Dark Energy

There is a new hypothesis out trying to explain why the galaxies are accelerating away from the center of the cosmos in violation of the fundamental principles of gravity and speed. According to the laws of physics, these galaxies should be decelerating instead of accelerating. To answer this question, scientists have come up with a hypothesis about what they are calling Dark Energy.

It is hypothesized that there is a very low level energy spread evenly throughout our cosmos. The hypothesis states that this low level energy is causing the fabric of space to expand evenly throughout the entire cosmos. The cumulative effect of this would cause the matter furthest from the center of the cosmos to be accelerating fastest.

There is a very serious problem with this neat sounding hypothesis which shows how little evolutionists are thinking their ideas through in their desperation to come up with answers about our existence which will fit accidental coincidence or evolution. The question I pose for these scientists is this, "If the fabric of space is expanding evenly at the rate we see the cosmos expanding at, would it even be possible for any matter to pull together creating larger matter?"

The answer here has to be, "of course not." If the fabric of space were expanding and moving matter, it would be moving matter further apart, evenly, and at such a rate that it would not be possible for any matter to pull together under the various attractive forces we know about. This would prevent even the simplest particles like electrons and protons from forming. This means that there could never have been atoms much less huge clouds of hydrogen gas.

Without the forming of atoms, we could never have developed clouds of space matter such as hydrogen gas much less stars and definitely not galaxies. The expanding of the fabric of space moving matter further apart at such a great rate of speed would have prevented any secondary matter from forming at all. Our existence would be a huge cloud of subatomic particles scattering through space. The very fact that we have any secondary matter much less solar systems and, even worse, galaxies proves that the fabric of space cannot be expanding and that this expansion of space is moving matter farther apart.

Therefore, the fabric of space cannot possibly be expanding and our cosmos must be expanding through space itself. These simple facts prove the concept of Dark energy to be the irrational grabbing of straws to keep evolution alive. The entire concept contradicts what we see transpiring in space.

For a more rational explanation of why the galaxies are expanding away from the center at an accelerating rate of speed see my page "The Cosmos." I would also like to pose the hypothesis that the back ground noise we have detected could have been caused by or contributed to by a number of different things other than the Big Bang. That noise could just as easily have been caused by whatever catastrophe God created to cause this expansion of our cosmos and Noah's Flood. It could also have been caused by or at least contributed to by our cosmos expanding through space. Then there is the possibility that it could have also been contributed to by the collapse of the event horizon I mention on the page "The Cosmos." These are all viable possibilities we need to consider and we need to give little time to considering the very simplistic explanations evolutionists keep dreaming up to keep evolution alive.

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