Draining Continents?

A number or months ago, I was having a discussion on the internet with a medical doctor in Australia when something occurred to me. Over the last 10 to 20 years, archaeologists have been making some interesting discoveries in the dessert areas of North Africa and the Middle East. We have been discovering that these very parched areas were lush, green gardens with large farms and orchards which supported surprisingly large cities and economies. These communities were even recorded in writings in other communities as garden paradises where people loved to visit and live.

Add to this, that the dessert in Africa is growing at an incredible rate, there are presently droughts around the world with areas drying up every where, and the single largest concern in the world is fresh water, the lack of which, is expected to be the cause of the next world war. As a matter of fact, National Geographic has had a number of stories over the last few decades addressing this problem.

Is the world drying up?

Obviously, something has caused and is causing these areas to dry up which means a massive global drought. But a drought would mean that, over all, there has been a relatively continuing drought on a global basis for thousands of years. Could it be something else?

The problem is that more water is draining and evaporating from our continents than is falling on them and this has been going on for thousands of years. This is evident in the local water problems we are facing all over the world. For example, in New Mexico, we just had a record decade for precipitation during the 1980's and we had well above normal snow fall for the Winter of 2000 to 2001 with other good snow years since the 1980's. In spite of all this good weather, our state, even the high mountains, is quickly drying up. In 2001, the Rio Grande River, the seventh largest river in the US, dried up in places for the first time in recorded history.

This situation is present everywhere. Recently, the City of New York went on a sever drought alert, most of the western US and east coast are suffering serious to severe water shortages. And this problem is being reported on a global basis.

History and current events are telling us that there has been a continuous condition on this planet for thousands of years where more water has been and still is draining and evaporating from our continents than is falling on them. This means that there had to be a massive amount of water deposited on our continents thousands of years ago or we would never have had enough water on our continents for life in the first place.

Add to these things that research has shown that the Sphinx is suffering from erosion caused by considerable salt deposits within its structure. It has been shown that the Sphinx had to have been submerged under salty water for at least a reasonable period of time for there to be that much salt deposited in the stones.

Could it be that these things are proofs of a one time global flood? Could it be that during what we refer to as Noah's Flood, the Earth was completely submerged causing the soil to become saturated and it has just been draining since?

This is very significant because, if it is true, the continents of the planet will eventually drain or dry up to the extent to where the only place people MAY be able to live will be near the oceans. In order for people to live in the inner parts of the continents, they will either have to depopulate and resort to an extreme form of water conservationism or pipe large amounts of desalinated water inland.

New Mexico is only an example of this problem. Many communities have already dried up and are having to either pipe in or truck in water. Most of the communities are facing near future water shortages and even complete resource depletions. For example, Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, a city of over one million is expected to run our of water by the year 2005, Ruidoso, New Mexico, a mountain tourist resort is expected to run out of water by 2010, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, is expected to run out of water by about 2015.

The way we have been looking at these crisis is that we have exceeded the water carrying capacity of the areas. But could it be that the water carrying capacities have also been decreasing? If so, then communities which are currently below the water carrying capacity, even with a no growth population, will eventually exceed the water carrying capacity for that area.

This is very serious and we need to know the truth very soon. What we need to find out is, what is the rate of water drainage and evaporation from our continents in relation to the rain fall. If it is above the rain fall, we will eventually run out of water on our continents which will radically change life on Earth forever.

The irony here is that, in order to solve this problem, we may have to admit that Noah's Global Flood did occur.

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