Democratic presidential candidate who leads in polls, said in a speech to family-planning providers last January that both sides of the debate should work to reduce abortions by focusing on unwanted pregnancies." One of the biggest problems being faced by the Democratic Party is their hatred for morals and values. In the article, Heidi further states, "The problem was further documented in an August memo by Democracy Corps, a Democratic research organization. Focus groups found that most voters considered Democrats to be ``liberal'' on issues of morality, according to the memo. Some voters even used the words ``immoral'' or ``morally bankrupt'' to describe Democrats."

Basically, the Democrats are doing what I told you years ago they would have to do in order to survive and that is move to the right or die. Increasingly, the ultra liberals will either be forced to change their values and show it with their voting records in Congress, stop pretending to have changed, or be forced out of the party all together.

You will very likely see a major battle begin to develop within the Democratic Party between the liberals and moderates for control of the party just like I said would happen. Remember that most of their voters are still pro-abortion and anti-gun so the big question will be how will they continue to get those votes and get the conservative votes? This creates a huge problem within the Democratic Party especially when there are two or more people running for an office during the party primaries. With the majority of the voters being against the core values of the new, more moderate Democrats, either the party will have to forbid ultra liberals from running against the new Democrats or the ultra liberals will continue to get elected and keep losing against the conservative Republican candidates. It will be interesting to see who the Democratic Party handles this problem.

But the liberal crisis doesn't stop there. Just like I told you and has already begun to happen, with the declining liberal population and growing conservative population, the media must move to the right or become the propaganda machines for the Green Party. Recently, both ABC and CBS have reworked their news agencies in hopes of getting their dwindling viewer ships back up. This shift to the right must continue or they will go out of business and, just like I told you, when faced with bankruptcy or keeping good paying jobs, the top people will give up their agendas and follow the market.

These things are accelerating in frequency and intensity and will keep moving to the right to survive. They will probably have to start firing the top people and replacing them with people who will give up ultra liberal agendas and follow the market the way Disney recently did. The moral pendulum is rapidly swinging back to the right because liberalism has been tried and has failed miserably.

I guess the big question is will the Democratic Party survive or die and be replaced with another party of more moderates with the radical ultra liberals going to the Green Party? Stick around and we will both find out but, at this moment, it looks like the Democrats are starting to make the right moves. In my opinion, the Democrats are going to have to stop hating God, guns, children, capitalism, democracy, family, the military, law enforcement, and other main stream American values.

In a nutshell, the liberals have shot themselves in the foot while trying to run a marathon.

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