Education Scam IV

The disaster I predicted in "The Education Scam" is upon us. Tonight on the news, They stated that the number of unemployed people with college degrees has now reached a point to where they represent 25% of the unemployed workforce and that the unemployed college graduate workforce has increase 300% in the last three years.

This is only the beginning and it will get worse rapidly. Don't be surprised to see the unemployed college graduate workforce double, triple, or worse within the next few years. The liberals told us over 30 years ago that everyone getting a college degree would end poverty. Instead, we have increasing numbers of well educated poor and lower middle class people as I predicted four years ago. It seems the liberals had another brilliant idea which has turned into a worse problem than the problem they were trying to fix.

At this time, I would not encourage a young person to go to college for more than a few degrees in industries for which there are currently severe shortages. I would instead encourage them to attend a vocational school, learn a trade, work very hard at being good in that trade while learning the industry involving the trade, save their money, take a business class from the SBA or Small Business Development Centers, and start their own business for that trade. This is one of the best ways for a young person to become a self made millionaire in the next 50 years.

If you have a college degree, are young enough (under 35), and are having trouble finding work, I suggest you attend a vocational school and learn a trade. If you are not young enough, I strongly encourage you to use your college education, take an SBA or SBDC class for business management, and start your own business in whatever you can. You may have to do this to stay out of poverty. Increasing numbers of you will never get another job with your college degrees.

This creates a huge problem in that many of these graduates have large college loans to pay off and increasing numbers of them will never be able to pay those loans off with the incomes they will receive. The government will have to forgive millions of college loans and I would not be surprised to see such an angry outcry from the general public when they learn the cause of this problem that the government will be forced to find and prosecute the college professors and administrators who engineered and assisted the education scam holding them responsible for their actions.

The liberals are currently trying to blame President Bush for this problem but it was clearly caused by the liberal colleges, professors, and leaders who sold so many on the concept that everyone getting a college education would eliminate poverty and that it was becoming necessary to get a college degree to stay out of poverty. It turns out that getting a college degree will put many into poverty.

The fix for this problem is, first, exposing the scam and the damage it has done, second, educating people to the effects of the scam and that most of them should learn a trade instead of getting a college degree, and, third, forgiving millions of college loans so people will not spend the first half of their productive lives or more paying for something which only hurt them.

I believe that the anger which will be felt by many when they find out what has happened, who caused it, and the people it is hurting could easily cause a socio-economic upheaval which will cause many innocent people to get hurt. I would not be surprised to see individuals lose control in frustration and disappointment and becoming serial killers praying on the people they "believe" caused their problems with this scam. I hope not.

In studying history, you learn that poverty has never caused a revolution. Historians will tell you that what causes revolutions is unfulfilled expectations. This happens when large numbers of people expected one thing and got less in life. They become extremely frustrated striking out at the governments, businesses, and others which they feel denied them their expectations. This means that we are treading dangerously close to some form of socio-economic upheaval if this problem gets too bad with too many people being hurt. This is the main reason I feel the school loans for these people must be forgiven and the scam artists be prosecuted in hopes of placating these people.

If enough of these very well educated poor people get mad enough to organize and revolt, it will probably be the most damaging and effective revolt in the history of the world. You have to understand that these are very well educated people who know how to organize and research. They will find out who caused or contributed to the scam and go directly for those people. This will not be a bunch of ignorant farmers storming castles with pitchforks. It could quickly evolve into a high tech form of terrorism against the people they believe caused the problem.

If this gets bad enough, I would not be surprised to see liberal college professors, presidents, and politicians who were part of this scam dragged from their houses in the dead of night and given a little designer tar and feathers. I also would not be surprised to see large numbers of police officers taking their time to respond to such attacks because increasing numbers of them will be frustrated college graduates. There will be little if any sympathy for these people. I hope not.

I believe our government will have to act quickly to prevent such dire actions in retaliation for this scam. I just hope they act soon enough. If they don't, this could get nasty.

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