Why Death?

We like to think of death as being completely horrible and evil along with being the end of things because it is the end of life as we know it. Because of this, many tend to think of God as not being good or even being evil for permitting death. So, why would a good, kind, loving, and caring God permit death in the world?

The answer is because of the evil or wickedness of man. Current events support this but so does scripture.

God introduced death into this world when Adam and Even sinned and for a reason. Prior to the flood, men regularly lived to anywhere from 500 years of age up to almost 1,000 years of age. We have recently learned that the longer a criminal commits crimes, the easier it gets for that person to commit those crimes. This is especially true with murder. Any law enforcement agent will tell you that we have learned that it gets easier to murder with each successive murder.

Now imagine criminals or evil people living to be from 500 to almost 1,000 years old. That would be a very long time for them to become calloused to their crimes and become very indifferent about hurting or killing other people. I could not imagine how cruel man could become with that much time when I see the cruelty of men who only live to be just 25 to 50 years old. We have recently been discovering how cruel even teenagers can be. Just imagine that person after 500 years of being progressively more cruel. Whole sale slaughter of innocent people and children would be easy and even a form of entertainment for such people.

This is why God shortened man's life expectancy following the flood. Could you imagine how cruel such people as Hitler, Stalin, or Amin would have been by just 100 years of age? Forget about such monsters

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