Fight's On

The fight is on, the war has started, are you in the fight? The liberal commie traitors, who infiltrated our military, are right now committing blatant acts of war and crimes against our US soldiers and the rest of us. These traitors are actively and aggressively waging open war against Christians in the US military by persecuting them, arresting them for their Christian beliefs, and driving them out of the US military. Today it is the Christians, tomorrow it will be the rest of the good troops who will not turn their weapons on the US people when the commie traitors tell them to in order for the traitors to set up their dictatorship. The fight's on, are you in it?

These troops are taking a stand for YOU making serious sacrifices for YOU to protect YOU, YOUR families, YOUR freedoms, and YOUR rights. WILL YOU TAKE A STAND FOR THEM TO PROTECT THEM FROM THE CRIMINAL ACTIONS BEING COMMITTED AGAINST THEM? Or will you do like the liberals have brainwashed so many of you into believing how a Christian acts and just sit on your lazy, cowardly butts in those too comfy pews and praying like a bunch of idiot pacifists?

Jesus set the example by going on the offensive to chase the money changers out of the Temple. Will you go on the offensive to chase these criminals out of the military? You are to pray and THEN go to war and not just sit on your cowardly butts in those too comfortable pews praying.

If you won't take a stand for these troops to protect them from the criminal actions being committed against them by the liberal commie traitors, who infiltrated our military, then you don't deserve for these troops to take a stand for you to protect you from your enemies. If you don't take a organized stand against these traitors to protect these troops and keep the traitors from driving the good troops out of the US military, then those troops won't be able to take a stand against anyone who brings their weapons against you. It is time for all of you good Americans, Christians and otherwise to pray and then show up to the fight.

These criminal traitors in the US military swore an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution and they are violating of that oat by persecuting Christians in the military and, as soon as they drive those Christians out of the US military, they will use our military to begin persecuting you. They have violated their sworn oath, which is an act of treason, breach of contract, and a federal crime. These criminals and traitors should be held accountable for their actions and crimes and they should be dishonorably discharged from the military, incarcerated in a federal prison, and litigated for damages and the US military legal system is not doing its job to protect these Christian troops so you must do your job by taking a stand forcing the federal government and military to hold these traitors and criminals accountable for their actions and crimes.

This is a call to arms for all good US citizens to organize very quickly, start legal actions against these traitors and criminals driving them out of the US military in disgrace, incarcerating them in a federal prison, and litigating against them for the damages they are causing our troops. Either you get your butts out of those too comfortable pews and take a stand for our troops or they won't be able to take a stand for you in the near future when you need it to stop these criminals and traitors from setting up their dictatorship!


You can bet the traitors are betting and hoping you will cower under your pews and not take a stand for your troops.

With this war now being openly and blatantly waged against you, it is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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