DNA Mapping

With the recent identifying of what is BELIEVED to be all the genes on the human chromosomes, some evolutionists are already braying that this information proves evolution. The question is, "What does this prove, if anything?"

First, we have to realize what has been done and what has not been done. All that has been done is to identify what appears to be all of the genes on the human chromosomes. They have NOT determined the function of the majority of the chromosome material which is believed to not be genes. They have NOT determined the function of all of the genes. They have NOT determined the function for the placement of the genes on the different chromosomes. Basically, they have only accomplished a small part of the total task and the evolutionists are claiming a victory. This is irrational, at best, but is normal for the evolutionary community.

We already know that the proper position of a gene on a particular chromosome is crucial to the function of the gene. As a matter of fact, the displacement of these genes to the wrong place on a chromosome or to the wrong chromosome is catastrophic. The vast majority of these types of mutations result in the death of the infant before birth. Most of these mutations which don't kill the embryo prior to birth, kill the child very soon after birth. Of the remaining few mutations of this type, most either result in the crippling of the individual and often early mortality or have no known effect. We do not know of ONE such mutation which is 100% beneficial to the human meaning that there are no known negative side effects.

Keeping this in mind, I believe what we will find is very similar to how a computer is constructed. There are relatively few different computer components that make up a computer. The most important aspect of the construction of the computer is how these components are wired on the different boards. If you place the same component on a different place on the same board, it has a different function. If you place it on a different board, its function changes again.

Think of the chromosomes as the genetic boards. Place a gene on a different position on the same board and it kills or cripples the organism. Place it on a different board and it kills or cripples the organism. Therefore, I believe we will find that the "boards" and the relative placements on those boards are at least as crucial as the genes themselves. Based on what we already know, these genes have to be placed in the right spot on the right board for that organism to function. Therefore, the relative placement of all the genes within the total DNA pool for the organism is what will determine the structure and function of the organism.

If you take the same or many of the same genes and place them on one set of boards in the right positions, you get an earthworm. If you place the same or many of the same genes on a different set of boards in different positions, you get a human, elephant, or other organism. Therefore, the chromosomes and the positioning on the chromosomes are at least as important as which genes are being used.

This creates a potential problem for evolutionists. In order for evolution to be POSSIBLE, the boards and positioning on the boards MUST be similar and progressive. If they are too dissimilar or nonprogressive, then evolution could not possibly have happened regardless of the similarity of the genes present.

Therefore, dissimilar and nonprogressive chromosomes and positions can still disprove evolution. Can similar and progressive chromosomes and positions prove evolution? Absolutely not because they could just as easily have been created that way. Remember my page on similarities where I showed how similarities cannot prove evolution but dissimilarities can disprove it? It works for the gene structure also.

Therefore, the BEST DNA mapping can do for evolution is to not disprove it because it cannot prove evolution but can prove evolution cannot happen. Creation can be possible regardless of structure because it could have been created anyway.

Evolutionists should not be braying, they should be praying.

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