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I just came across some interesting dots at, one in particular is a bit of a coincidence.

On September 3, just before the Navy ship yard shooting, Strategic Command, which is in charge of the US nuclear program covering both US Navy (subs) and US Air Force (bombers and missiles) nuclear weapons, the number two officer in command or deputy commander, Navy Vice Adm, Tim Giardina, was suspended from duties because of "illegal gambling", for which he is still under investigation by Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS). Though the action was taken about three weeks ago, before the shooting, the information about it was just released. The spokeswoman said that Giardina was under investigation by an outside or non military law enforcement agency but wouldn't identify the agency for some reason. That alone should be a red flag.

The significant coincidences in this information, which require us to at least consider this as a potential dot in the Navy ship yard shooting picture, are 1) the story about the shooting being to prevent the arrest of Obama because of a nuclear weapons theft to use the weapons against Washington D.C., 2) the timing of this event is perfect and fits the story, 3) the deputy commander being in charge of Navy and Air Force nukes being relieved of duty just before the shooting, 4) and this event being investigated by NCIS at the time of the shooting. This event is just too perfect of a fit to the shooting story and I don't see any contradictions which would eliminate this event from being part of the shooting story.

First, let me state that it is possible that he is really under investigation for illegal gambling but I know that, if the officer had tried or succeeded in illegally removing nukes from a US military base, something a man in his position would be capable of doing, the military would not admit such had taken place as long as the crime is still under investigation. Another possibility would be that the lefties had used knowledge of Giardina's illegal gambling to black mail him into committing treason by illegally removing nukes, which is why military personnel doing anything illegal or unethical, such as committing adultery, is considered a threat to national security. Therefore, this is something you want to add in with the other dots concerning the story about the Navy ship yard shooting and keep it in the back of your mind for now. You also need to consider such things in relation to other related things going on such as Obama consistently helping terrorists, Obama tearing down the US military, and other such things.

But there are a few other "coincidental" dots which came with this story and raise at least one or two questions and possibilities. Please note that these were all in the last six months, which can be important. These include:

Last spring the nuclear missile unit at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, pulled 17 launch control officers off duty after a problematic inspection and later relieved of duty the officer in charge of training and proficiency.

In August a nuclear missile unit at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana, failed a nuclear safety and security inspection; nine days later an officer in charge of the unit's security forces was relieved of duty.

These could all be nothing, when looked at individually, but, when looked at in conjunction with the Navy ship yard shooting and the story of Giardina being relieved of duty just before the shooting, they could be a picture of the military having uncovered a plot by the lefties to infiltrate officers into the military to steal nukes and the military getting rid of commie traitor moles. You have to understand that, if the military admits they are getting rid of moles, it will just cause the remaining moles to go deep and dark, making it even tougher for the military to get them all so the military would "officially" bring other charges against traitors until the investigation is completed, meaning they feel they have all of the moles.

With the missing nukes in the Carolinas being under investigation, one must ask, "How many other nukes are missing and we don't know about them yet?" It would be an excellent time for the US military to do a nuke inventory and don't be surprised to find out they have been doing one and it will be very special security teams doing the counting. Every now and then, you just need to count those puppies to make sure they are all where they belong.

Again, something to keep in the back of your mind and watch to see if other officers in charge of nukes get busted in the near future. Keep an eye on this. It may be nothing, it may be huge, but these are important dots which, some time in the future, you will decide to keep or throw away. In military intelligence the things which seem the smallest and least important, are all too often the most important. Time will tell. Keep an eye on it.

With such wonderful news, it is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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