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Below is a strategy which God has shown me for helping stop and defeat the blatant lies of evolutionists. Please feel free to copy and paste or print and distribute this any where and every where. Email or forward it to anyone you want. This may be broadcast over or printed in any medium as long as it is kept in proper perspective. This needs to get out to as many people as possible. You will understand why.

I am using what the military would call a flanking action. We will start with a quality education and truth in education issue to open a very strategic door for future operations.

The basic strategy is developed around the concepts of quality and truth in education similar to the truth in advertising laws. It would involve suing one or more schools, the instructors, publishers, and any one else involved in the educational process which is teaching false information to establish that concepts which have been proven to be false cannot be taught in public schools and proofs which have been proven to be false cannot be used to teach in public schools.

The basis for these suits would be the use of proofs such as the peppered moth being used to teach evolution in public schools when these proofs have been proved to be false.

The goal is to have three classifications established for such proofs and concepts. The first would be the items which have been proven to be invalid or false. It would not be permissible to use these items to prove anything which they do not prove. The second classification would be for items which are neither proven nor disproven and, when using them in teaching, it must be pointed out that there are opposing views as to the validity of these proofs and concepts. The last classification would be for items which have been proven by the data to be true beyond a reasonable doubt. These items could not be considered to be true based on popular opinion but purely on the evidence. They can be taught as being true.

For proofs which are currently being used and have been proven false, we want it to become public record and published by the media (1) the proof that is false such as the peppered moth (2) why that proof is false (3) when that proof was proved false so everyone will instantly know that the proofs they have been taught as true have been proven to be false for very long periods of time and (4) who proved that proof to be false.

This should be relatively easy to win because no one can justify teaching lies, false information, or incorrect information to us or our children especially at a time when quality of education is such a major issue in the US. To even defend using incorrect or false information to teach us or our children would place the defense in a position of high risk for losing their credibility and respect because it places them in the position of being against quality education. If done properly, even the evolution biased media will be forced to take our side to protect the children and improve quality of education to protect their image and credibility.

What this would do to evolution is (1) proofs for evolution must be rated and classified publicly for everyone to know the truth (2) it would automatically eliminate all of their most commonly used proofs for evolution while putting the rest at risk and (3) it would make it easy for people to find out that they have been blatantly lied to by evolutionists for decades. This would quickly destroy the credibility for evolutionists opening the door for creationist scientists to present their information to a more receptive public. In the long term, it would lead to the public being made aware that science has already proved that evolution did not and cannot happen and that creation did happen. That will lead us to proving the Bible, the existence of God, and salvation through Jesus. Of course this will have to be done one step at a time.

A victory with this strategy will also place evolutionists and publishers in a risky situation since the teachers or professors, the schools, and the publishers of books and videos could be sued for teaching information which is known to have been proven false. These people would be held accountable by the courts for their actions in education. The information classified as questionable or in debate will provide its own protection against suit if taught as such.

To get our foot in the door and to increase the potential for success in this endeavor, you should only use a few items such as the peppered moth which has been proved to be invalid beyond any doubt. This would remove their ability to argue or confuse as part of their defense. It needs to be as cut and dry as possible. Permitting just one item into your case which can be even remotely debated would be to permit them to create a distraction from the obviously false items.

Once the precedence is set, then we can set our next strategies based on the results.

I cannot over stress that the ONLY basis for these suits MUST be quality of education and not creation verses evolution. It should be common sense that teaching false information cannot be quality education and is, therefore, denying you and/or your children a quality education whether in a public school, college, or university.

We will see how much these people love their religion of evolution when you attack them in their precious wallets where it will hurt them the most. Very few will dare teach incorrect information even for their precious false religion if they know that any of their students or the parents of those students can sue them for denying those students a quality education by teaching things which are not true. Every teacher, professor, school, publisher, medium, or any one else involved in the educational process will become liable for denying a quality education by teaching things which are incorrect. This will put the fear of God in their hearts.

God Bless,
Carl Cantrell

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