Ezekial 38 And 39

I am amazed at how many of these self proclaimed prophets fail to understand something. They watch what is happening in Israel and worry themselves to death. They fear for Israel's future instead of believing what God said. What amazes me most is that they fail to see God's hand and the fulfillment of prophesy in what is happening.

They watch as President Clinton forces Israel to give up land in the name of peace to countries which have absolutely no desire to have peace with Israel. They worry about the Muslim countries arming themselves while promising peace to Israel. They fear for the fate of Israel as the world turns against her. What do these "prophets" think God will do in fulfilling His Word, have these armies march against Israel out of the clear blue without a buildup and the world turning against Israel? Or, is it possible that they really don't believe in God or His word at all?

You see, if they really believed in God or His word, they would realize that God's Word must be true and has to be fulfilled. If they really were prophets, when they see such things happenings, they would understand what God is doing and not be afraid. They would also understand that we cannot stop God's will from happening because God cannot be wrong. These prophets would also know that everything comes to good because of God.

Yet, I see these prophets getting people to try and stop the developments involving Israel. I ask,"Why don't these prophets know that these things must happen because God said they would happen." Maybe because they aren't really prophets.

I watch the things developing concerning Israel and know that God is doing His thing. I see His Word being fulfilled. Why would I, a child of God, try to stop the work of God? Why would I pray that the prophesies of God not be fulfilled? I only know one being and his followers who would try to stop the will of God. Think about it.

What I see happening is that God is moving everything toward the battle of Ezekial 38 and 39. I see prophesy, which is over 2,000 years old, coming true before our eyes. I see God preparing the world so He can move Russia and their Muslim allies onto the northern hills of Israel (Lebanon and Syria) to commit genocide just like He said He would. I praise God for letting me see the fulfillment of his Word. I joy at the movement by the enemies of Israel toward waging war against her because it shows that God is not a liar. I don't fear for Israel because God said He will save her and I believe God. I rejoice in knowing that God will soon destroy those who hate His Israel. I praise God and rejoice that I will get to see the destruction of those who hate Israel. They cannot hurt Israel because God said they will not and He cannot be wrong.

Why do these "prophets" not see and understand these things? Why do they not rejoice at the fulfilling of prophesy? Why do they try to stop the will and work of God? Why do they teach that trying to stop the will of God is good? Why don't these "prophets" have the understanding of God?

This thing must happen because God said it will happen and He even described how it would happen. It will also happen soon. That soon could be 5, 10, or 20 years. One thing God has taught me over the last 35 years is that He will often make something move very quickly and then suddenly stop while He develops other things. He does this to test and build our faith. When we see Him moving in an area, we tend to get our hopes up. Then, when He stops moving in that area, it permits Satan to question our faith and beliefs. Those who are God's will grow from this. The faith of the rest fails and they stop believing anything about God.

I pray for Israel but that God's will be done concerning her. That means that the battle of Ezekial must take place. It means that the world must turn against Israel. Does this mean that I pray for the world to turn against Israel? No, it means that I know they will, accept it, and rejoice when I see it happening because I knowing that God will take care of it. I fear nothing about Israel because I believe God. Israel won't be destroyed and the Jews wont be killed off because God said they wont be. Therefore, these things cannot happen regardless of what the entire world does.

When I see the fools running these other countries moving to do what God said they cannot do, I laugh at them and rejoice in God. It isn't possible for them to do these things. Just as God said, they will gather on the northern hills of Israel to destroy Israel and kill off the Jews. I rejoice when I see them moving that way because (1) they are fulfilling God's Word, (2) their efforts are folly and cannot succeed so Israel really is not in danger, and (3) I will get to see a miracle of God. While these false prophets worry, fret, and try to prevent these things, I rejoice and praise God. I dare these fools to do what they want to do. I dare them to try to prevent the will and Word of God. I laugh when they try because my Father will squash them like bugs.

Go ahead, fools, take your armies up against God's Israel. Try to do that which God said you cannot. Do your cunning deceptions, tell your lies, and build your armies. My Father will deliver His Israel. My Father told me that you would be foolish enough to do these things, therefore, you will. My Father also told me what He will do about it. Therefore, He will. Who do you fools think you are that you can go against the will of God and over come His mighty hand? You are less than worms waving your puny fists at the mighty God.

The things you see developing will continue to develop toward putting Israel in the face of her enemies. Bill Clinton, in his obsession to achieve what he believes will be peace in the Middle East, will continue to force her to give up more land and weaken herself until she finally reaches a point where she realizes that to make one more concession will be her destruction. Then she will stand against the world. Bill will turn his back on her and permit Russia and her allies to move against Israel. Oh, he will talk the talk as he did with Rwanda but will not walk the walk just as he did with Rwanda. He will pretend to discourage Russia and her allies but will have already given Israel into the hand of her enemies.

Then Russia and her allies will move their armies against Israel to commit genocide. Bill and Europe will pretend to try to stop their actions with their talk. When Russia and her allies stage their armies against God's people, God will stop them at the last minute. He will destroy 83% of their forces and send them packing home with their tail tucked between their legs.

So, I say,"Come on down boys. Set your armies against Israel. Show us your great power. Defy the word of God." Remember this: To set your armies against Israel, is to set your armies against God. I know who is going to win that one.

God has set His hook in the jaw of Gog as He said He would. God will soon draw Gog and her allies down onto the northern hills of Israel as He said He would. He will then destroy 83% of their mighty armies like He said He would. Then shall Israel build a house for God for they shall know that He is God and does protect them from ALL of the world because God said they would. All the powers, people, "prophets", and misguided prayers cannot stop God because He said He would.

Fear not, for the hand of God is over Israel. Watch Israel and behold the power of God. :-)

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