False Prophets

In the scriptures, God gives us a guide line for knowing whether a prophet is from Him or from the being, Lucifer. God is all knowing, supreme, and in complete control of everything. Therefore, He cannot be wrong about anything He tells His prophets and they cannot be wrong. God, also, will not and cannot lie and would never give His prophets incorrect information. Because of all of this, God's standard for His prophets is that they cannot be wrong even once.

On the other hand, Lucifer is not all knowing, supreme, or in control of anything without the permission of God. He can be and is often wrong and lies very frequently. Lucifer is known as the father of lies. Therefore, Lucifer's prophets will be wrong often.

Because of these simple principles, in order for a person to be a prophet of God, not one of their prophesies can be wrong or it will be known that they are not prophets of God but are prophets of Lucifer.

God recently used the Y2K phenomenon to expose a bunch of self proclaimed prophets of God to actually be prophets of Lucifer. These prophets prophesied that the Y2K phenomenon would be catastrophic and destroy the US and world economies. They said that the Y2K Bug would destroy our society and plunge us into the coming Tribulation. These false prophets made hundreds of millions of dollars scaring tens of millions of people into buying their books and video tapes.

They did so professing to be prophets of God. Y2K has come and gone and the dreaded Y2K Bug failed to even nibble much less bite. These prophets were ALL very wrong. The truth is that they could not possibly be prophets of God because God cannot and would not give His prophets false information. Therefore, these prophets can only be prophets of Lucifer pretending to be prophets of God. They are wolves parading in sheep's clothing.

Lucifer had a reason for this. He did this to discredit God, the Word of God, and God's prophets. It worked. Recent statistics show that better than 80% of the people who were mislead by the false prophets are reluctant to believe anything told to them by anyone who claims to be a man or woman of God. These people are basically drifting free and confused. This makes them prime targets for further deceptions from Lucifer. It will now be much easier for Lucifer to influence these people towards his doctrines and away from God.

If these people had read the scriptures and not permitted these false prophets to spoon feed them lies, they would have known better than to believe the lies. They would still have confidence in God, His scriptures, and His prophets. They would not be lost, confused, and wondering aimlessly about. But it was their choice to not study the scriptures and permit people to spoon feed them lies. They are now paying the price for that decision.

This ploy of Lucifer's has also worked against him. It is now possible for God's people to know which of these prophets really are of God and which really are of Lucifer. If the prophet prophesied that the Y2K Bug would shatter our economy and society, then he could not possibly be a prophet of God because this prophesy did not occur. Therefore, every prophet who prophesied that the Y2K Bug would destroy our economy and society must be a prophet of Lucifer. They cannot possibly be a prophet of God. Just remember which ones prophesied the destruction of our economy and society by the Y2K Bug. Then, according to God's Word, they are false prophets. God has disrobed Lucifer's wolves.

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